Operational data of the Information Resistance group

During the period from September 3 to 10, 2019, the occupation forces in the Donbas continued to shell the positions of units from the Joint Forces (JF), as well as settlements controlled by Ukraine and located near the demarcation line.

During the reporting period, they carried out 92 fire raids on these targets ( the previous period – 105). At the same time, the enemy used a wide range of weapons – automatic rifle, large-caliber machine guns, light and heavy grenade launchers, standard BMP/BTR, ATGM weapons, anti-aircraft systems of the ZU-23-2 type, as well as a number of weapon systems that are subject to the restrictions imposed by the Minsk Agreements (82/120-mm mortars, 122-mm barrel artillery systems, 122-mm Grad-P type portable rocket launchers and others).

The enemy’s fire attacks were carried out on the positions of Ukrainian troops in the area of next settlements: Lebedinskoe, Zaitsevo, Khutor Volny, Pivdennoye, Zolotoye, Novgorodskoye, Nikolaevka, Granitnoye, Novotoshkovskoye, Novotroitskoye, Starognatovka, Opytnoye, Shumy, Novognatovka, Troitskoye, Verkhnetoretskoye, Avdeevka, Popasnaya, Talakovka, Gnutovo, Novogrigoryevka, Bogdanovka, Krasnogorovka, Pishevik, Pavlopol and Vodyanoye.

In a number of sectors, the advanced units of the occupation forces were strengthened by the squads of anti-tank systems, sniper groups and mortar units for more effective fire impact on the JF. Their active actions were recorded in the Bakhmut, Toretskoye and Mariupol directions. The main form of their activity was the sudden shelling of the advance JF positions with provocative targets from well-disguised and hidden fire positions, including using the “gray” (neutral) zone.

In violation of the provisions of the Minsk agreements, the enemy continued the active conduct of aerial reconnaissance with the use of UAVs in order to detect changes in JF combat formations. In total, from September 3 to 10, 26 reconnaissance UAV flights were recorded, including 19 flights of UAVs of the Orlan-10 and Grenade type, connected with crossing the contact line and deepening the operational depth of the JF combat formations. In the Mariupol direction, a unit from the JF destroyed the “Phantom-4” quadrocopter, which was used by the enemy to bombard the positions of Ukrainian units with fragmentation munitions of the VOG-17 type.

During the conduct of aerial reconnaissance using UAVs, the command of the occupation forces paid special attention to monitoring the level of quality of camouflage and secrecy of their own advanced positions, subordinate units, changes in the combat formation of JF units, as well as revealing the location of their reserves. The enemy conducted the most active aerial reconnaissance in the Volnovakha, Avdeevka and Mariupol directions.

In the field of combat and operational training, the command of the occupation group organized and carried out the following activities during the reporting period:

– According to the unified plan of the Southern Military District of the RF Armed Forces, special training classes were conducted in a number of units of the 1st  and 2nd Army Corps of the RF Armed Forces, primarily artillery, armed with art systems with a caliber of 122 mm and above, as well as providing air and radar reconnaissance, with testing the deployment of control points for the division commander, battalion commanders and senior battery officers.

– September 6,the training camps began with practical exercises for mechanics-drivers and operators-guides of armored combat vehicles at the training ground “Centralny”. It is, first of all, for BMP-1/2.

– As part of the preparation of the bilateral battalion tactical exercises with units of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps, the command of the occupation group conducted several preparatory activities. In particular, a number of field control points were deployed; work was carried out to deploy a control and communication system, as well as equipment directly to the training areas at a number of training grounds.

– The command of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps continued to improve the level of combat training of units from the so-called “duty forces” during the reporting period. First of all, the personnel of artillery/mortar units and air defense squads. A series of practical trainings were conducted with the personnel of these units at the Vostochny and Tsentralny training ranges to deploy them at advanced firing positions, identify and maintain conventional air targets, control firing and conduct a series of preparatory measures for delivering massive fire strikes to positions of JF units.

During the reporting period, the command of the occupation group carried out the following activities:

– Practical preparations have begun for the transfer of military equipment and weapons to the autumn-winter operation mode in the logistic and repair and restoration units and divisions of both “corps”. The formation of working teams began, the accumulation of material and technical means, and the process of defending weapons and military equipment started.

– The command of the occupation group also continued to improve the positions of its advanced units in the engineering and sapper field. At the same time, these works were carried out by the enemy along almost the entire line of demarcation. First of all, this concerned the engineering equipment of the advanced positions of the occupation forces, their thorough camouflage and the equipment of new hidden observation, control and communications points.

– As part of the celebration of the “Day of Lugansk”, the command of the 2nd Army Corps, organized and carried out a number of events to prepare for the participation of individual models of military equipment and weapons in these events in the period before September 5-6. Active work was carried out to repair and restore it.

– The command of the occupation group also carried out active measures to moral and psychological impact on the personnel of subordinate units. During the reporting period, they organized so-called “preventive briefings” in a number of “military collectives” in order to counter the SBU program “They are waiting for you at home,” which, according to the command of the occupation group, has a rather sensitive effect, both direct and indirect, on consciousness personnel of subordinate units. Based on the results of these “briefings”, so-called “protocols” are compiled with personal signatures of the “military personnel” on the prevention of “desertion” or “unauthorized abandonment of units”. In many cases, the command of occupation forces of various levels intimidates subordinate personnel with certain “legal and legal consequences” that would allegedly occur in case of violation of the provisions and promises set forth in these “protocols”.

Other military activity of the occupation group:

– In the northwestern part of Donetsk, the movement of an armored group of invaders was recorded (up to 12 units, mainly BMP-1/2, up to 3 units of MT-LB and 4 trucks Ural). Apparently, the enemy reinforces its units defending in the vicinity of Vesyoloye-DAP-Spartak.

– Hrustalniy District (Krasniy Luch). Significant in number of artillery and rocket launchers continues to be recorded (up to 20 units of 122-mm MLRS BM-21 Grad, up to 12 units of 122 mm howitzer guns of the D-30/30A type, and at least 8 units of 152 mm howitzers of the Msta-B type).

– Up to 6 BMP-2 on the march + 1 MT-LB and Kamaz were fixed between Styla and Starobeshevo, and a little later in the same direction 2 trucks Ural.

– South of Yakovlevka (Mineralny district), movement of 2 units 120 mm mortars by trailer was recorded in twilight (violation of the provisions of the Minsk Agreements).

– In the triangle of Golmovsky – the north-eastern outskirts of Gorlovka – Lozovoe, the invaders continue to equip a number of stronghold points and hidden firing positions in the second line. there is an active movement of vehicles to the positions near Zaitsevo and Golmovsky (mainly freight, army type).