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IR summary: the change of LDPR “curator” by the Kremlin is caused a stir in the occupation administrations

Operational data group “Information Resistance”

Russian occupation forces in the Donbas continue to fire at the positions of the Joint Forces (JF) and settlements in the area of the demarcation line. The number of attacks and armed provocations by the occupiers is up to 20 per day. At the same time, the enemy uses automatic small arms, hand-mounted and heavy grenade launchers, large-caliber machine guns, regular armament of armored fighting vehicles, in some cases 82-mm mortars (including automatic ones), 120-mm mortars, anti-aircraft guns of type ZU-23-2, 122-mm barrel artillery and ATGMs.

The occupants show the most fire activity in the area of Svetlodarsk arc (including the Popasnaya and Pervomaisk neighborhoods), on the northern and north-western outskirts of Gorlovka and Donetsk, in the Dokuchaevsk area and in the section from Chermalyk to the Azov Sea coast.

Immediately in several areas the quantitative and qualitative strengthening of fire weapons is marked. In particular, the hidden redeployment of 82 mm and 120 mm mortars (mostly individual platoons and batteries – from 1-2 to 3-4 units of mortars) by the enemy into close proximity to the demarcation line is fixed, and equipment of several hidden firing positions for them in each case.

The enemy continues to strengthen firing positions along the entire contact line, to carry out measures for engineering fortification equipment, masking advanced positions and mining, as well as the construction of false firing positions and deepening trenches and dugouts/

For example, the command of the 2nd Army Corps “LPR” finishes equipment in engineering terms of the defense line from Golubinskoe to Sentyanovka and further south in the form of a chain of separate, masked stronghold points. Judging by the fact that not all of it are occupied by units of the occupational group, the command of the 2nd Army Corps “LPR” i experiences certain difficulties with the consolidation of the battle formations in the area of responsibility of the 6th Cossack separate mechanized regiment named after the ataman Platov.

In the area of Donetsk (DAP and Putilovka, as well as south-west, in the area of Trudovskie), the command of the 1st Army Corps “DPR” has strengthened the advanced units not only with additional fire weapons (at least 2 new mortar “roaming” batteries of 82 mm caliber), but also by separate units, up to platoon-company size. In the area of Staromikhailovka and north of Panteleimonovka, the redeployment of small groups of armored vehicles to the first line is noted – 2-3 units each (MT-LB and BMP-1/2).

On the Mariupol direction, the enemy continues to consolidate the battle formations in the area of Bezymennoe – Sakhanka and in the area south-east of Chermalyk. It was noted the transfer of militants by vehicles from Novoazovsk (2-3 vehicles) in the evening, as well as the equipment of additional shelters for personnel.

In the area of east and south-east of Lugansk along the Seversky Donets River, the invaders disperse into separate stronghold point and actively camouflage armored vehicles in wooded and marshy areas of demarcation line previously transferred to the front line. Previously, there was a redeployment of up to tank and motorized rifle companies.

The command of the occupational formations continues to active use of sniper groups, both as part of the special operation teams, and in an independent mode to conduct a disturbing fire on the positions of the JF advanced units.

It also notes the active conduct of radio reconnaissance and the continuation of measures for the intensive manning of a number of brigades and regiments of the 1st Army Corps “DPR” with additional units of the company-battalion level by the occupational formations.

The enemy’s on-duty artillery crews are in a state of constant combat readiness for delivering fire strikes against the JF battle orders. They are trained daily in identifying and tracking conditional targets at the Yuzhny and Vostochny training ranges, using the Orlan-10 UAV as an aerial target, and also false artillery positions have equipped.

During the last week period, according to the unified plan of the Southern Military Department of the RF Armed Forces, fire control and training exercises with artillery, anti-aircraft and mortar units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps LDPR were held daily at the Centralniy and Yuzhniy training grounds.

Also, control classes were conducted in the units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps “LDPR” following the results of the winter training period with fire training at the Slavniy training ground. As part of the training, control firings were conducted with artillery and mortar crews at the Peredovoy and Perevalsky training grounds.

The measures to set up communication channels between command and control centers using repeaters for radio relay communication were taken at the communication centers of 1st and 2nd Army Corps units.

The preparations of parade calculations to participate in a military parade on the occasion of the “74th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War” continue in units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps “LDPR”. A holiday fireworks will be held in Donetsk and Lugansk during the celebration of the “Victory Day”. The Russian occupational command in the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions organized the issuance of food packages for veterans on the occasion of the celebration of the Victory Day, which are based on alcoholic beverages from local producers controlled by the occupation administration.

The replacement of the “LDPR curator” (M. Babich instead of V. Surkov) by Kremlin has caused a stir in the occupation administrations and “power structures”. There are persistent rumors among middle-level officials of the occupation administration about soon changes in the leadership of both the “DPR” and “LPR”, as well as the subsequent “annexation of Donbas to Russia” following the example of Crimea. At the same time, information about upcoming serious “personnel cleansings” is being disseminated in the “MGB of the DPR” and the “MGB of the LPR”.



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