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IR summary: “the simplification of obtaining citizenship of the Russian Federation” did not cause a excitement in the “LDPR”


Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

The Russian occupation forces continue to shell the positions of the JF advanced units and the settlements located near the demarcation line. At the same time, they use automatic rifle armament, hand and mount grenade launchers, large-caliber machine guns, 82-mm and 120-mm mortars, 122-mm cannon artillery, occasionally – ZU-23-2 AD systems and ATGM.

The main areas of the most intense enemy’s fire activity remain — the Bakhmut route area between Novotoshkovka and Sokolniki (also in the areas of Trekhizbenka and Stanitsa Luganskaya), in the Popasnaya-Pervomaisk area and to the south, both flank of the Svetlodarsk “arc”, the northern and western outskirts of Gorlovka, the area of the northwestern and western outskirts of Donetsk (from the Avdeevka “industrial zone” to Marinka, including the area of ​​the DAP and Putilovka). Activation of the occupants is also observed in the area of ​​Dokuchaevsk, the most intense – in the Mariupol direction (in the area immediately adjacent to the coast, as well as on both sides of the Mariupol-Boykovskoye highway).

During the week, the following tendencies in the actions of the enemy are noted – a further increase in the sniper’s activity of, as well as the resumption of the practice of using “mobile fire groups” (equipped mainly with mortars, AD systems and the transport). In addition, reinforcement of advanced occupational formations in certain areas with tanks and artillery – in the Luhansk area, south of Donetsk, movement of tanks and other armored vehicles were also noted in the Alchevsk-Perevalsk area, south of Gorlovka, in the Bezymennoe-Sakhanka area, and also east of Dokuchaevsk.

The enemy’s on-duty artillery crews were in a state of constant combat readiness for delivering fire strikes against the JF advanced units. They were trained daily to identify conditional targets at the Yuzhny and Vostochny training grounds. The Orlan-10 UAV was used as an air target, and false artillery positions were equipped.

According to the unified plan of the Southern Military Department of the RF Armed Forces, fire control and training exercises were conducted daily with artillery, anti-aircraft and mortar units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps at the “Centralny” and “Pokrovsky” firing ranges during the last week.

In the temporarily occupied territory of the Donetsk region, the Russian occupational command conducted a command-staff exercise on territorial defense with units of 1st Army Corps and so-called “power structures of the DPR”, during which questions were developed regarding the deployment of territorial defense headquarters at the Yuzhny and Primorsky training grounds. The exercise was held under the control of 1st Army Corps Commander, as well as the newly created “mobilization department”. In the near future, a similar event is expected in the temporarily occupied territory of the Luhansk region.

From April 22 to April 27 of this year, according to the unified plan of the Southern Military Department of the RF Armed Forces, , control exercises are conducted with units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps for the winter training period. As part of the training, shooting at the Perevalsky training ground and control exercises with artillery gunners at the Tsentralny training ground.

In the area of Khrustalny (formerly Krasny Luch), the occupants work out the interaction of tanks with artillery. A tank company (12 tanks), a division of 122-mm self-propelled guns of the 2S1 “Carnation” type of 2 batteries (8 units) and 6 units of 122-mm howitzer guns type D-30/30A were fixed.

The command of the 2nd Army Corps “LPR” fears the attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Kadievka and Alchevsk. Along the Sentyanovka – Horoshee line, stronghold points are actively equipped in the second echelon. Active engineering works, mining of individual sections behind the line and reinforcement by armored vehicles (placement and masking of several platoons on the BMP-1 in caponiers and positions) are noted.

The command of the 1st Army Corps “DPR” categorically has demanded that “commanders of different levels”, whose units “perform combat missions on the first line,” have to conduct carefully and strictly observe masking measures, especially with regard to the movement of vehicles and engineering equipment of positions. The corresponding directive refers to the negligent attitude of a number of officials to these issues, which is why the enemy (i.e. JF units) has the ability to quickly open the defense system of the occupying forces units. According to the information of the occupiers command, in the majority of cases the engineering equipment of 1st Army Corps “DPR” units are open, transport moves along “routes that have been studied by the enemy for a long time”, and surveillance and combat guard are insufficiently organized.

According to the latest information of the IR group, the introduction of “simplified obtaining of Russian citizenship” by the Russian Federation has not caused much excitement among the local population in the occupied areas of Donbass so far. There are rumors among the citizens that “life will not improve it for us” and the border between “LDPR” and Russia “will not disappear from this”.




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