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Russian security forces stand behind mass murder in Kerch

The chain of Putin’s crimes committed for the sake of PR continues: the bombings of residential blocks in Moscow in 1999 and fortunately foiled explosions in Ryazan, the killing of schoolchildren in Beslan in 2004 — and now, in 2018, the mass murder in the Russia-occupied Ukrainian Crimea’s Kerch, where once again many children were killed.

Russian occupation forces had long and seriously trained the alleged attacker, a local student Vladislav Roslyakov, to handle firearms, according to the IR information.

He completed the latest training cycle a week before the Kerch tragedy, during the “patriotic education” classes in the famous Artek camp. The standard training program of the “Russian patriot” included live fire exercises as well as classes on mining and explosives.

However, Roslyakov arrived at Artek, having been already sufficiently prepared and trained. Such training routine was not something exceptional, invented exclusively for Roslyakov. The militarization of youths in the occupied Crimea has become massive and mandatory.

But even after such training, that young man could not have become a phenomenally skilled “special operations” expert. Killing people in practice is quite difficult, and it’s not just about moral aspects. There are practical difficulties, too. People being shot at from a shotgun usually flee the scene, trying to hide and stay low. Moreover, in a closed space, a building full of turns, they might as well try to attack the shooter if he acts alone.

Besides, shooting about a hundred rounds and reloading the shotgun on the move, is quite a difficult physical task, too. Also, a shotgun is not an automatic weapon and neither is it designed to be fired a hundred times in a row without proper disassembly and cleaning. The fact that Roslyakov did not see a twisted cartridge after 40-50 shots in a row is simply computer game-type fiction.

Finally, a hundred rounds and two IEDs weigh quite a lot. In order to actively move around with this load across the building, while simultaneously firing a shotgun, being efficient enough to kill two dozen people and injuring 50 more, even assuming that half of the victims were bombed in the cafetiria, the gunman would require outstanding physique. Roslyakov did not look prepared enough for such feats at all. Meanwhile, according to the official version, he was shooting effectively and moving quickly! Besides, the question remains, how much time he actually had at his disposal to go on with that massacre.

Another question is how, living in Crimea under Russian occupation laws harshly restricting firearm possession, could that young man so easily purchase and receive permission for such a powerful weapon? Besides, the official investigation remains silent on where the alleged attacker got the explosives.

The CCTV video recently aired by Russian TV channels allegedly showing the gunman going on a rampage across the college premises was quickly deleted from the internet. Too obvious were the edits and the staging. Kerch locals who watched the video and are familiar with the attacked college premises noted that part of the scenes was filmed in another college building, unaffected by the incident, according to the official version. The falsification was spotted when people saw railings painted differently.

In the video, Roslyakov is seen sporting a clean white T-shirt. The shirt remained clean even when his body was discovered. That sounds impossible after hundreds of shots fired indoors from a 12mm shotgun. The version that he shot himself in the chin from his shotgun does not correspond to his body position and the wound inflicted.

Finally, there is no reliable information about the actions of Russian security officials who reported to the scene. And since some students in the first hours after the attack mentioned on camera that there had been automatic gunfire, later this piece of eyewitness testimonies disappeared from the media. It is also likely that most of the victims were killed by the security forces while Roslyakov was given the role of a maniac killer.

The whole incident was staged and planned thoroughly. It all boils down to the idea that Roslyakov and several teachers could be invited to participate in “counter-terrorism exercises,” which allegedly were supposed to check readiness of college students to act amid a real terrorist attack, and help protect them in case of such attacks. Confused and used — most likely, on the pretext that the Ukrainian side was plotting the attacks — these people were terminated. And that was the real plan.

In the Kerch case, Russia does not yet exploit the “Ukrainian” or the “Crimean Tatar” trace version, and this is indeed surprising. It would seem that this would fit occupation forces the most. All Moscow propaganda talking heads were ready to promote the version, with some even trying to take the initiative, putting forward assumptions and waiting for the go-ahead – but the green light never came. However, there was a short report claiming that shortly before the attack, Roslyakov had allegedly traveled to mainland Ukraine “for unknown purposes” – but this storyline has not yet developed. It is clearly being reserved for later, in case too many inconsistencies come out and a loud scandal is needed to cover up the exposed lies. Incidentally, for such trips to mainland Ukraine, Roslyakov would have to hold a valid Ukrainian passport – that’s one thing. Secondly, Ukrainian border guards have not confirmed his trips.

But, obviously, the Russians could not immediately play this trump card. Direct accusations against Ukraine made at the first stage of the investigation would be ineffective. They would probably have been seen as a fact  in Russia but beyond its borders they would only have boosted suspicions of Kremlin involvement, prompting the already mentioned associations along the Moscow-Ryazan-Beslan line.

On the other hand, an irrational terror act with motives that are not fully explained amid ominous silence of the officials allows manipulating rumors and sowing fears among those who allegedly seek to invade the “Crimean Russian world.” The invaders could also “draw” the attacker’s connection with Ukraine indirectly, for example, through Jehovah’s Witnesses (Roslyakov’s mother is a member of the organization, which also flashed in Russian news), thus claiming that “these people are not of our kind – some Americans, maybe.”

The general direction of Moscow’s moves is quite obvious: it’s further militarization of the occupied peninsula, including flooding Crimea with arms, handed out to those who have been sufficiently processed by propaganda, first of all the youths, in order to turn as many locals as possible into accomplices of the invaders. This indicates that one of the scenarios developed in the Kremlin could be an attempt to surrender Crimea to Ukraine – and an ensuing terrorist war waged by youngsters like Roslyakov. Then, the surrender will be “forcedly canceled”, which, according to Russians, will either lead to the recognition of Crimea as Russian territory (Russia tried to return it, but this caused local riots) or a major war against Ukraine, under the pretext of “protection of Russian Crimeans”.


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