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IR summary: local militants from the "1st Army Corps DNR" don’t want to go to Syria


Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Over the past 24 hours, the following redeployments of the occupation forces in the Donbas were noted:

– There is a transfer of forces and means of the enemy through Molodezhnoe to Yelenovka. Not less than 4 trucks (Ural) with ammunition and equipment), 2 trucks GAZ-66 with 82 mm automatic mortars “Vasilek” in bodies, and 2  minibuses with live power moved through this area. Obviously, we should expect the increase of enemy’s activity in this sector;

– Mobile reconnaissance and control post, 2 MT-LB and 2 trucks Ural were moved through Panteleimonovka to Batmanovo. The purpose of this redeployment is unknown. There are no air defense weapons or artillery units of the enemy are being fixed in this area;

– The invaders delivered a property and ammunition by several trucks Kamaz (at least 3) to the base of one of gang formations of the “1st Army Corps DNR” in Yasinovatoya.

– The redeployment of 122 mm MLRS BM-21 “Grad” (6 units) battery, 2 trucks Kamaz and 1 BTR-70 of invaders was recorded through Novofedorovka (south-west of Lugansk). The convoy moved in a southerly direction;

– There are 8 units of 122-mm self-propelled guns 2С1 “Carnation” and at least 6 units of 122-mm howitzer guns type D-30/30A in open parking in Lutugino.

The command of the “1st Army Corps DNR” ordered “to make an inventory” of all bridges, overpasses and road junctions in the areas adjacent to the state border with the Russian Federation (areas uncontrolled by Ukraine in the Donetsk region). The purpose is to inspect the “traffic capacity” and mass-dimensional characteristics for the possibility of moving “military equipment, including heavy armored vehicles” through these objects.

In separate units of the “1st Army Corps DNR”, the operatives of the “MGB DNR” (“military counterintelligence”) record “discontent expressed in private conversations” among militants over their recruitment to Syria. In particular, the irritation is expressed mainly by militants from among the local population, who are recruited together with Russian mercenaries. According to the opinion of dissatisfied militants, it is inadmissible to “send” personnel to Syria from already uncompleted units at a time when “at any moment, a large-scale offensive of the AFU can be expected.”

Another object of discontent among local militants (particularly in the units of the 1st Army Corps in the tactical rear), recorded by the MGB DNR, is the appearance of film crews and journalists of Russian / pro-Russian media on several sites, which are tasked with recording “barbarian shelling “of civilians by the AFU. Local militants understand that such an activity of propaganda media can mean the emergence of orders of the occupants’ command to fire at populated areas (including heavy weapons) in the territory controlled by the invaders themselves, which is supported by not all militants from among the local residents.

The next appearance a mass number of leaflets with pro Ukrainian content is created panic among the “security authorities of the DNR” in Donetsk. Curators from the FSB of the Russian Federation declared that it is inadmissible for the “Ukrainian underground to feel at home in Donetsk”, and that the activity of the “MGB DNR” was reduced to “ripping out leaflets at public transport stops and from news boards with the help of the police”.

In the framework of preparations for the forthcoming “elections” in the “DNR”, the activities of the “Union of Afghan Veterans of the DNR” (established in December 2014) intensified in Donetsk. So, in order to prepare for the upcoming “elections”, the chairman of the union Savelov Vladimir Vladimirovich (prior to the occupation, headed the unit of the “Afghans” in the Kirov district of Donetsk) instructed the leaders of the local cells of the “Afghans” to intensify their efforts to raise their authority. In view of this, representatives of the “Union of Afghan Veterans of the DNR” began to take an active part in “patriotic” mass events on the territory of the DNR (the opening of memorial plates to the deceased “defenders of Donbass”, etc.) and stepped up activities to conduct classes of “patriotic education” for students in educational institutions in the occupied areas of Donetsk region.

The management of the railway station Debaltsevo (“SE” Donetsk Railway of the Ministry of Transport of the DNR) holds an open tender for the purchase of components and spare parts for rolling stock, tram motor cars, fasteners and fittings, mechanical equipment for traffic control. In total, 30 items worth more than 4 million rubles. The source of financing is the enterprise’s monetary funds. Applications for participation in the tender were submitted by three participants from the Russian Federation: LLC Unitrans, LLC Elektromash and LLC Trade House BZBO.