In the context of the aggravation in the east of Ukraine, which is becoming more and more distinctly acquiring signs of a desperate search for Casus Belli in order to justify the aggression of the Russian Federation against our country, Russian and pro-Russian propaganda gives out a stream of consciousness in the form of frankly fake information.

The Information Resistance group brings to your attention the most revealing examples of the lies of Russian propagandists and representatives of the occupying “authority” of ORDLO.

FAKE #1 Shelling of the territory of the Russian Federation from Ukraine

Since the evening of Friday, February 18, there have been several reports of alleged shelling of Russian territory by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In particular, we are talking about the village Mityakinskaya, Rostov region of the Russian Federation. The propagandists claimed that “the shells exploded 300 meters from residential buildings.” It is curious that in 2014 the situation was similar – the shelling of the village of Mityakinskaya, and all the same 300 meters from households.

The falsity of these statements is emphasized by the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine physically could not fire at the village Mityakinskaya from MLRS, because they are located in the withdrawal areas at a distance of more than 21 km from the contact line, which exceeds the maximum firing range of MLRS Grad and 122-mm guns. This was confirmed on Saturday by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant-General Valerii Zaluzhnyi.

FAKE#2The offensive plan of the AFU on the “republics” of Donbass

On Saturday, the information platforms of the so-called “DPR” distributed a video in which the “talking head” of the occupying “authorities” of ORDLO, Eduard Basurin, said that “intelligence of the NM DPR” had intercepted a certain plan for the offensive of the Ukrainian army in the Donbass, which should take place, literally, in “day D”.

The absurdity of this information stuffing is obvious, because, logically speaking, Ukraine had no reason to wait when the Russian Federation to accumulate over 150 thousand manpower and a huge amount of military equipment near its borders in order to launch an offensive.

In addition, the fakeness of this “plan” is emphasized by the fact that Basurin showed “offensive maps” drawn up in Russian, and in the news reports of Russian propagandists a certain “document” is shown with obvious grammatical errors.

FAKE#3 Detention of a Ukrainian terrorist who blew up a car in the center of Donetsk

On Saturday, February 19, “DPR law enforcers” reported on the arrest of a certain Ukrainian agent, who attributed to himself the explosion of the duty car of the “commander of the people’s militia of the DPR” in the center of Donetsk in Friday, February 18. This “agent” turned out to be so multifaceted that he also informed the world about the “ deep penetration of the Ukrainian military into the territory of Belarus in order to reconnaissance the area of Russian-Belarusian exercises.”

Then “oddities” and outright inconsistencies begin, because, as it was stated, the “agent” was detained on Thursday, February 17, that is, a day before the explosion of the aforementioned car.

In addition, as noted by blogger Aleksey Kopytko, on Monday, February 14, a phone conversation took place between the Minister of Defense of Ukraine Aleksey Reznikov and the Minister of Defense of Belarus Viktor Khrenin. The goal of this conversation is to start a dialogue and strengthen mutual trust between the defense departments.

The next day, February 15, the Ukrainian military attache visited missile launches as part of the Russian-Belarusian exercises, and on Wednesday, February 16, the Belarusian attache visited the exercises of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Rivne.

In this case, a mediocre attempt to discredit the established contacts between the military departments of Ukraine and Belarus is obvious, and besides at the most critical moment. It is likely that in this way the Russian side has intended to neutralize the possibility of, if not confidential, then quite working communication between the parties in the context of the expected escalation.

The connection between the provocation with the “Ukrainian military in Belarus” and the car, which was blown up in Donetsk, remains unclear, especially considering that the “agent” was detained a day before the “terrorist act”. Obviously, this provocation of the Russians is “sewn with white thread.”

FAKE #4 A car with 200 kg of TNT on the route of the “evacuation of residents of ORDLO”

Another colorful fake was born by ORLO propagandists on Saturday, February 19, announcing the detection of a car with (attention!!!) 200 kilograms of TNT on the route of the column of buses with residents of the occupied regions of the Luhansk region to the Russian Federation.

To appreciate all the delusional nature of such information, it is enough to understand that an explosion of 20 kilograms of TNT will destroy all life within a radius of several meters, and 100 kg is enough to collapse the floors of a 9-story residential building.

One can only guess what security measures the potential “saboteur” should have taken, transporting the declared amount of explosives in an old Soviet car along not the best roads to the site of the “terrorist attack” on the bridge near the village Samsonovka. Comments are unnecessary here.

FAKE #5 How many residents of ORDLO have been “evacuated” to Russia?

One of the elements of the whipped up hysteria around the “offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass” was the “decision to evacuate the civilian population” released by the Kremlin to its puppets in Donetsk and Luhansk. This process started on the evening of Friday, February 18, and in less than a day, according to the propaganda of ORDLO, about 17 thousand people were taken out of the “LPR” alone. In reality, this figure does not exceed 10 thousand, and, moreover, taking into account those who arrived by personal transport.

Even if we assume that the “declared” number of those taken out is true (in fact, it is not), maximum 50 people can be transported in one bus, then it should be 340 buses from ORLO alone.

However, judging by the numerous videos, buses of smaller capacity were involved in the evacuation, so their potential number must be multiplied by at least two. It is unlikely that such a number of serviceable passenger transport can be found in the “LPR”, even with a strong desire.

At the same time, the number of “evacuees” declared by the leaders of the militants is about 700 thousand people. The question arises – in how many weeks this “plan” will be fulfilled, and will the occupiers ready for “D-day”, which Basurin so colorfully spoke about?

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