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IR Summary: Occupants continue to spread rumors about the "planned chemical attack of the armed forces of Ukraine" among the local population

Operational data group “Information Resistance”

The Russian occupation forces continue to shell the positions of the Joint Forces and the settlements located near the demarcation line, using heavy weapons that are “prohibited” by the Minsk agreements. In the course of armed provocations, the occupying forces opened fire with automatic rifle armaments, heavy machine guns, hand-held and mounted grenade launchers, anti-aircraft systems, standard armament of armored combat vehicles, and also occasionally ATGMs and artillery guns.

The main areas of “tension” are:

– The area of the highway “Bakhmutka” near Novotoshkovka, Krymskoe and Sokolniki,

– The area of “Svetlodarsk arc” and Popasnaya,

– The region of the north-eastern, western, south- and north-western outskirts of Gorlovka,

– In the area of Peski, Avdiivka,

– To the south of Donetsk – in the area of Starognatovka,

– At the Mariupol direction – from Pavlopol to the coast near Shyrokino.

At the same time, the high activity of the enemy’s sniper groups and carrying out a number of rotations and rearrangements by the enemy is noted in several sectors of the front line (mainly in the region north-west of Lugansk, Gorlovka and south of Donetsk).

The enemy’s on-duty artillery crews are in a state of constant combat readiness for inflicting fire strikes against the combat orders of the Joint forces. They are trained daily to work on deployment at advance firing positions.

In connection with the deterioration of weather conditions, the enemy was forced to reduce the intensity of conducting aerial reconnaissance of combat orders of the Joint forces using UAVs. The enemy focused particular attention on refining the operational situation, identifying changes in the combat orders and location of the Joint forces reserves, as well as opening the control system of the Ukrainian troops.

In connection with the work of the OSCE special monitoring mission, the Russian occupying forces conduct additional measures to disguise weapons and equipment, as well as to limit their movement.

Attempts by the commanders of the occupying units to organize so-called “anti-sabotage” ambushes, mine traps in the neutral zone and other measures to counteract the military intelligence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in certain areas are noted. Also the vigorous activity of sniper and maneuverable EW enemy’s groups along the entire contact line continues to be noted.

In order to improve the skills of personnel from 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the RF occupying forces with communication means, the radio training was conducted during the last week in various radio networks and radio communication lines of the tactical level of the control system.

According to a unified plan of the Southern Military District RF Armed Forces, headquarters of 1st and 2nd Army Corps prepare for the conducting (December 20-25) the so-called “Joint command and staff exercises” with access to the concentration areas.

Also during the so-called “Combat training weeks” (December 3-9), units and subunits of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps worked out questions on reduction the personnel to the highest levels of combat readiness, as well as the deployment of reception and replenishment points.

In the temporarily occupied territory, the enemy continues to carry out activities aimed at manning the units and subunits 1st and 2nd Army Corps LDPR with personnel. So, from December 3 of this year, trainings with reservists are held who performed military service in tank and artillery units, communications and air defense forces, as well as with persons who have higher military education. According to the results of the training, the command of 1st and 2nd Army Corps plans to carry out the formation of combat crews for armored vehicles, air defense systems, as well as artillery and mortar crews.

Other military activity:

– In the AOR of 2nd Army Corps, south of Bakhmutka, the occupiers equip positions at several sites of the “second line”. The work of engineering equipment is noted (both military and civil). Such work in the winter, in bad weather conditions, makes it necessary to pay special attention – it can be either about attempts by invaders to strengthen their defenses in view of the mythical expected “offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, or to prevent counter-attacks of the Armed Forces during the offensive of the 2nd Army Corps “LPR”. The works are noted on the site north of Zimogorye (Stepovoe District), between Khoroshiy and Petrovenki, between Sentyanovka and Dachnoe;

– The area of Hrustalniy: the concentration of the barrel artillery MLRS of the enemy is noted again. Northeast of this settlement, the 4 units of the 152-mm 2A36 “Hyacint-B” guns were fixed on the march, to the south – 6 units of the 152-mm D-20 type guns and the 4 122-mm MLRS BM-21 “Grad”, as well as dozen cargo trucks and 2 MT-LB;

