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IR summary: LDPR collaborators fear arrest and hardship for participating in pseudo-elections

Operational data of the Information Resistance group

The occupation units of the Russian Armed Forces in the Donbas continue armed provocations and shelling in the zone of the operation of the Joint Forces (OS). During the week, the average daily number of attacks ranged from 10-12 to 17-19 per day. Basically, the enemy uses automatic small arms, large-caliber machine guns, mounted and hand-held grenade launchers, less often anti-aircraft installations of the ZU-23-2 type and standard armament of combat armored vehicles. Occasionally, occupants use 82 mm and 120 mm mortars.

Over the past few days, the occupiers most intensively fired in the vicinity of Donetsk (Peski, Krasnogorovka), Gorlovka (Novgorodskoe region and environs) and almost constantly – in the coastal direction and south of Donetsk (most of the cases when the enemy used heavy weapons).

The main purpose of enemy attacks and provocations were attempts to disclosure the firing system of the advanced units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, their general battle order, to clarify the locations of their units and assets. In some cases, the enemy opened fire with the aim of inflicting the fire damage to the advanced units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and holding the fire initiative. There were also attempts by the enemy through the use of fire to conceal a number of regroupings of their tactical-scale formations.

The command of the occupying formations continues to conduct a reconnaissance of the combat orders of the JF units and formations, right up to the operational-tactical depth of their operational construction, while striving to pay special attention to command posts (control points), storage areas of ammunition in the frontline zone, key points and communication nodes. The activation of enemy intelligence in the front-line zone is also noted in order to clarify certain details and recent changes in the operational construction of the JF grouping in the on-line mode. There are attempts by the enemy to track the movement of Ukrainian military personnel and units of equipment.

To maintain the units and subunits of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the operational grouping of the Russian occupation forces in readiness for the intensification of the conduct of hostilities, control of combat readiness of the units was systematically conducted by the occupational command over the last week. At the military grounds “Tsentralny”, “Primorsky”, “Udarny”, “Yuzhny” and “Peredovoy”, training sessions on fire, tactical and special training, as well as training with shooting and fire control of duty artillery units were conducted.

In addition, within the framework of a unified plan and system of operational and combat training of the Southern Military District of the RF Armed Forces, the HQs of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the occupying forces conduct the planning and preparation for the holding of the command and staff exercises in December of this year with aim to work out the issues of conducting offensive operations in the Azov-Black Sea operational direction.

To support the activities of the units and subunits of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the operational group of the Russian occupation forces, about 500 tons of fuel and lubricants (railway station Borisovka) were delivered from the territory of Russia in the last weekly period, and a train with small arms ammunition and shells for artillery systems of various calibers arrived.

Military activity:

– In the area northwest of Almaznaya (south of Kalinovo) – the redeployment of a significant group of occupants’ armored vehicles – at least 12 units (mainly BMP-1 and MT-LB), the group had two units of Strela-10M air defense missile system and at least 1 unit of AD system ZU-23-2. North of Veselogorovka in beams – mortar positions for 4 units of 120-mm mortars, disguised and prepared for opening fire on the positions of the JF in the area of Troitskoe;

– In the area to the north of Panteleimonovka in the direction to the north of Gorlovka, the EW mobile group of the enemy operates. It consists of 3 units of three-axle Kamaz-kung with characteristic antenna devices, at least 2 Ural tented and 1 BTR-80 with an escort team, completed by well-equipped personnel of the RF Armed Forces;

– The rotation at the advanced positions in the 7th separate mechanized brigade of the occupying forces is finished. One of the battalions that operated north-west and north of Debaltsevo was taken to the PDP (permanent dislocation point) “for restoration”. The command is trying to actively staff it by militants from among local collaborators, since a significant number of Russian mercenaries from the battalion fled back to Russia after its withdrawal from the front line;

– Between Staromaryevka and Boykovskoe (Telmanovo), active movement of vehicles of the occupants is recorded – 8-10 Ural and Kamaz in both directions for every 5-7 hours. Apparently, the unit (BTGr) of the enemy from the 1st separate mechanized brigade, which “sealed up” the combat order of the invaders in this sector last month, is either actively preparing for winter or is preparing for some kind of active hostilities;

– In the seaside direction, in the area of Bezymennoe and the “triangle” of Zaichenko – Azov – Veseloe, the occupants continue to mask groups of tanks (2-3 vehicles each), as reserve groups. The equipment is carefully camouflaged and hid in the folds of the terrain (mainly in gentle ravines and beams). The command of the invaders is really afraid of any active actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the seaside direction.

