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How and for what Russian terrorists killed an American journalist in the occupied territories

Not a long ago public was crying about William Paul Reilly, an American who was murdered by orcs (terrorists in the Donbass territory).

Let’s briefly recall what media wrote about him: in 2015 William Paul Reilly came to help separatists and disappeared after his arrival. He was missed for several years until recently there was some information that missing American was found.

To be exact, the place where he was buried by wild jerks was found.

It is known that in May 2015 William came to Moscow where he was met by Russian propagandist Mikhail Polynkov. Later he went to training camp in Rostov from where Russian train and recruit people before sending them to Donbass.

While he was in Rostov he was robbed and then disappeared.

William’s parents contacted the Russian propagandist and asked him what happened. He replied that their son was arrested by FSB and they should call them.

Seems very strange that the war in Ukraine is “civil” and Russia has nothing to do with it, at same time FSB is arresting people.

It seem like someone is lying without a blush. I wonder who’s lying?

Let’s open a curtain and take a look on how everything happened.

William went into war as a journalist to tell how brave separatists are fighting against Kiev nazi regime. In Rostov he was brought to training camp which was and still preparing all kind of people for “civil” war in Ukraine.

Boris Kalmac (nick name) was a main guy in charge at training camp who was making money by selling humanitarian aid, that should go to people of “DPR” and “LPR” so called republics, to he’s fellows.

How and for what Russian terrorists killed

After William arrival Boris realized that Yankee is fool and it would be easy to get money out of him. After approving himself to William as a confident person Boris got eccess to Williams bank card by lying that William had to do “security check” to prove that his not a spy and that he has nothing to hide.

Let me remind you that William was at Russian training camp that officially did not exist since Russia was pretending that they have nothing to do with a war in Ukraine.

Since William had a little choice he let Boris have excess to his bank card for such “security check”

Boris was happy, money were flowing in his pocket and he didn’t have to deal with humanitarian aid and other stuff.

Suddenly an expected happen, money stop flowing from Williams bank account and Boris realized that William is not some kind of oligarch but a regular journalist.

Realizing that money are gone from his account William started arguing and appealing to a word of an officer and commander at training camp, saying that Boris was granted access to his bank account just for security check, not to steal all of Williams money.

Boris realized that game is over and William has all the cards against him in face of many witnesses when he got access to Williams money.

Boris had one option which was removing William from training camp and declaring that William is a spy.

First Boris beat the crap out of William until William admitted that he was working for CIA, then he sold William to separatists from city Bryanka in Luhansk region in Ukraine (Брянка).

Separatists from Bryanka though that it as a good investment and they would get around million dollars from Williams parents by beating them emotionally.

Then unexpected happened, William ran away from Bryanka separatists.

Bryanka separatists called Boris with a question what to do. Boris froze and told them that he doesn’t know what are they talking about.

In Bryanka collaborators went to Russians and confess of what happened. Russians understood the depths the shit they’ve got themselves into.

William can write an article in media about his experience like military training camp that doesn’t exist and other stuff and it might or would break many if not all of their plans.

It could be another Caribbean crisis. Decision was made to eliminate American so nobody would found out the truth.

The task was carried by terrorists commanded by Girkin. They’ve tracked William down, murdered him and buried him in pseudo state DPR to simply cover the tracks.

The moral of story is this: I’m just wondering how American media will react to news like this or will they remain silent?

Fashik from Donetsk


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