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IR summary: the occupants prepare armed provocations in the Donbas

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Simultaneously with the intensified attempts by the Russian media and the Russian-controlled occupation administration in the Donbass media to tie the assassination of Zakharchenko by “the Ukrainian special operation team”, the occupiers intensely spread rumors about allegedly being prepared large-scale offensive of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Donbas at September 14 of this year.

According to the “version” of the invaders, the coming “offensive of the AFU” will look like this:

– The operation is allegedly being prepared in the form of simultaneous strikes in three directions and should be conducted up to 5 days (it is not clear where exactly this figure came from);

– For the operation, three strike groupings of the Joint forces allegedly have formed – in the direction of Dokuchaevsk, Gorlovka and Alchevsk. The heavy armored vehicles and artillery are in preparing positions; the AFU units have already received an additional ammunition and equipment;

– Also, according to the version of the militants, fully equipped and armed “eight battalions of the Right Sector” are being sent to the front;

– Ukrainian troops are transferred and concentrated under the cover of the training “Storm-2018”. The troops of the “second echelon” allegedly have already been instructed to be ready to go into combat on the 2-3rd day of the operation for its development and strengthening of the onsurge;

– Of course, some “NATO military” and “international mercenaries”, who “have already arrived” in the relevant headquarters and Command Posts of the Joint forces, will be in charge of supervising and controlling the “operation”;

“The core” of these fabrications of the occupants is constantly supplemented with various “details” – like “inflating the servicemen of the AFU with hatred to the population of Donbass and the militia”, or “joining of NATO units in the strike groups of the JF “, etc.

These rumors are disseminated with references to “the information from military intelligence of the DNR”. At the same time, actively engaged by the occupiers after the destruction of Zakharchenko, filtration and protective measures with searches of local population in various regions of the occupied territories, actively engaged by the occupiers after the assassination of Zakharchenko, add nervousness and tension to local citizens who are waiting for an “attack of the AFU” from day to day.

Characteristically, these rumors began to spread before the assassination of Zakharchenko, but the incident at the Separ café in Donetsk did not affect their intensity. On the contrary, after the liquidation of the “head of the DNR”, the dissemination of information about the “forthcoming attack of the AFU” acquired a more massive character. That, very likely, testifies about the existence and implementation of a target plan of command of the Russian occupation forces to actually provoke further escalation of hostilities in one or more areas of the JF operation with subsequent accusation of the Ukrainian authorities.

This can be confirmed by the fixed military activity of the occupation forces in the tactical zone directly adjacent to the line of demarcation, under the cover of a “school ceasefire”. For example:

– A new 4 guns battery of 122 mm cannon-howitzers of the D-30/30A type is fixed in the area east of Dokuchaevsk, already on the occupied firing position and prepared for an immediate opening of the fire;

– northeast of the White Kamenka, the artillery division (up to 8 units) of 122 mm self-propelled  guns of 2C1 type “Carnation”, deployed on firing positions, is fixed;

– The movement of tanks of the T-72 type (up to the company size) was fixed in the area of Vishnyovy Dol and Lobachevo. Another pair of similar tanks is trenched and disguised to the north of Novosvetlovskaya station;

– in the area south-west of Gorlovka between Ozeryanovka and Mikhailovka, a pair of mobile tactical SAMs of the 9K35 Strela-10 type deployed in positions (most likely, the invaders are trying to prevent the conduct of aerial reconnaissance by AFU, and the OSCE mission – in monitoring traffic on the site of road between Yasinovatoya and Gorlovka, passing directly near the front lines and used by militants as a lateral road).

– The invaders organized almost a round-the-clock observation of the movements in the units of the AFU from the neutral strip, defending on a number of sectors. Also, militants try to make sudden shelling of the front edge of the JF by the same raid groups;

– To complete its advanced units, the headquarters of “1st Army Corps DNR” used up to 900 people from its “reserves”, bringing their number to an average of 60% of the staff.

* * *

The command of the “3rd separate mechanized brigade of the 1st Army Corps DNR” states that they cannot keep a solid front around Gorlovka. For this reason, the invaders were forced to organize “fragmentary defense” at once in several sectors. In turn, the headquarters of the “1st Army Corps DNR” (OK “Donetsk”), by the instructions of the Russian command, are working out various options in the forced regime for actions in case of an aggravation in this region and the need for urgent assistance to units of the 3rd separate mechanized brigade. At the moment, “duty artillery facilities” have been identified, and the formation of several reserve groups on armored vehicles (up to a platoon)  has also begun by the occupiers, which are ready for the immediate movement and strengthening of advanced units from the number of the 3rd separate mechanized brigade and the reserve.

At the same time, the command of the occupiers in the “1st Army Corps DNR” and “2nd Army Corps LNR” is intensively trying to “mobilize” experienced drivers to complete the units. First of all, we are talking about those, who perform tasks near the front line.

In the “16th battalion of territorial defense of the 2nd Army Corps LNR”, the command of the militants was exported the “mutual benefit fund” to the territory of the Russian Federation (the so-called “slush fund” of the unit). For this reason, the wounded and sick militants of this unit have left without medication and the possibility of full treatment. At the present time, individual fighters of the 16th battalion of territorial defense (on the initiative of the militant with the call sign “Tea”) are trying to understand the situation with regard to the “slush fund” of the battalion.

The local residents express dissatisfaction with frequent searches and blockings the roads by occupants in Dokuchaevsk. At the same time, the militants try to complicate the gathering of information by the JF headquarters about the movements of the units of the occupation troops in the area of Dokuchaevsk.

“MGB LNR” reported to the leadership of “LNR” about the increased “pro-Ukrainian actions” in the settlements in the south of the occupied part of the Lugansk region (Dolzhansk, Antratsit, etc.). First of all, we are talking about multiple cases of tearing “flags of the LNR” from administrative buildings and in public places, followed by their demonstrative throwing into garbage cans or burning. Similar actions are held at night.

“Yasinovka Coke and Chemical Plant” (Makeyevka) operates at 30% of the total capacity. The staff of the company works only one week per month.

There is a low level of wages of medical workers (an average of about 8,500 rubles) in “DNR”. This situation leads to an outflow of staff and a shortage of medical workers, which is about 5,500 people at this time (over the past six months, 370 doctors have resigned).



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