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IR Summary: Russian occupiers stepped up looting of occupied territories of Donbas

Operational data of the Information Resistance group

(Socio-political situation in the occupied territories of Donbas)

Russian higher educational institutions, such as Moscow State Mining University, Naval Academy named after Admiral Kuznetsov, Novosibirsk State University, refuse to accept graduates of the so-called LDPR “educational institutions”.

In the Bezymennoye village (Mariupol direction), rumors stubbornly circulate among the local population about a significant increase in utility tariffs (by 50%), as well as a significant increase in the price of gasoline.

Employees of the mine named after Skochinsky (Donetsk) openly and quite actively discuss information about possible future wage delays. The main reasons are the lack of promised investments from the Russian Federation and the control of coal production and sales by the mine management.

From June of this year to the end of August, the recruiting and hiring of teachers at “educational institutions” are stopped at all levels by the order of the so-called “Minister of Education and Science” of the DPR M. M. Kushakov. In addition, according to his order, the staffing in the “higher educational institutions” is being reviewed with the aim of “further optimizing it”. All this has become the reason for the dissemination of information among the teaching staff of these institutions about a significant reduction in staff and a review of the size of teachers’ wages. According to the teachers themselves, this is due to a significant reduction in the number of pupils and students in “educational institutions” and the lack of funding for the “educational sphere” in the DPR from the Russian Federation.

Militants of illegal armed groups, mainly citizens of the Russian Federation, actively dismantle buildings (both residential and non-residential) of private households in Slavyanoserbsk, in which their owners do not currently reside, in order to obtain secondary building materials and transport them to unknown direction. The indicated actions of the militants, as well as the absence of any reaction to such actions of the militants by local “law enforcement officers”, provoke a sharply negative reaction among local residents, which has already caused several conflicts between them and the illegal armed groups, including using weapons (in one case, the militants had to shoot in the air). Outright looting by the “defenders of the Russian world”, taking place before the eyes of local residents, continues at an active pace and contributes to a further aggravation of the situation in this town, despite all their “complaints” to representatives of the local occupation administration.

Due to the lack of a product sales market, a number of Makeevugol enterprises did not fulfill the coal production plan for July (mine named after Kirov – 50%, Yasinovskaya-Glubokaya mine – 67%, mine named after Kalinin – 22%). And as the result, the emergence and increase of wage arrears to miners of the DPR has appeared. To date, the occupation administration has partially paid salaries to the miners only for the June month.

The leadership of the occupation administration (DPR) carried out the illegal transfer of the Gorlovsky meat processing plant to the ownership and control of the Russian LLC Profgarant.

In Lugansk, the occupants continue to plunder local enterprises. At the Lugansk Machine-Tool Plant (Pochtovaya 1), a team of some unidentified persons, led by representatives of the occupation administration, dismantles and removes workable production equipment to an unknown destination. On the territory of the Lugansk Pipe Plant (2nd Sverdlova St. 5), another team of unknowns actively cuts various metal structures with subsequent removal. The employees and workers of these enterprises do not impede these actions because these teams have unknown armed guards, including persons with insignia of the “LPR security departments”.



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