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IR summary: the occupiers prepare for strikes on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Operational data group “Information Resistance”

The intensity of fire strikes from the enemy on the positions of the Ukrainian forces from the Joint Forces (JF) and settlements in the territory controlled by Ukraine remained at the same high level in the period from July 9 to July 15 of this year. During this period, units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the operational grouping of the Russian occupation forces carried out 168 fire attacks (last week 167). The aggressor used automatic rifle armament, large-caliber machine guns, handle and mounted grenade launchers, anti-aircraft installations, standard armament of armored combat vehicles (infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers) and anti-tank systems. In addition, during the shelling and armed provocations, the occupation forces used armaments prohibited by the Minsk agreements, including 122 mm artillery systems, 120/82 mm mortars, tanks.

The advanced enemy units, reinforced by sniper groups, were active in the Bakhmut and Mariupol sectors. The most intense fire strikes of the enemy on the positions of Ukrainian troops were in the next areas of settlements: Krymskoe, Lebedinskoye, Berezovoe, Luganskoe, Novotoshkovskoe, Granitnoe, Prichepilovka, Travnevoe, Novoluganskoe, Novoaleksandrovka, Zolotoe-4, Zaitsevo, Svetlodarsk, Popasnaya, Novgorodskoe, Uzhovka, Shumy , Avdeevka, Bogdanovka, Nikolaevka, Peski, Lomakino, Novomikhaylovka, Pischevik, Chermalyk, Marinka, Taramchuk, Krasnogorovka, Novotroitskoye, Starognatovka, Kamenka, Pavlopol, Vodyanoe and Shyrokyne.

In order to strengthen defense and quickly respond to changes in the situation, the enemy actively uses mobile armored groups, which, as a rule, are used in the most “dangerous” areas in the event of intensified hostilities.

The enemy also continued active air reconnaissance in order to identify changes in the combat formations of the Joint forces and to identify the deployment areas of their reserves using UAVs. In total, from 9 to 15 July this year, 25 UAV reconnaissance flights were recorded, including 19 flights of UAV “Orlan-10”, “Eleron” and “Granat-4”, which were carried out with the approach to the operational and tactical depth of the JF combat formations. The enemy focused particular attention on controlling the masking of one’s own positions, clarifying the operational situation, changes in the battle formations and the location of the reserves of the Joint forces in the Avdeevka and Severodonetsk sectors.

The so-called “on-duty” artillery squads of the enemy were in a state of constant readiness to deliver fire strikes at the JF positions. A number of training exercises were conducted with them on deploying to the advance firing positions, fire control and preparation for delivering fire strikes on the positions of JF units. In addition, specially allocated “duty” units and means from the enemy’s air defense system conducted a series of training sessions on the detection and tracking of small-sized air targets and their subsequent destruction. Active activity of the enemy’s sniper and maneuverable EW groups along the entire contact line continues.

During the week, the following activities were carried out in the field of combat and operational training by the command of the occupation group:

Fire training with motorized rifle units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the Russian Armed Forces at the “Udaloy” and “Vostochny” ranges;

Trainings with the mechanics-drivers of combat vehicles and operators-gunners from the units of 1st and 2ndArmy Corps of the RF Armed Forces;

Combat shooting and fire training with snipers from units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the Russian Armed Forces at the “Primorsky” training ground;

Training with the commanders of artillery units of 1st Army Corps of Russian Armed Forces at the “Vostochny” range.

Due to the possible exacerbation of the situation, the advanced units of the enemy in certain sectors were secretly brought to the “Full” combat readiness level from July 11. In order to prevent information leakage and ensure covert control of troops, , a planned change of radio data was carried out on July 11-12in radio networks and radio communication lines of the tactical level of the command and control system of 1st  and 2nd Army Corps of the Russian Armed Forces. 

In order to raise the level of professional training of personnel and their motivation for military vocational training, from July 15 to 28, the command of the occupational group plans the next stage of the competition for the title of the “best artillery platoon” among the artillery units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the Russian Armed Forces at the “Vostochny” and “Peredovoy” training grounds.

Throughout the week, the enemy continued to improve the fortification equipment of forward positions along the entire contact line.

In the period from July 9 to July 15, the confirmed losses of the Russian occupation forces in the Donbas amounted to 10 people:

1st Army Corps – 1st separate mechanized brigade (Kalmius) – 1 serviceman, 3rd separate mechanized brigade (Gorlovka) – 2 servicemen, 9th separate mechanized regiment (Novoazovsk) – 4 servicemen;

2nd Army Corps – 2nd separate mechanized brigade (Lugansk) – 1 serviceman, 7th separate mechanized brigade (Bryanka) – 2 servicemen.

To ensure the terrorist activities of units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the Russian occupying forces, about 4,500 tons of various fuel and lubricants were delivered from the territory of the Russian Federation (railway station Rovenky) from 9 to 15 of July, as well as up to 150 tons of other logistic items (both road and rail transport).

Other military activity

The movement of a motorized rifle company (up to 6 units of MT-LB and 2 units of the BTR-80) and 2 army trucks “Ural” was observed between the railway station “Cartanash” and the settlement Kadievka in the direction of the north-west.

Between Bogdanovka and Chervonogravdeyskoye, 3 installations of the 122-mm MLRS BM-21 Grad, 1 MT-LB and 2 army trucks Ural were observed in disguised position on the edge of the forest plantation.

The command of the occupation group continues to concentrate artillery in the area of the Anthracite and Hrustalniyl. Up to 20 units of 122-mm MLRS BM-21 Grad, 8 units of 122-mm howitzers D-30/30A type, 6 units of 122 mm self-propelled guns “Carnation” and 6 units of 100-mm anti-tank guns type MT-12 “Rapier” were fixed in this area during the week.

In the south-western outskirts of Gorlovka, the movement of 3 BTR-80s and 2 army trucks Kamaz was recorded in a southerly direction. The personnel were located on the armor of the BTR and in the truck.

The advanced positions of the occupants are significantly strengthened with additional fire weapons (primarily heavy-caliber machine guns and 82-mm mortars) in the area of the Trudovskaya Mine (Petrovsky District of Donetsk).

Other news

In the course of conducting classes as part of training sessions with mechanics-drivers from “motorized rifle units” of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the RF Armed Forces, their command stated that they were “insufficient” to maintain a high degree of combat capability of the units. According to the plans of combat training both in the 1st and 2nd Army Corps, special attention in the current “training period” will be paid to the training of such specialists.

The personnel of a number of units from the 1st Army Corps openly express dissatisfaction to their command with the fact that in a number of cases related to the wounds of the so-called “servicemen” received by them in the course of terrorist activities, they are forced to undergo treatment and adaptation at their own expense. Moreover, as acknowledged by the command of the “Army Corps” itself, in medical institutions, both civilian and “military” in “the republic, today there is a “very difficult situation with medicines and medical devices”.

In the MGB of the DPR, official information continues to circulate about the need to stop rumors (by finding their source) about allegedly being prepared repressions by the “Kiev regime” in relation to those residents of the occupied territories who have already managed or plan to acquire a Russian passport in the near future. According to the leadership of the occupying secret police, these destructive rumors are spread by the notorious “Ukrainian underground”.

According to the leadership of the occupation administration, “about a million citizens of both republics” has already been joined to the action “Zelensky recognize the choice of Donbas”. In general, today this “action”, organized by the propaganda means of the occupation regime, has become one of the priorities of their “information work”, about which our group has already reported.



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