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Strangled nerve of the Russian army: the new evidence of the illegal presence of the regular Russian troops in DNR and LNR, – IR

The main rule of the Kremlin liars is to deny everything. Let’s recall the main narrative of Moscow: “All of you attribute aggression against Ukraine to us, but we are not there, and no one has really presented real evidence of the opposite, only some speculations and guesses”.

But in the age of information technology, everything secret becomes clear. The “Information Resistance” group has repeatedly provided irrefutable evidence of the participation of the regular servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces in aggression against Ukraine.

This time we pinched the nerve of the Russian army. Namely – we revealed the locations of the troops of the RF Armed Forces in the occupied territories of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk regions. We are talking about the newest stations of encrypted communication, which are in service exclusively for Russian military.

The map shows the location of the terminals of the mobile complexes of the protected video-conference communication (MC PVCC), and the exact location coordinates of the stations are indicated in the tables.

As of April 2018, at least 18 mobile stations were operated in the satellite communications network of the Russian Armed Forces. Five of them were based on the territory of Ukraine, which was occupied by the Russian Federation, four in the DNR and LNR (Novoazovsk and Yasinovataya, Donetsk region, Kruglik and Kamenka, Lugansk region) and one in Crimea (Sevastopol).

As of the beginning of June, the number of mobile stations in the satellite communications network of the RF Armed Forces was reduced to 10, three of them were in the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia – in the Novoazovsk and Vasilievka of the Donetsk region, Hrustalniy in Lugansk region.

We have to note that the satellite communication is used most intensive for organizing of unit’s communication outside the bases of permanent deployment, in this case, in the place of accomplishment of combat missions on the territory of Ukraine and Syria. Communication with the help of MC PVCC is organized by the control unit of the Armed Forces of the RF not lower than the brigade level.

In the Russian Army, satellite communications with units, including those performing tasks outside the Russian Federation, are provided by the 14th Main Communication Center of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces (Moscow). The mobile satellite communications terminals in its arsenal have the same type of equipment (type “Auriga”) and operate through a common frequency pool: 1 hub station and 16 subscriber channels of the Russian repeater satellite Yamal-402 (55E).

And here is a very interesting detail. MC PVCC will not be able to exploit by a tractor driver or miner, but even a mine surveyor. This is a product of the Russian defense industry, which cannot be found in the mines of Donbass, since it has been put into service exclusively for the Russian Army. It has special software and cryptographic protection systems. This satellite communication terminal can be operated only by specially trained servicemen of the RF Armed Forces with the appropriate level of access to work with cryptographic equipment. And as you understand, the transfer of such equipment to an alcoholic from LNR and DNR is even theoretically impossible according to the requirements of secrecy …



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