Concern Stirol, chemical weapons, Third gas war with of Russia against Ukraine and Europe is ongoing. Defenders of Donetsk International Airport exterminate Russian mercenaries and armored vehicles. Victims of Donetsk shelling could be used by Russia as a pretext for further aggression in Ukraine.


Minister of Health of Ukraine have been taken off the job due to failure of the state drugs supply program.While fighting with the Fx speculations, National Bank suspended four banks from the currency exchange market and maintained official exchange rate practically unchanged: 12.95 UAH/USD, 16.30 UAH EUR (-14 cop), 3.29 UAH/10 RUB. Naftogas started to retire Euro bonds, guaranteed by the state, at amount of 1.67 bln. USD. As commented by the Prime Minister Yatsenyuk, timely payment of debts improve investors trust to Ukraine. Government declined twofolds the norms of public consumption of gas, used in calculations by regional gas suppliers, that enabled them to receive massive profits via compensation of factual gas consumption and its sales to commercial market under market prices. Use of gas from the underground storage facilities by the chemical industry have been prohibited until the end of the heating season. As reported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ukrainian exports to the Customs Union declined by 30%, but exports to the EU area increased by 15%, at the same time Russia installed much complicated transit rules to the countries of the Customs Union. Ukrainian Government opened access for NATO experts to the objects of TOP security in the frame of the reforms support program of Ukrainian army.

War in Ukraine

 Russia continue to re-group the troops, transfer of subversive groups and tank units, closer to the front line in Donetsk and Luhans’k regions, as well as to the administrative border of Crimea.9 civilians were killed and dozens injured, as the result of terrorists missile hitting bus and school in Donetsk. Russian journalists «accidentally» appeared right on the spot of the event and revealed that residential areas are being used by terrorists as cover during shelling of Ukrainian strongholds. Donetsk International Airport defenders expelled several massive attacks of militants, supported by artillery, multiple missile rockets launchers «Uragan» and tanks. NSDC refuted the information from Donetsk Governor Taruta, that Donetsk International Airport is supposed to be exchanged for other territories under the Minks memorandum, accusing the later in pre-elections PR.


Gazprom gas supplies declined by almost 25% to Western Europe in September, aimed to prevent re-export to Ukraine, could strongly hit financial indicators of the company.Russian Security Council discussed questions of information security and prevention of external threats and decided not to cut Russia from the access to internet and total control of the network. Russian Ministry of Economic Development suggested to the Government to close state programs on fertility stimulation, healthcare development, transport infrastructure, science and technology, in order to optimize state expenses under the introduced sanctions. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe discussed the situation in Ukraine, urging Russia to withdraw troops from Ukrainian territory and Ukrainian government to introduce needed reforms, eliminate corruption, and improve citizens trust to authorities. Crimean tatars leader Dzhemilev stressed, that Russia, planning attack on continental Ukraine from Crimea, defends the «fifth column» of crimean tatars, who doesn’t recognize annexation of Crimea. European Commission President Barroso, in his letter to Russian President Putin, urged to find mutually beneficial solution on gas supplies during the heating season and reestablish contractual obligations behind European customers, as well as stressed, that association agreement between the EU and Ukraine will not be revised. US and NATO transferred tank units to Baltic states and Poland for potential defense from Russian aggression. Finland Prime Minister Stubb stressed, that development of the EU collaboration with Russia after aggression to Georgia was a mistake and that Finland fully supports tough sanctions against Russia. 


Experts are skeptical about the results of the first 100 days of new head of the NBU Gontareva, mentioning tough conditions during factual war with Russia, but criticize her for excessive administrative interventions to the currency exchange market, leading for the shadowing of the later.


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