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Russian spy personnel in Europe "commemorated" Zakharchenko's liquidation quietly and in a family way

Strangely enough, but the expression “a good face with a bad game” came to the speech from the environment of sharper players – gamblers, because they are able to deftly deceive and skillfully pretend, while maintaining an amazing calmness and detachment in relation to the current situation, which they themselves created and provoked.

As petty cheating, it is just how can characterize the pathetic attempts of Russian special services to organize on the territory of European states the so-called “Rallies of memory for the deceased A. Zakharchenko.”

These clumsy attempts to whitewash themselves and show their innocence to the liquidation of the leader of the pseudo-republic only increase suspicions against Russian special services.

Today, any sensible person does not have a shadow of doubt about the involvement of Russian special services in the assassination of Zakharchenko. The liquidation of the terrorist was so expected and predictable that his demolition in the restaurant “Separ”, which was stuffed with technical assets for gathering of information and completely under the control of the FSB officers, did not surprise even “veterans of the militia of the DNR”.

But anybody was not expected such impudence and openness of actions from FSB officers, even their colleagues from the competing GRU, wishing to take control of all financial flows on the territory of Donbass, failed to respond in a timely and adequate manner to the assassination of Zakharchenko.

One way to distance themselves from the accusation of the Russian special services in involvement in the assassination was the active dissemination of calls for mass events and rallies in memory of the “untimely departed hero of the DNR” in social networks where accusations against Ukraine would be sounded. But not having received the proper support, the curators of the Russian special services were forced to draw up their own foreign intelligence apparatus and agents for organizing and holding their planned actions and events in the EU countries.

The strengths and opportunities were enough only for holding events in France and Italy!

At the same time, for the organization and holding of rallies, the staff of the intel station in France were forced to involve in participation in these actions not only their own agent apparatus, but also members of their families. And in Italy, Russian special services attracted representatives of the nonexistent “Venetian Republic” to participation in the actions “in memory” of Zakharchenko. In fact, they are separatists, ultra-rightists and freaks from public organizations, the “Council of the Venetian Republic”, the “Committee of Independent Venice”, the Movement of young citizens of Padova” and other  so-called “independent political and public” organizations.

We should to look more detail on the organizers and participants of the so-called “Mass events in memory of the untimely departed Zakharchenko” in Paris.

One of the direct organizers and participants of the rally was the close friend and confidant of the Russian Ambassador to France Alexei Menshov (third from right) the president-ataman of the Association des Cossacks de France Gennady Shmyrev (second from right).

Also, as a co-organizer and active participant of the so-called “A rally in memory of A. Zakharchenko” was the agent of the Russian special services, the founder and head of the “Committee of France-Donbass” Andre Michel Chanclu. This person is also a member of the staff committee of the anti-Ukrainian organization Novopole, and also the chief administrator of the group Les amis français de SPUTNIK NEWS.

Now we would like to dwell on ordinary participants of the “crowd” under the direct leadership of Alexei Menchov and Andre Chanclu.

Representatives of Russian special services in France have taken extraordinary measures to attract not only their direct agents from among the above mentioned cover organizations in France, but also their wives for the demonstrative mass of the rally under their supervision.

Yes! They involved their wives, who are in the so-called “Overseas diplomatic trip” with them!

Here are just the brightest moments of “social activity” of representatives of the beautiful half of the staff of the military attaché of the RF on the territory of France (staff of the GRU of the Russian Federation) during a rally dedicated to the “memory of the FSB killed” Zakharchenko.

This is the case when the wives of the intel officers of the Russian Federation were not just casual passers-by at this event, but they quite professionally performed the tasks of photo and video documenting the process of the rally and all actions of Gennady Shmyrev and André Chanclu.

While their husbands in full force were at their workplaces at the address: Paris, Longchamp Street, 131, and instead of spending the Saturday day with their families, they wrote “victorious” reports and reports to Moscow about the “mass” demonstration taking place in the center of Paris in memory of the “untimely departed hero of the DNR” and the patriot of the “Russian world” A. Zakharchenko.

In the photo below you can clearly see the most active wives of the staff of the Military attaché of the RF (staff of the GRU RF), who took part in the control and fixation of all actions of the participants and leaders of the so-called “Actions of memory on A. Zakharchenko”.

Cynicism and two-faced activity of Russian special services can be traced in everything. Starting from the false statements of the top leadership of the Russian Federation that “there is no Russian army in the Donbas” and ending with the activities of the special services of the Russian Federation under the cover of diplomatic missions abroad with the aim of organizing and holding anti-Ukrainian manifestations with a aim to general discrediting Ukraine in the eyes of the world community, attracting to these events their wives, relatives and friends.

All this can testify that the Russian leadership will continue to support the activities of terrorist forces in the east of Ukraine in the short term, without ceasing to use the mechanisms of hybrid influence in Europe.



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