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Regarding the protests in France

In continuation of my previous post that Europe should pay attention to the Russian mass disinformation media, which feel easy in the EU countries and continue to shape the Moscow information agenda needs. But now it is in the context of the events in France.

Just two weeks ago, we noted that Moscow uses in France a bunch of special correspondents of rating misinformation media, many of which had previously been noted on the “Ukrainian information front” and in other countries where Russia tried to interfere in internal affairs and destabilize the situation. We also talked about the fact that French law enforcers clearly need to take a closer look at groups on social networks that call for destructive actions, as well as protesters and “instigators”, where they will definitely find the Russian hybrid trail.

And as shown by the current stage of these protests, this trace has appeared (and this is not even the tip of the iceberg). As the media notes, two French propagandists of the “Russian world” in yellow vests, meeting with symbols of the so-called “DNR”, were noticed on the streets of Paris during the protests.

The two men in the photo are Fabrice Sorlin and Xavier Moreau.

Sorlin is the leader of the ultra-right organization Dies Irae (“Doomsday”), a member of the French National Front party, the former head of the France-Europe-Russia Association, the head of the Katehon analytical center (whose supervisory board includes the well-known ideologue of the “Russian world”, Alexander Dugin, and this the structure is under the patronage and funding of the Russian GRU).

Moreau participated in the so-called “elections” in the occupied territory of Donbas as an “international observer.” He lives and works in Moscow. He is also the author of the book “Ukraine. Why France deceives itself.”

So if anyone doubts the connections of these two “peaceful protesters” with the special services of the Russian Federation, and in particular with the GRU (now the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces), welcome to the club of simpletons.

It is worth recalling to the French: where the shadow of the GRU appears, there is the smell of blood and death. Suffice it to recall Salisbury.

By the way, two days ago, a representative of the Elysée Palace said: special services believe that some protesters will arrive in Paris with the intention of committing acts of vandalism and murder. And the appearance of sacred victims during the protests (which, for example, someone would be shot in the back from the crowd) would only further radicalize the protest is clear to anyone.

For this reason, Europeans would obviously have had to stop being in the thrall of illusions, and it would be appropriate to look at such things with a sober look. In this context, the information of the Ukrainian authorities about the visits by citizens of EU countries – representatives of various parties and radical organizations of the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia – this is a very serious signal. These citizens go there with the money and in the interests of the Russian special services. And the main issue is what they do when they return home. It should be the main concern of counterintelligence and law enforcement officers of these European countries.

Moscow wants to disorganize Europe and wreak havoc in it.

And it will no longer be possible to fight Moscow’s hybrid aggression in the EU by talking at conferences and appeasing statements at briefings. It is a fact.

Dmitry Tymchuk, IR coordinator


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