Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

A “gangbang” between Russian security agencies in the Donbass (FSB against the AP RF and GRU RF) moved to the territory of the “DNR”, which started in Lugansk since November 20, 2017.

During last night, a series of sabotage actions were conducted against the staff structures of “1st Army Corps DNR” stationed in Donetsk.

There are casualties among the officers from HQs of the “1st Army Corps DNR”, separate artillery brigade and the 100th brigade (the so-called “Republican Guard of DNR”). The Russian command of these structures put forward the idea of uniting “LDNR” into one formation under the leadership of Donetsk since the beginning of the events in Lugansk.

In the “2nd Army Corps LNR”, mainly intelligence units, headed by the intelligence chief of the “2nd Army Corps”, remain loyal to the Plotnitskiy’s curators.

It is not ruled out that at the moment we are witnessing a “rehearsal” of confrontation between Russian security agencies in LDNR, which can happen in Russia in the near future.