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IR summary: MGB DPR requires declaring war on YouTube from the command of 1st Army Corps

Operational data group “Information Resistance”

In connection with the announced “spring truce”, the number of shelling and armed provocations by the Russian occupation forces in the Donbas has drastically decreased. Mostly shelling from the occupiers, which are fixed in separate areas, are sporadic and carried out with the use of automatic small arms (grenade launchers, both handle and mounted, as well as heavy machine guns, are occasionally recorded). Basically shelling was recorded in the area of ​​Avdeevka, Marinka, Popasnaya and in the Mariuopol direction.

The enemy’s advanced units were reinforced by snipers and squads of anti-tank missile systems. Also, the enemy continues to actively conduct aerial reconnaissance in order to detect changes in the battle formations of the JF using UAVs. The enemy focused particular attention on opening the control system, clarifying the operational situation, identifying changes in the battle formations and the location of the operational reserves in the Avdeevka and Mariupol sectors. The active activity of the enemy’s EW maneuver groups continues to be noted along the entire contact line.

The enemy’s on-duty artillery crews are in a state of constant combat readiness for conducting fire strikes against the combat formations of the JF. They are trained daily to work on the deployment and advance to firing positions for inflicting fire strikes at the “Udarniy” and “Peredovoy” ranges. Also they equip false artillery positions.

According to the unified plan of the Southern Military District of the RF Armed Forces, command-staff mobilization training was conducted at the “Centralniy”, “Slavniy”, “Peredovoy”, “Pokrovsky”, “Udaloy” and “Vostochny” ranges with units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of “LDNR”. The personnel were transferred to full combat readiness, and the readiness of the “mobilization reserves” reception point was checked.

Within the framework of the “Single Day of Fire”, training sessions on artillery and mortar units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of “LDNR” were conducted at the “Udarniy”, “Yuzhniy” and “Primorskiy” ranges every day from 5 to 11 March of this year.

Since March 11 of this year, company tactical exercises with live firing are carried out in 1st Army Corps “DPR” at the “Vostochniy” training ground using new means of aiming. Exercises are conducted under the leadership of the Corps command.

During the week, inspection and repair of engineering and fortification equipment of the positions was carried out at the advanced positions of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of LDNR.

In addition, a planned change of radio data was carried out in radio networks and radio communication lines of the tactical level of the command and control system of 1st and 2nd Army Corps with aim to prevent information leaks and provide covert troop control.

To support the activities of units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps operational groups of the Russian occupation forces, about 1500 tons of fuel and lubricants were delivered from Russia to the Voznesenovka and Rovenki railway stations during the week, and echelon consisting of 21 cars with artillery ammunition arrived to the railway station Ilovaisk.

The command of the 2nd AK “LNR” continues to secretly and “in bulk” to transfer the 7th separate mechanized brigade and the 6th separate mechanized regiment to the area of responsibility. In the Beloe area, the movement of 4-gun artillery batteries of 122-mm towed cannon howitzers of the D-30/30A type was recorded, and ammunition and other logistic items were also being transferred in the direction of Alchevsk.

Immediately in two areas, the occupants equip positions for additional fire weapons – the equipment of positions for mortars and heavy grenade launchers is marked in the area south of Pervomaisk, and equipment of trenches and shelters in the second line is noted in the Sakhanka area in the Mariupol direction.

Through Torez and Shakhtersk, the invaders continue to transfer reinforcements and supplies (ammunition, equipment) – both to the training ground in the Manuylovka area, and in the direction of Donetsk and Makeevka. Up to 20 units of combat armored vehicles (MT-LB, BTR-70/80) have been transferred through Shakhtersk in the direction of Donetsk.

The occupants transferred a unit of 100-mm anti-tank guns of the MT-12 “Rapier” type to the area of Debaltsevo (northern direction from this settlement). These anti-tank guns were included in the “anti-tank reserve” in this area.

The transfer of new units of armored vehicles (BMP-1/2) at two sites in the area of responsibility of the 2nd Army Corps “LPR” is fixed —in the Nikolaevka area (north-east of Lobachevo) and in the Zheltoe –Krutaya Gora area.

In the area of Marinka, the occupation forces pulled up a mortar battery (4 units) 2B14 “Tray” (82 mm) to the front edge. At the moment, the subunit did not open fire; several spaced firing positions are being equipped and masked at once.

* * *

The command of the 2nd Army Corps “LNR” concluded that the mobilization system created with the help of Russian “advisers” is largely ineffective, including in the area of ​​accounting for “reservists”. In particular, during the mobilization events, it turned out that a significant part of the “reservists” in reality, due to some reasons or other, cannot be called up at the right time (left for work, changed their place of residence for other reasons, are in fact they are citizens of the Russian Federation and so forth). In this connection, Headquarters of the 2nd Army Corps sent an order to the military registration and enlistment offices, brigades and battalions to immediately “update” and reconcile the lists of “registered staff”.

The serious problems with the staffing of brigades and regiments in the 1st Army Corps of the DPR continue to be fixed. “Service beyond the contract” for militants and mercenaries in these formations (the actual stay in the service beyond the period established by the contract) reached an average of 5-6 months, in some cases 7-8 months, until the “arrival of the replacement”. In this connection, the commanders of units state a sharp decline in the moral and psychological state of the personnel; more cases of open expression of discontent are recorded.

 “Military counterintelligence of the Ministry of State Security of the DPR” prepared a memorandum to the command of the 1st Army Corps “DPR” on current problems in the moral and psychological support of the personnel of the Corps units and subunits. The document, in particular, states that the Ukrainian side posted video on the Internet (primarily on YouTube’s video hosting) with the destruction of positions / equipment / personnel of the occupants, which dramatically negatively affects the morale of the 1st DPR Army Corps troops. It is noted that “explanatory conversations” conducted with the militants with attempts to convince that all these videos are “staged fakes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine” do not bring any special results.  MGB DPR proposes to the command of the invaders to pay special attention to this problem and “take appropriate measures”.

The rumors increasingly circulate in the occupation administrations of the “DPR” that “at the end of May – early summer”, direct negotiations between Ukraine and the Russian Federation on recognizing Crimea as Russian and signing a “new treaty on the peaceful solution of the Donbass problem” are allegedly will begin. This topic is especially actively discussed in the middle section of the “civil servants” of the “DPR”.



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