President Porosheko presented his program of reforms in Ukraine for the period until 2020. LPR and DPR terrorists, as well as Russian troops, are actively shelling Ukrainian military strongholds and residential areas of cities and towns during the cease-fire. Manual management of the forex market and NBU interventions have strengthened hryvnya.


●      President Poroshenko presented his program of reforms in Ukraine spanning the period until 2020 and answered questions from journalists during three hours-long press-conference. He stated that Ukraine has faced the most dangerous military threat since the time of the WWII. The war with Russia is the key reason for slow pace of reforms. System of reforms «Strategy 2020» includes more than 60 areas but the key reform, as per opinion of Poroshenko, is of the judicial system. Criteria forf reforms efficiency have been developed as well. President will sign the Law on Lustration in the nearest future. As per his opinion, Ukraine doesn’t need foreign weapon. It needs radio communication and intelligence systems, while the rest could be produced in Ukraine. He isn’t afraid of Putin threats and believes that the country could resist the eastern threat. There is no special status for Donbass as all security authorities and courts will be approved by Kyiv but in alignment with the local authorities. Poroshenko believes he is the President of all Ukrainians and, therefore, has the right to communicate with all political players, including with members of the Party of Regions. He would like to become known in history as the President-reformer and envisions his task as creation of favorable conditions for reforms and for entry to the EU.
●      Luhnas’k Governor Moskal disbanded five district administrations within the territories controlled by militants.
●      Co-author of the Law on Lustration Derevyanko said that the law doesn’t apply to the President, parliament and police.
●      Official exchange rate of hryvnya vs major currencies: 12.95 UAH/USD (-1 cop), 16.61 UAH/EUR (+6 cop), 3.37 UAH/10 RUB (-3 cop). NBU sold 135 mln USD on the forex market in order to keep the exchange rate at the current level. Regulator will be placing information on the indicative Fx rates, based on the interbank rates, on its official web site on a daily basis.


●      Kharkiv activists have blocked on the central street of Kyiv – Khreshatyk, protesting against the anti-Ukrainian policies of the Kharkiv regional authorities and demanding resignation of mayor Kernes. Mayor Klitchko went to protesters and led them to the meeting with the presidential representatives.
●      Gostynnyj Dvir will be transferred to Kyiv History Museum.

War in Ukraine

●      During the day, militants massively attacked and shelled Donetsk International Airport, controlled by Ukrainian Armed Forces, as well as strongholds in Debaltsevo, Avdyivka and other towns in Luhans’k and Donetsk regions. Two border guards have been killed near Mariupol during shelling of a checkpoint.
●      Shelling of Donetsk, Makyevka, Mariupol and its subburbs has been renewed.
●      Terrorists delay negotiations on exchange of war prisoners, especially of officers.
●      International experts and investigators have reported that militants are mining the crash site of the MH-17 catastrophe.


●      Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov has officially called territories of Donetsk and Luhans’k regions, occupied by Russian troops, mercenaries and DPR/LPR terrorists, as «Novorossiya», during a meeting with the US Secretary of State Kerry.
●      Hungary have terminated natural gas supplies to Ukraine after being visited by Gazprom leadership. Russian Energy Minister Novak stressed in the interview to German press that Russia would terminate gas supplies to Europe should natural  gas be re-exported to Ukraine. After a meeting with the EU Energy Commissioner, Energy Minister of Norway said that the EU could count on natural gas imports increase from Norway in case supply from Gazprom is disrupted.
●      Prime Minister Yatsenyuk met with US businessmen and presented plan of Ukrainian restoration, as well as stressed, that IMF and thee World Bank are the only investors in Ukraine, which is partially occupied by Russia.
●     G7 and EU member states warned Russia on further sanctions should the Minsk agreements be breached. Prime Minister Yatsenyuk said that the condition to start negotiations with Russia is termination of Russian support of terrorists, withdrawal of troops from Ukrainian territory, and adherence to the decision of the UN Security Council.
●      Financial Times published statistics of provocations form the Russian Air Forces. Mostly this concerns violations of the air space of Baltic states.
●      US Ambassador to Ukraine Pyatt thinks that there is no reason for considering termination of US and EU sanctions against Russia.


●      Experts treat the first press-conference of the President Poroshenko since his inauguration as campaign event before the early parliamentary elections. They are taking into account non-fulfilled promises, made during the presidential elections, vagueness and multitude of targets, as well as lack of concreteness in the presented program of reforms «Strategy 2020».


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