The Russian occupational command continues to actively carry out the work on the preparation for the so-called “The election of the heads of the DPR / LPR” (11 November of this year). In this regard, the occupational administration of the Russian Federation in the temporarily occupied territories strengthened the administrative-police and counter-intelligence regime. The staff of the so-called “security structures DPR / LPR” transferred to combat alert duty. Exercises are conducted to refine the algorithm in the event of a seizure or attack on a polling station, as well as to “restore order” in the event of riots.

In the “1st Army Corps”, commanders of various levels and representatives of the “MGB DPR” (“military counterintelligence”) actively establish among the “servicemen” those who have a criminal background and are prone to committing offenses. In particular, according to the orders of the Russian “advisers” at the headquarters of the “1st Army Corps of the DPR”, this kind of “military personnel” was ordered to be kept under special control. Separately, persons are established for whom existing criminal cases are open (especially from among citizens of the Russian Federation), and who are hiding in the territory of the “LDPR” from criminal prosecution, as well as local citizens who have committed crimes in the territory of the Russian Federation. The presence of various “call signs”, “pseudonyms”, “nicknames” by which local militants and Russian mercenaries appear in various “accounting bases” of the “1st Army Corps DPR” makes this work very difficult. In addition, measures to identify such elements have already caused a negative response in the ranks of local militants and Russian mercenaries in the 3rd separate mechanized brigade, the 9th separate mechanized regiment and some separate battalions.

Immediately at several sites (mostly – non-operating industrial enterprises, closed mines and development, infrastructure facilities), a sharp increase in the number of so-called “metal marauders” cutting metal is recorded on the outskirts of Donetsk, Gorlovka, in the area of ​​Kadievka (Stakhanov) and in a number of villages in the south of the occupied part of the Luhansk region. Previously, the “flourishing” of this kind of looting was recorded in 2015-2016. In this case, such marauders are not just well equipped with tools and equipment for cutting metal, but also armed. The armed clashes are fixed on the basis of competition for certain objects.

In the “DPR” and “LPR”, among all sorts of collaborators from among the public sector workers, small and medium-sized officials of the occupation administrations, former law enforcement officers who went over to the side of the occupiers, etc., a significant resonance was caused by the fact that the lists of “DPR citizens participating in organization and conduct of elections on November 11″ are in the open Internet. Rumors are spreading in Donetsk and Lugansk that the Ukrainian authorities will deny social benefits for voting in the “election”, and they will be arrested if they try to cross the line of demarcation. The occupation administrations and the “MGB” are trying to deal with panic rumors, but unsuccessfully so far.

In the “LPR”, first of all in Alchevsk and Kadievka, pro-Ukrainian slogans began to appear again in public places, on the walls of houses, public transport stops, shops, etc. According to the MGB LPR, the authors of the slogans are not representatives of the Ukrainian underground, and adolescents who “succumbed to the Ukrainian propaganda”. In this case, according to the leadership of the “MGB”, this “department” relieves responsibility for the ineffective counterintelligence work.

The occupants began actively to jam the Ukrainian FM radio stations, which began broadcasting on the occupied territories of Donbass. Additional technical means of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are being deployed for this. In addition, the occupation administrations threaten to apply tough measures to citizens for listening to Ukrainian radio stations. In this connection, the “MGB” “LDPR” began to receive denunciations from local residents about “secret auditions”. Especially this situation is typical for Gorlovka, where some zones with relatively confident reception appeared.

A big disappointment for residents of areas controlled by the “DPR” is caused by the end of the expected “sharp increase in salaries and pensions”. The expectations were so strong that “the Ministry of Finance of the DPR” on this occasion even had to come up with an “official statement” that the rumors about the increase in salaries and pensions were fakes distributed by “Ukrainian propaganda”.

In connection with the critical financial situation, the administration of the “head of the LPR”  considers the question of canceling social assistance payments to privileged categories of the population in the amount of 7,600 rubles for the purchase of coal for the winter period. According to the management of “LPR”, such cancellation should be introduced only after the “elections”.

At the “Lugansk Aircraft Repair Plant” (Lugansk), the number of workers over the past four years has decreased from 590 to 120 people. The situation is connected with the introduction of a one-day working week at the enterprise and wage arrears, which currently amount to about 9 million rubles. Given the specific of the work, it is extremely difficult to find another job for discharged workers.

The surgical and trauma departments do not function in the Debaltsevo Central City Hospital (Debaltsevo, Donetsk Region), due to the lack of doctors of the appropriate profile. Due to extremely low wages and harsh working conditions, most of the specialists went to the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities or to the Russian Federation.



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