Operational data group “Information Resistance”

Over the last week period, the intensity of fire strikes from the Russian occupation forces in the Donbas on the positions of the Ukrainian troops and settlements on the territory under control of Ukraine remained high. In total, during this period, the artillery units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the operational group of the Russian occupation forces carried out about 130 fire attacks (during the last week period about 180) from 100-mm artillery systems, 82/120-mm mortars, 122-mm portable rocket launchers “Grad-P”, BMP and tanks. The use of ZU-23-2 anti-aircraft guns (including installed on transport platforms) by the occupation forces, and the standard armament of armored combat vehicles (mainly BMP and BTR) also notes.

The main sectors of the enemy’s combat activity are the Donetsk direction (area of Avdeevka, Peski and Marinka), the Svetlodarsk arc (from Novoluhansk and areas south of Svetlodarsk directly to the vicinity of Troitskoe), the Mariupol direction (the section from Pavlopol to the coast) is also subject to constant fire raids from the occupation forces. The main part of the cases of the use by the enemy of heavy weapons falls on just the last two sections (on some days the enemy fired 60-80 mines of both calibers).

In addition, the occupation forces continue to conduct active reconnaissance of the front edge of the Joint Forces, their nearest tactical rear, and partly the operational-tactical depth. To do this, they use both technical means (UAV, EW), and the actions of the special operation teams, as well as agents in the front-line. However, due to the deterioration of weather conditions, the enemy was forced to reduce the intensity of conducting aerial reconnaissance of the battle formations of the Joint forces with using UAVs.

To support the activities of units and subunits of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of operational group of the Russian occupation forces, about 2,300 tons of fuel and lubricants (railway station Borisovka and Rovenki) were delivered from the territory of Russia over the last weekly period, and the 82nd “humanitarian convoy” has arrived through uncontrolled check points Izvarino and Uspenka, which delivered about 700 tons of cargo to the occupied territories.

Military activity in the occupied territories:

– The units and subunits of 1st and 2nd Army Corps got the order to strengthen countermeasures to the activities of the Ukrainian UAVs, according to which the equipment for additional aerial observation posts was started, as well as more actively started to use the EW (electronic warfare) units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the operational group of the Russian occupying forces. Also, in order to fight with UAVs, the occupants pushed into the first line air defense weapons in number of areas. Basically, these are the 9K35 Strela-10M air defense missile system, MANPADS and ZU-23-2. The appearance of these means is noted in the area of Pervomayka, the northern outskirts of Gorlovka, north of Avdeevka, the main part of this is noted in the area of Svetlodarsk arc.

– The shooting and tactical-special training sessions were conducted immediately at several training grounds in the “DPR” and “LPR” (for example, at the “Tsentralny”, “Primorsky”, “Udarny”, “Yuzhny”, “Peredovoy”. Also the command of the occupiers conducts training and exercises with artillery units, with the performance of live firing using regular ammunition. Artillery units (up to the battalion) are involved, including the rocket artillery units.

– The Russian command is strengthening its tactical group in the area of the “Bakhmut Route” – the redeployment of the armored group of occupants towards Sentyanovka through Petrovenki was recorded. At least 6 tanks and 5 other armored combat vehicles (BMP and MT-LB) were recorded. The occupants redeployed armored vehicles at dusk and at night, trying to hide the significant reinforcement of their units in this area. Most likely, this will be a reserve group for case of a “breakout of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, or for its own actions.

– On the highway N-21, the redeployment of material and technical means for the needs of the 1st Army Corps “DPR” to Donetsk and the Gorlovka area through Chistyakovo (formerly Torez) and Shakhtersk is continuing. During the week, redeployments of armored vehicles (up to 10 units with trailers), several columns of Kamaz and Ural type trucks (10-12 units each) and other vehicles were noted. Particular attention was paid to the column with 4 “Kamaz” with antenna fixtures on the roofs (apparently, we are talking about long-distance communication complexes or EW). These vehicles were convoyed by 2 BTR-80 and 1 Tiger in the direction of Donetsk.

– Occupants actively prepare stronghold points in the second line (echelon) at several sites – in the northeastern outskirts of Gorlovka, Stepovoe, Smeloe and Zheltoe, north of Novoazovsk, in the areas of Kreshchatytskoe, Staromaryevka, Styla and southeast of Dokuchaevsk. Engineering works are being carried out; shelters for personnel and equipment are being built, in some cases we are talking about the construction of barriers (including mine explosives).

– In the area south of Vesylorovka, a new division of the occupiers is noted, redeployed for reinforcement: 5-6 units of BMP-1, partially trenched or sheltered in the folds of the area.

– In the area of Panteleimonovka, the enemy’s mobile fire group was recorded again, , consisting of 2 Urals, 1 MT-LB and GAZ-66 and moving in a southeast direction.

The Russian occupational command in the temporarily occupied territories is actively pursuing a preparing for the so-called “the election of the heads of the DPR / LPR” (11 November of this year). In this connection, from October 23 to October 26 of this year, exercises of “units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs” were held on the formation of the so-called “Detachments of territorial defense”, organizing the protection and defense of state buildings and institutions, counteracting and restoring order in the event of mass riots, and localizing emergency situations at critical infrastructure facilities.

In the “DPR”, in coordination with the so-called “Ministry of Education”, the so-called “companies for training and military-patriotic education of youth” began to function as part of the “brigades” and separate regiments and battalions of the “1st Army Corps of DPR”. In fact, the occupiers decided, right from childhood and youth, to totally prepare the population of the occupied territories for a “war with Ukraine”, building a wide network of “training centers”, “companies” and other structures. Also they started to conduct the so-called “Lessons of courage” and other “military-patriotic” actions in educational institutions of “LDPR”.

At least 1,000 workers have left the healthcare sector of the “LPR” since the beginning of 2018. The situation is caused by substantial wage arrears, as well as low provision of necessary medicines and medical means.

In connection with the decrease in the level of solvency of the population “LDPR”, manufacturers from the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus began to deliver mainly low-quality products to the occupied territory of Donbass. Due to the low price, such goods are in great demand, which provides an opportunity for manufacturers of these countries to sell illiquid products, receiving significant profits.

The leaders of the “LPR” plan to resolve the issue of paying off wage arrears to the militants of units and subunits of the “2nd Army Corps LPR” by transferring to their ownership apartments, cottages and land plots of citizens who left “LPR”. Earlier, as the IR group reported, Russia significantly reduced the costs of maintaining for 1st and 2nd Army Corps.