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It became known who will be a participant in the propaganda concept "South Wind" in Crimea from Ukraine – IR coordinator

According to the IR group, on October 1-3, a conference “Development of Ukrainian Ukrainians’ Relations with Compatriots Abroad” will take place in the annexed Crimea within the framework of the Russian propaganda concept “South Wind”, which we already reported earlier.

After the announcement of the preliminary list of invited guests, the organizers of this event “corrected” it. At the moment, according to the IR group, it is planned to invite the following participants:

– Ruslan Bortnik – political scientist (Kiev);

– Dmitry Skvortsov – journalist (Kiev);

– Yevgeny Filindash – political scientist (Kiev);

– Miroslava Berdnik – journalist (Kiev);

– Dmitry Gubin – political scientist (Kharkov);

– Andrei Babitsky – journalist (Donetsk);

– Bogdan Bezpalko – Deputy Director of the Center of Ukrainian and Belarusian Studies of Moscow State University (Moscow);

– Evgeny Kopatko – sociologist (Moscow);

– Yuri Kot – journalist (Moscow).

IR coordinator Dmitry Tymchuk


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