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IR Summary: The occupants owe 1 billion rubles to the "state enterprises" of the occupied Donbas

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

The Russian-occupation troops in the Donbass continue to violate the so-called “school truce”. Over the past week, the average of daily number of shelling and armed provocations by the occupiers has increased from 20-25 up to 30-35 per day. In general, the enemy opens fire, provoking the advanced units of the JF to open a retaliatory fire, in order to reveal the system of organizing their fire cover and with the aim of recording and documenting the “firing from the AFU” for propaganda purposes.

A characteristic feature of shelling by the occupiers during the week was the active use of combat armored vehicles in first line; primarily infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers, episodically they use tanks. Another feature is the sharply differing level of professionalism among the various units of Russian occupation troops. If in one case of the shelling is a massive and targeted nature and therefore represents a real danger to the advanced units of the military and civilians living right near the front line, in a number of other cases – the enemy’s fire is clearly chaotic, uninvolved and extremely unprofessional.

A number of units and formations of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps are brought to increased combat readiness levels as part of the “command and staff drills” of the Russian occupying contingent in the Donbas (under the Russian drills “Vostok-2018”). What is characteristic, during the exercises, the invaders were primarily involved in the reserve units of the first stage and the main command and control units train in practice “to bring into battle” the basic reserves. The marches are marked on military grounds and training centers by a number of “battalion” level units from the structure of both Corps (in most cases – without the withdrawal of supply units and with a minimum of ammunition).

The active improvement of the defense line by the invaders on the flanks of the Stakhanov-Alchevsk “balcony” is noted. Thus, in the area south of Kalinovo, as well as in the Stepovoe, Smeloe and Sentyanovka areas, the enemy is equipped new concealed positions, both in the first line and in the second echelon. In addition, between the Krutaya Gora and Veselaya Gora, including the Raevka area, as well as to the south of Stanitsa Luganskaya (area of Nikolaevka), the invaders are strengthen their stronghold points with additional firearms (AGS), as well as mine-blasting fences.

During the previous day, two columns of 15-20 vehicles of various types (mostly tented Urals) were fixed on the highway H-21, as well as the transportation of 4 tanks of the T-72B3 type by the low bed tracks to the southern direction, from Shakhtersk to Amvrosievka or to Manuilovka.

One 4-gun battery of 122-mm D-30/30A cannon-howitzers was fixed at the position to the north-west of the Vetryaki in the direction of the Vesyoloe. Moreover, the invaders tried to camouflage them from detection from the air, using the camouflage net.

During the month, the command of the 100th brigade and the 11th separate mechanized regiment is conducting work on the selection of “military personnel” for “retraining for new equipment” in these units. What kind of equipment is at issue – at the moment it is unknown. However, judging by the fact that the majority of the selected are artillerymen and mortar men, this is clearly an artillery system, which should be brought to the occupation forces in the Donbass from the Russian Federation.

After the blasts in number of sections of the demarcation line, local residents accused the command of the Russian occupation forces in the hidden mining of the terrain. But the occupation authorities accused the AFU of “illegal” mining of the area, with the sending of relevant documents to the OSCE. Nevertheless, the local residents continue to blow up by the IED with the use of Russian grenades.

A number of “special” units of the “1st Army Corps DNR” were actually paralyzed due to the process of “reformatting” from the “elite” and “personal” guards of the “leaders of the DNR” into simple infantry units (cannon fodder) of the 1st Army Corps (OC “Donetsk “). The first in this list was the “Legion” unit from the “MES”. The next in line for the “reorganization” is the Republican Guard (the 100th Brigade) and the 11th separate mechanized regiment (the command is loyal to Khodakovsky).

The invaders from the “3rd separate mechanized brigade of the 1st Army Corps DNR” (Gorlovka) are experiencing serious problems with the supply of equipment and property to the advanced units. The fact that they have to buy the vast majority of the uniform and equipment from their “salary” does not even cause an internal protest among the militants. But recently there have been problems with supplies of protective equipment (helmets, bullet-proof vests), as well as such basic things as harness, magazine cases for small arms, etc.

The 3rd and 5th separate mechanized brigades, the 11th separate mechanized regiment and a number of “separate battalions” received reinforcements in the amount of up to 320-325 people for completing. The overwhelming number of reinforcement is local residents, but also there are “volunteers from Russia”. The replenishment was preliminarily trained at a number of brigades and battalion training centers, and already distributed by subunits and is “specializing” in selected (appointed) posts.

At the moment, CJSC Vneshtorgservice (Kurchenko-FSB) has formed debts to the “state enterprises of the DNR” (previously “grabbed” under the cover of “nationalization”) in the amount of about 1 billion rubles.



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