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IR Summary: Command of 1st and 2nd Army Corps forces militants to issue passports of the Russian Federation at their own expense

Operational data of the IP group

Units of the Russian occupation group in the Donbas continue to bombard the positions of Ukrainian troops from the Joint Forces (JF), as well as settlements in Ukraine-controlled territory.

For the period from 13.08 to 20.08 this year, the enemy sharply increased the number of shelling and armed provocations. In total, during the indicated period, units of the so-called 1st and 2nd Army Corps made 92 firing raids on the positions of Ukrainian troops and settlements of Donbas (for comparison, during the last reporting period, 57 were recorded). At the same time, the occupation forces used automatic small arms, handle and mounted grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, occasionally anti-aircraft and anti-tank systems. In addition, the use of weapons by the units of the Russian occupation group that were subject to the restrictive provisions of the Minsk Agreements, in particular, 120-mm and 82-mm mortars, was recorded.

Fire attacks were carried out by the enemy on the positions of Ukrainian troops in the area of settlements: Khutor Volny, Luganskoe, Lebedinskoe, Novoluganskoe, Zaitsevo, Novognatovka, Mayorskoye, Yuzhnoe, Pishchevik, Nikolaevka, Krasnogorlovka, Novotroitskoye, Peski, Avdeevka, Opytnoe, Talakovka, Pavlopol, Vodyanoe and Shirokino.

The command of the Russian occupation forces continues to conduct active aerial reconnaissance of combat formations of JF units and subunits using UAVs. In the period from August 13 to August 20 of this year, about 20 flights of enemy UAVs were recorded, including at least 10 flights of Orlan-10 UAVs. In most cases, an enemy UAV was detected crossing the demarcation line (a clear violation of the Minsk Agreements), as well as conducting reconnaissance at the tactical and operational depth of the JF combat formations.

At the same time, the command of the occupation group paid special attention on issues of control over the unmasking signs of their units at the forefront, clarification of the operational situation, as well as changes in the combat formations and the location of the JF reserves in the Avdeevka, Bakhmut and Mariupol directions.

In the field of combat and operational training of the formations of the occupation forces, its command organized and carried out the following events on August 13–20:

– In the period from August 12 to 16, the command of the occupation forces held the so-called “week of combat and mobilization training” with the governing bodies of different levels. During this event, a number of issues were practically worked out with the governing bodies of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps related to bringing these groups to the highest levels of combat readiness. At the same time, a number of headquarters and management bodies of both “ Corps” practically worked out the issues of deploying reception centers for mobilization resources (personnel and equipment), worked out interaction and coordination during this task, and also conducted practical exercises on fire training with them. The events took place at the Tsentralny, Glavny and Peredovoy training grounds.

– According to the unified plan of the Southern Military District of the RF Armed Forces, combat training exercises were practically held in a number of tank units and subunits from the 1st and 2nd Army Corps. Their theme was overcoming a water barrier (including using pontoons), as well as capturing and holding a bridgehead. During the training, the personnel of the tank units not only practiced overcoming water barriers, but also performed firing exercises from the tank with standard ammunition. During one of the classes, one of the tanks sank (4 “servicemen” of the occupation group died).

– In the period from August 13 to August 14, fire training exercises were held at the Vostochny, Tsentralny, Slavny and Peredovoy training grounds with tank and motorized infantry units of the company level as part of the so-called “Unified Day of Fire ”, as well as the plan for combat coordination of units. At the same time, the practical exercises with the implementation of live firing performed the maximum possible number of personnel of these units.

– On August 14, the command of the occupation forces organized and conducted training with the personnel of a number of artillery units for combat work as part of the so-called “reconnaissance-strike complex”. When evaluating the results of the lesson, its leaders noted an unstable work of the corresponding software for reconnaissance UAVs and electronic controls.

– During the reporting period, the command of the occupation forces almost daily conducted practical training with the personnel of artillery (mortar) units, air defense units (mainly from the so-called “duty forces and means “) at the Vostochny, Peredovoy and Udarny training grounds for deploying at advanced firing positions, detecting, tracking and destroying air targets, as well as preparing for delivering sudden and massive fire strikes at positions of JF units, targets in the tactical and operational-tactical depth of their battle formations. At the same time, special attention was paid to the issue of controlling the conduct of fire and the implementation of its adjustment.

