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Getting rid of inconvenient puppet or imitation of death: IR coordinator names versions of Donetsk blast

The Kremlin needs a less odious figure, without a trace of embezzlement and involvement in shelling of civilians, that’s according to a military columnist, coordinator of the Information Resistance OSINT group Yuriy Karin, who commented on DPR leader Alexander Zakharchenko’s murder.

According to the IR coordinator, the incident explains Putin’s future plans to bring to power in Ukraine a pro-Russian president and organize direct talks with Kremlin puppets in Donbas, Karin told Segodnya.

Why did they kill him? To ensure dialogue with the pro-Russian president of Ukraine, this is what Russia is trying to achieve, so that they can happily strike a deal and have the occupied territories return to the bosom of Ukraine in the format of Chechen funding,” Karin said.

In addition, the IR coordinator does not rule out the version of the struggle for territory between the FSB and GRU (military intelligence), as a result of which Zakharchenko was “removed”, and also suggests Zakharchenko was murdered in blood feud.

The fact that Surkov’s crony is killed already raises questions: the FSB is in a clash with the GRU over Donbas … Or perhaps it’s some local ‘bloodshed’ and another redistribution of assets,” says the IR coordinator.

Karin adds that the incident could have been “staged.”

“It could be a simulation of death, and soon Zakharchenko will continue to live peacefully somewhere in ‘friendly’ unrecognized states, rogue states or in places where… Yanukovich and Plotnitsky are staying,” the observer says.



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