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Chronicle of Russian lies: a review of fakes about the situation in the Donbass for February 20

The Information Resistance group continues to monitor the work of Russian propagandists in the Donbas during the escalation of the situation. We bring to your attention the most revealing examples of the lies of Russian propagandists and representatives of the occupying “power” of ORDLO, which were launched into the information space on February 20.

FAKE# 1 Ukrainian Armed Forces shell Luhansk, civilians injured

On the evening of February 20, Russian propagandists who are now working in the occupied Donbas reported that the Ukrainian military was shelling Lugansk. The so-called “authorities” claim about three injured local residents.

In fact, at about 21:00, the Russian occupation troops committed another provocation in order to accuse the Ukrainian military. The aggressor opened fire from heavy weapons from the area of the Lobachevo settlement in the direction of Lugansk. This was reported at the JFO headquarters.

The Russian occupants continue to use their propaganda methods of conducting an information war in order to accuse the Armed Forces of Ukraine and escalate the situation.

 “The command of the Joint Forces Operation officially announces that the units strictly comply with the Minsk agreements and the norms of international humanitarian law. Consequently, statements about alleged shelling of settlements by the Armed Forces of Ukraine are an outright lie and a provocation, the responsibility for which lies with the occupying country,”- the JFO headquarters said.

FAKE#2 Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at a residential building in the village of Pionerskoye: people died

LuganskInformCentre propagandists published a report from the place of the so-called “shelling” of the AFU of the village Pionerskoye. According to the occupants, one of the shells hit a residential building, killing two civilians during the shelling.

The video even showed their charred “remains”, which cannot be identified as human. However, the occupants stated that due to the fire and high temperatures, the bodies had practically turned into ashes. According to this logic, it should have been a temperature regime of the crematorium inside the house, taking into account how the “bodies” burned out.

It is also noteworthy that the video shows not a residential building, but an unfinished one. The walls are without interior decoration, there are no communications. If a fire raged in the room and the remains literally burned to ashes, then why are these traces of fire not on the walls? By the way, in the building where the “shell” hit and where the fire was raging, the only inserted window kept the glass intact, and the glass itself, again, did not even smoke.

There is a hastily concocted fake.

FAKE #3 Fight with “saboteurs” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the outskirts of Donetsk

Yesterday, Russian propagandists were reporting near the house where the so-called “special forces” of militants allegedly carried out a “special operation” to detain a certain sabotage group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the night of February 20. With their reports, the propagandists only confirmed that this whole “information occasion” is frankly fake.

Firstly, the propagandists said that there were two saboteurs. To put it mildly, for a formidable sabotage group, as stated earlier, this is not a quantity.

Secondly, the propagandists said that the “saboteurs” offered sluggish resistance, although the morning reports spoke of a fierce battle.

The third point: the house was a completely uninhabited, long abandoned place, of which there are many in the occupied territories. But in order to stay in it even for a short time, the “saboteurs” had to at least minimally settle down there.

But nothing of the sort was shown.

 In addition, a fair question arises – why is the entire fence of the house riddled with bullet holes? That is, the so-called “special forces” conducted indirect fire? By the way, in the very room where the “saboteurs” were defending themselves, there will not even be enough spent cartridges.

FAKE #4 Ukrainian Armed Forces crossed Seversky Donets river to capture the village Pionerskoye  

The propaganda of the militants created a fake that the Armed Forces of Ukraine allegedly crossed the Seversky Donets river on the morning of February 20 and tried to capture the settlement of Pionerskoye. As a result, two civilians allegedly died and several houses were destroyed.

If you look at the map, you will see that Pionerskoye is located between occupied Luhansk, the river, and the Russian border. Why would the Ukrainian military go there with small forces is even theoretically incomprehensible. De facto, that area is tightly mined by militants, there are constant explosions of local residents, because the maps of mining by the occupants have been lost.

It is important for Rospropaganda to highlight fakes about “shelling Russian territory” from that area, including to justify the possible deployment of troops.

FAKE #5 40,000 residents evacuated from ORDLO to Russia

Acting head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of RF Alexander Chupriyan told reporters that more than 40,000 “refugees” from Donbass had already arrived in Russia.

 “There was information that more than 40 thousand people were forced to leave the neighboring regions of Ukraine and arrived on Russian territory. Now they are located mainly in the Rostov region,” – he said.

The Russian official did not specify where this information was sounded, although, according to the government of the Rostov region, on February 20 he chaired the commission on emergency situations, at which the number of “refugees” was named – 6.5 thousand, that is, 6 times less.

FAKE #6 “Shelling” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the village of Pionerskoye and the detention of a Ukrainian “saboteur”

Another fake story about how Russian and pro-Russian propaganda dispersed the “news” about the alleged detention of a Ukrainian bomber in Donetsk and the alleged shelling of the Pionerskoye settlement by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

On the first photo you can see how the propaganda was pierced with the dates of the detention of the “ukro-saboteur”. Top propagandist Solovyov tweeted about the arrest on February 17, while the “official” announcement of the arrest did not appear until February 19.

As for the alleged shelling of Pionerskoe, the propagandists of Izvestia in the first version of the report quite correctly indicated that it was the militants of the “LNR” who committed this crime, and after the publication they, realizing their own incompetence, “corrected”, writing about the alleged involvement of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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