– The command of the occupying group of Russian forces plans to conduct a large-scale command-and-staff exercise with combat control bodies of the 1st Army Corps during the period from August 19 to August 24 of this year. In preparation for it, it is taking measures to deploy elements of the reserve command post in the area of the Glubokaya mine.

Other military activity:

– Over the course of the week, the enemy continued to improve the advanced positions in the engineering and fortification sense along almost the entire line of contact. At the same time, the command of the occupation forces paid special attention to engineering equipment and camouflage precisely the advanced positions. In addition, there have been numerous attempts to equip false positions by advanced units from the occupation forces.

– North-west of Novogrigorovka (Debaltsevo district) there was a movement of 4 MT-LB units with  100-mm MT-12 type anti-tank guns (Rapira) and two tented trucks Ural at dusk.

In the vicinity of Verkhneshirokovskoye (northwest), the enemy secretly equips firing positions for 82-mm and 120-mm mortars. Attempts have been made to equip false positions.

– In the area of Oboznoe, occupation forces opened fire on UAVs of the OSCE Observation Mission from automatic small arms, suggesting that it was UAV of JF units. As a result, the UAV was destroyed. The mission failed to return the remnants of the UAV, but this fact was used by the occupation command to assert that “the AFU violate the Minsk agreements and they managed to destroy the Ukrainian UAV.”

– In the area of Dolomitnoe, a movement of 3 BMP-2 and 1 MT-LB units was recorded. South of between Gorlovka and Uglegorsk, a movement of 2 122-mm self-propelled guns 2C1 Gvozdika was recorded (violation of the Minsk agreements).

Other news:

– On the territory of the so-called “LPR” controlled by the occupation administration, an intensification of the confrontation between representatives of local “administrations” and leaders controlled by the so-called “chieftain” of the International Union of Public Associations “The Great Don Army” M. Kozitsin of illegal armed groups is recorded in a number of settlements. Representatives of illegal armed groups require the heads of local administrations unconditional admission to the management of these settlements and the allocation of their budgets on the basis that these settlements allegedly located on the territory of the so-called “Cossack districts” created by them.

– The process of “certification of military personnel” continues (issuing passports of citizens of the Russian Federation to “military personnel of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps”). Among other things, a certain discontent among the personnel of the occupation group from among the local residents is caused by the fact that the process is carried out “by order” and requires considerable expenses of personal financial resources.

– In the zone of responsibility of the 4th separate mechanized brigade of the 2nd Army Corps, the so-called “law enforcement bodies” of the LPR recorded cases of thefts and looting by the personnel of this “brigade” of local people with food, essentials and hygiene products. According to local residents, “the brigade has poor supply.”

– a detachment of armed persons arrived, whichsubordinate to the “Minister of Revenue and Duties” of the DPR E. Lavrinov, at the metallurgical enterprise Khartsyzsk branch of PJSC “PA Stalkanat-Silur” on July 29, 2019, who seized the documentation of the enterprise and established a checkpoint on it. Director of the plant S.Artyomov suspended from duty. By the decree of the “Council of Ministers of the DPR,” the representative of RosExpoSnab LLP was appointed as the provisional administrator for managing the property of the enterprise.

– Due to Vneshtorgservice CJSC owing to multimillion-dollar debt to Russian Railways, the above mentioned company refuses to supply raw materials (sinter, pellets, ferroalloys and ore) to the Donbas, which is supplied to Donbas enterprises from the territory of Russia through Vneshtorgservice CJSC . Because of this, a partial shutdown of the metallurgical, machine-building and coke-chemical industries in the occupied territory has been observed during the last month.

– An acute shortage of qualified specialists is recorded in the Donetsk Clinical Tuberculosis Hospital (Ilyich Avenue, 104 A), (about 35% of the jobs are vacant). The average wage of a qualified employee in this medical institution is about 7 thousand Russian rubles.



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