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Kremlin's "useful idiot" from French "yellow vests" spreads Russian fakes about Ukraine – IR coordinator

Amid of Ukraine’s decision not to prolong martial law and hysterical campaign of  Kremlin, Russian propaganda machine spreads fake reports on Ukraine’s alleged ties with the Islamic State. This time, propaganda resources use an article wrote for The Times by a British journalist Marc Bennetts, who has been living in Moscow for over 15 years.

Russian propaganda report claims that “the Chechen fighters from the Ukrainian battalion don’t hide the fact that they went to the Middle East voluntarily where they underwent training in the ISIL camps.” In addition, the Kremlin propaganda says the “terrorist wing” of the Ukrainian army is based now just outside Mariupol.

For the past five years, since the start of the Russian operation in Syria, the Kremlin-controlled media have been trying to draw links between Ukraine and ISIS in various ways, and also to claim for the international community that our country is some kind of transit point for this terrorist organization toward the EU, where from time to time they conduct terrorist attacks. But all these attempts by Moscow turned out to be in vain. Conversely, from time to time certain facts point to the role and participation of precisely Russian special services in ISIs activities both in Syria and in Europe – during terrorist attacks, which usually occur at moments that are very timely for Moscow.

It should be noted that quite interesting parallels and moments emerged in the latest disinformation campaign by the Russian propaganda.

On December 27, the Zvezda newspaper, one of the Russian propaganda resources controlled by their defense ministry, published a “Ukraine and ISIS” story, also with reference to The Times article.

But the most interesting thing is that the Zvezda complimented their story with a commentary by an infamous Xavier Moreau, a Frenchman who has gotten into a public spotlight after being spotted in Paris during a “yellow vests” protest as he was waving a flag of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” terrorist organization. He has also been living in Moscow, just like that British author of the article in The Times.

That “DPR flag” appearance where Moreau starred with another Frenchman, Fabrice Sorlin, led to an unprecedented resonance and became one of the episodes investigated by French authorities in the framework of Russia interference probe.

In his comment to Zvezda, Moreau said: “In Ukraine, there is an international terrorist organization that can fight anywhere in exchange for weapons or money. The Times proved it. ”

Back at the time of the French protests, the IR group, due to certain considerations, pointed out these two Frenchmen’s possible ties with the Russian GRU military intelligence and their work done in the interests of this agency.

Now, Moreau’s appearance on the pages of Zvezda, with a purposeful propaganda commentary in the interests of the Kremlin claiming “Ukraine and ISIS links” further proves our assumption.



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