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Russia spreading fake about Ukraine’s ‘guilt’ in food crisis

As more accusations are made at the international level against Russia of creating a food crisis, which was the result of the blockade of Ukrainian sea ports, the Russian Defense Ministry has begun to justify itself for its criminal actions.

That’s according to information from IR sources.

“In particular, the Russian Defense Ministry sent a letter to the president of the Moscow Association of Military Attaches (MAMA), the president of the Moscow Association of Air Force Attaches (AFOA) and the president of the Moscow Association of Naval Attaches (FNOA), in which they blamed Ukraine for creating a food crisis,” the statement said.

It also says the Russian ministry, completely ignoring and denying its guilt in the food crisis, in this letter accused Ukraine of holding foreign ships hostage and not letting them out of ports, threatening to open fire. In turn, none of the representatives of the ships staying in Ukrainian ports announced that they were being held by force, and everyone is well aware that they are hostages to an exceptionally critical situation, the situation that Russia has created.

“The Russian Defense Ministry in the letter also tried to present itself as a benefactor, saying that the Russian authorities ‘sheltered’ more than a million Ukrainian refugees in the country. But, it is well known that a significant part of Ukrainian citizens from the occupied territories were taken to Russia by force and placed in something similar to concentration camps,” the statement said.

According to Information Resistance, the ministry also lies about some green corridors that the Russian occupiers offer for the exit of foreign ships. Today, shipping in the exclusive economic zone of Ukraine is impossible due to drifting sea mines.

Russia used more than 500 old Soviet naval mines (moored mines), which break off and drift uncontrollably during storms. In fact, navigation in the region is impossible until the mines are completely cleared.

“It is obvious that the Russian Defense Ministry has launched another campaign to spread lies and manipulations against Ukraine, using the facts of their own crimes as accusations. This was expected, given the traditional reaction of the Russian side to accusations against itself, which it always fends off by blaming others for its own crimes,” the statement said.


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