The National Council for Radio and Television will consider cancelling licenses оф TV channels, which broadcast Russian media content on New Year’s Eve.  Foreign mercenaries may appear In Russian military units in the Donbass. Ukrainians believe that the Ukrainian authorities аре guilty of delaying the investigation of crimes against the Maidan.

Key Events In Ukraine

●      A military draft campaign for young men born in 1998 begins In Ukraine.
●      Military tax of 1.5% on wages and income of individuals has been extended until the end of the war.
●     President Poroshenko awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine SSU colonel Anischenko, who died near the Slavyansk.
●      In response to the accusations of including openly anti-Ukrainian performers on its New Year’s eve programming, the TV channel “Inter” has taken  all entertainment programs and musicals off the air. The head of the National Council for Radio and Television said that the broadcasting license for the channel can be cancelled only by a court decision.

War in Ukraine

●      During the day, Ukrainian army positions were attacked and shelled more than 20 times using guns, artillery and MLRS “Grad”. Two Ukrainian troops were killed and at least six injured. There are civilian casualties as a result of shelling by militants of village Trehizbenka in the Luhans’k region.
●      Four Ukrainian military freed from captivity in exchange for an infiltrator captured by volunteer battalion “Dnepr-1”.
●      Russian troops in the Donbass get personnel reinforcements and resupply with unmarked military equipment. They take control of towns that were previously controlled by local militants. Their advancements to the front line have been recorded in many areas of the combat zone.
●      Guerillas attack Russian army convoys in the occupied territory of Donbass. Militants of Luhans’k “republic” liquidate “Cossacks” and terrorists beyond their control.

Ukraine and the World

●      After phone negotiatons with the foreign ministers of Russia, France and Ukraine, German Foreign Minister Mr. Steinmeier said that Ukraine and Russia agreed on a  contact group meeting to resolve the conflict in the Donbass. The place and date of the meeting are not reported.
●      Prime Minister Putin has allowed foreigners to serve in the Russian army and take part in the military conflicts under a state of martial law.
●      The hunger strike of Ukrainian pilot Ms. Savchenko, captured and illegally detained in Russia, has continued for 20 days. She demands her recognition as a POW. EU and US demand her release. Her fate will be discussed by presidents Putin and Poroshenko during a meeting in Astana (Kazakhstan) on January 15th.


●      According to opinion polls, almost half of Ukrainians believe the reason for resonant crimes against the Maidan staying unsolved is the lack of motivation on the part of Ukrainian authorities.


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