Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

A regrouping of the units of Russian-terrorist troops is recorded in the region of Donetsk. In particular, the movement of armored vehicles (BMP-1/2) is noted in the Trudovskikh district, which where maneuvering in the area of the Rationalizers Street.

It continues to record the active redeployment of armored vehicles and motor vehicles of the invaders at the south of the settlement Zhelobok (in the area of Golubovskoe – Dachnoye – Frunze). To the north of the railway station Vodoprovod, it was fixed 2 units of MT-LB and 1 unit of BTR-80, moving towards the eastern outskirts of Donetsk; north of the village of Frunze along the highway along the Luganka River – up to 5 army trucks in the direction of the Bahmut Route.

From the RF side, a convoy of automotive equipment (Ural, Kamaz) was fixed on the Torez-Shakhtersk section, accompanied and under enhanced protection, accompanied by police cars and armored vehicles (BTR-80) in the direction of Donetsk.

Official investigations are conducted into the facts of the unauthorized opening of the fire by militants in a number of units of the 1st Army Corps DNR (noted in the 11th separate mechanized regiment, 3rd separate mechanized brigade, 7th separate mechanized brigade). At the disposal of the headquarters of the 1st Army Corps DNR, containing a ban on the opening of fire without the corresponding orders of higher authorities, it is stated “ambiguous attitude” from the part of personnel to the strictly regulated procedure for the use of weapons. It is noted that this order is regularly violated by both ordinary “servicemen” and commanders of separate units.

Within the framework of the exercises, which are conducted in the 1st Army Corps DNR at the training ground near Ternovoe, measures are continuing for combat training of the tank units of the “Army Corps”, which were visited by the “Defense Minister of the DNR”. In terms of training they train the shooting, driving of combat vehicles, training interaction with “motorized rifle units” in the course of offensive operations.

Based on the results of the inspection of the units and divisions of the 1st Army Corps DNR and the 2nd Army Corps LNR, the commission from the headquarters of the 8th Army of the RF Armed Forces revealed significant shortcomings in the engineering equipment of the positions in the areas of responsibility of these units. The commission noted that if in the first line engineering works are sporadically carried out, then in the second echelon, on positions of secondary importance, such work is not actually carried out. There are multiple instances of the use by commanders of existing engineering equipment “for other purposes” in the interests of the local population for an appropriate fee. On a number of similar facts, official investigations are carried out.

A campaign “the fighting with corruption” in the field of education was launched In DNR. “MGB DNR” and “MIA DNR” compete in raids to educational institutions and district departments of education, trying to identify cases of bribery by the pedagogical staff and officials of the education system. There have been noted the cases of provocation and encouragement of the provision of information from the children and their parents to teachers.

The leadership of “LNR” is working to develop an “independent” banking system that will allow payments to employees of the public sector and pensioners, as well as currency exchange using bank payment instruments. In October this year, the leadership of the “State bank LNR” plans to launch a system of processing plastic payment cards, which will be the first to receive employees of the so-called “Ministries and departments of the LNR”. At present, ATMs of this financial institution are actively installed in Lugansk.