– On the highway N-21, there is a movement of tractors and trawls (in the last 24 hours – up to 10 units), two columns of 10-12 trucks and up to 5 units of BTR-80 were also recorded in the direction of Donetsk;

– The redeployment of an armored group or mobile control point (8 combat armored vehicles, including combat control point vehicle, and 4 trucks) to the north was noted in the area of Dolgoe. 2 anti-aircraft systems of type ZU-23-2 were fixed in the column;

– At the training ground of the invaders in the area of Manuylovka, the combat coordination of the tank battalion (BTGr) with attached artillery and air defense systems continues.  27 tanks (type T-72), 4 BMP-1/2, 2 BRM-1K, 6 units of 122-mm guns of type D-30/30A are marked. A combat firing is planned;

– In the area south of Alchevsk, 6 tanks of the T-64 type and 4 units of 122-mm self-propelled guns of the 2S1 “Gvozdika” type were marked on the march eastwards. In the same direction – 1 MT-LB, 2 BMP-1, up to 10 “Ural” and “KamAZ”.

* * *

The “DPR MGB” began an unscheduled and unofficial check of the “leakage of secret information about the numerical and qualitative composition of the people’s militia units” (1st Army Corps “DPR”) “in the media and social networks”. We are talking about the 9th separate mechanized regiment (Novoazovsk District), information about a chronic shortage in which came in open access, with reference to certain photos and quoting of “official documents”. What exactly is being said is not yet known, despite the fact that the data on the shortage of personnel in the 9th separate mechanized regiment is a well-known fact for a long time (in some units less than 50% of the staff).

In a number of sectors of the front, the Russian command conducted to supply ammunition for the advanced units of the “1st Army Corps DPR” with the help of civilian vehicles seized from enterprises and the local population. Mines, shells, ammunition are delivered by minibuses, tractors, “civilian-type” trucks. According to the logic of the Russian command, this makes it possible to solve several problems at once: it is much more difficult for Ukrainian intelligence to “recognize” such transport; in the case of interception of such kind of transport by the Ukrainian special operation team or a fire strike on it, it can be argued that “AFU attack civilians”; at the same time, the lifespan of army vehicles is saved.

In Kadievka (formerly Stakhanov), the occupants carried out “filtration” measures with checking vehicles, documents from local population. According to militants, the purpose of these activities was to search for a deserter (or a group of deserters) with weapons.

* * *

A massive “call” by the leadership of the so-called “UOC MP” of its clergymen from LDPR to the unoccupied territory of Ukraine is noted. The main points where the priests of the “UOC-MP” from the “LDPR” have to arrive are Slavyansk (Donetsk region) and Pochayev (Ternopol region). The reason for the “call” was not disclosed.

Amid of the Kremlin’s promised “chemical attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the help of foreign military specialists,” all sorts of rumors spread among the militants and the local population in the “DPR” and “LPR”. In particular – about the allegedly preparing “bombing of Gorlovka with chemical bombs,” about arriving “tanks with poisonous gases inscribed in German under the protection of the Right Sector” at the front “near Donetsk” at the disposal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and also about the fact that in a number of front-line settlements(in particular, in some areas of Mariupol), where “a large number of pro-Russian-adjusted population” lives, the Ukrainian command is already allegedly “testing the chemical weapons sent by the West” on local residents. In general, the range of rumors is very wide.

Local occupation administration in Gorlovka, Makeyevka and other settlements turned the fraud with the salaries of local “state employees”. According to the promise of the “DPR” leadership, their salaries were increased up to 15-20% more, but all extra charges and additional payments were removed. As a result, the salary of “state employees” has practically not changed, in some cases it has decreased.

CJSC Stirol (Gorlovka, Donetsk region, about 300 employees) continues to accumulate wage arrears to employees from September 2018. The last payment took place in August of this year – an average of 4 thousand rubles per worker.



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