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IR summary: occupants introduced a "special condition" south of Donetsk


Over the last week period, the intensity of fire strikes on the positions of Ukrainian troops and settlements on the territory controlled by Ukraine from the side of the Russian occupation forces in the Donbas remained high. In total, artillery units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the operational group of the Russian occupation forces carried out more than 250 artillery raids (over the past week period – about 300) by 122 mm artillery systems, 82/120 mm mortars, 122 mm portable launchers “Grad-P”, BMPs and tanks.

The most intense fire strikes were inflicted by the enemy on the positions of Ukrainian troops and civilian objects in the vicinity of settlements: the Krymskoe, Luganskoe, Novoluganskoe, Pavlopol, Gnutovo, Vodyanoe, Lebedinskoe, Svetlodarsk and Shirokino.

Over the past few days, the bulk of the shelling has taken place in a number of sectors – the JF positions on the right bank of the Severskiy Donets River in the area of ​​the Bakhmut highway (south of Novotoshkovka, right up to Krymskoe and Sokolniki); area of Popasnoe and surroundings; “Svetlodarsk arc” (mostly south of Luganskoe and Svetlodarsk itself); the vicinity of Gorlovka from the western, northern and north-eastern directions; the area adjacent to Dokuchaevsk and the area south of Styla; Mariupol direction – from Pavlopol and its surroundings to the coast of the Azov Sea in the area of ​​Shirokino.

The intensity of air reconnaissance by the enemy remains high. In the period from September 18 to September 24 this year, 12 reconnaissance flights of the UAV of the RF Armed Forces are recorded, including 7 flights of the UAV “Orlan-10”, which were carried out a call in the operational-tactical depth of the defense of the Joint Forces. Also during the week, the occupant stepped up the ground reconnaissance – EW, observation from the neutral strip, the special operation teams (both as reconnaissance groups and with diversionary targets directly at the front line and in the nearest tactical rear of the JF).

Within the framework of the unified plan of the Southern Military District of the RF Armed Forces, the combat training, as well as command and staff exercises on offensive and counter-offensive subjects, conduct with units and subunits of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the operational grouping of the Russian occupation forces at the Tsentralniy, Udarnyi, Glavniy, Predovoy, Udaloy and Primorskiy training ranges. At the same time there is an increase in the intensity of inspections of combat readiness and training of duty forces of 1st and 2nd Army Corps.

Within the framework of combat training of artillery units of 1st Army Corps (“OC” Donetsk “), special attention is paid to the issues of fire damage to sea targets.

To ensure the terrorist activities of units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the operational grouping of the Russian occupation forces, about 1500 tons of petroleum products (railway station Rovenky and Krasnaya Mogila) were delivered from the territory of Russia, during the period from September 18 to September 24 this year. The command of both “Army Corps” continues to carry out measures to accumulate the material and technical resources necessary for conducting combat operations. Attempts are being made to create own fuel stocks in significant volumes in a number of brigades of the 1st Army Corps and to allocate for this purpose a certain amount of fuel from the current supply coming from the Russian Federation. In the 2nd Army Corps, the Corps command tries to create several “storage points” (warehouses) in the Lugansk area for the accumulation of ammunition of the most expendable calibers and types – mines for mortars (both calibers), 122 mm artillery shells, 125 mm tank shells and etc.

The active movement of heavy weapons is being recorded in the occupied territory of the Donbass. At the same time, the procedures for camouflaging and concealing such are universally ignored or executed formally by the occupants, that clearly indicates a drop in the level of performing discipline in the middle and junior command chain.

A number of measures are being taken to regroup and strengthen the units and subunits occupying the “first line”. In particular:

– The mortar detachment of the enemy deployed in disguised and scattered fire positions (6 units of 82-mm mortars of type 2B14 “Tray”) is fixed between Azov and Sakhanka;

– To the north of Pervomaisk, the occupants are actively engaged in the engineering upgrading of the positions of a number of OPs (several positions have been equipped for the combat armored vehicles, heavy grenade launchers, mortars and heavy machine guns); in separate areas between the Molodezhnoe and Berezovskoe, the enemy is actively and secretly installing mine explosive obstacles;

– South of Donetsk (from Styla to the coast), the occupants introduced a “special condition” in the first and second line. Their units continue to be in high alert in this sector, reserve groups are advanced to the front line. The movement of vehicles (including transport of the CMM OSCE) is limited;

– Last week, the occupants worked out the interaction of the motorized rifle battalion with the attached tanks and artillery in the area of Shimshinovka. The exercises were conducted in the form of an offensive with combat firing. Approximately 40 armored vehicles, 12 guns of barrel artillery and mortar battery of 120-mm mortars were involved;

– The occupants equip vehicles (mostly Kamaz) with mobile mortar sets in a number of brigades of the 1st Army Corps. The mortar is installed in the back of the truck with a mount that allows to fire directly from the body of truck. It’s talking about 82-mm mortars 2B14 “Tray”.

In Makeevka, the “units of the Ministry of the Interior of DPR” are in a barracks position (the reason is still unclear) for quite a long time, which causes openly expressed discontent of the “policemen” with the fact that they have to be on duty around the clock at the checkpoints and be in the disposal of the units, without any explanations of the reasons from the leadership.

In accordance with the reports of the “MGB LPR”, some “unidentified Ukrainian special operation teams” blow up cars at night in Lugansk and Dubovoe (formerly Komsomolskiy) – both military and civilian, and the account already goes to 10 units of motor transport. The leadership of “LNR” “categorically demands” to take “effective measures for identification and neutralization” of these “Ukrainian special operation teams” from “MGB” and “law enforcers”.

Simultaneously, explosions of grenades were recorded in several places on the territory controlled by the “DPR”. Almost all cases are on account of “militia veterans” in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication.




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