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IR summary: "MGB DNR" launched a "witch hunt" in the educational institutions of “DNR”

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

During the last week period, units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of operational group of Russian occupying forces in Donbas carried around 200 fire raids (last week – more than 220) by 122/152-mm artillery systems, 82/120-mm mortars, 122 mm mobile reactive launchers “Grad-P”, infantry fighting vehicles and tanks. The most intense fire strikes of the enemy were inflicted on the positions of Ukrainian troops near the Orekhovoe, Krymskoe, Novotoshkovskoe, Zolotoe, Luganskoe, Pivdenne, Troitskoe, Svetlodarsk, Avdeevka, Opytnoe, Peski, Novotroitskoye, Bogdanovka, Starognatovka, Talakovka, Lebedinskoe, Pavlopol, Gnutovo, Lomakino, Vodyanoe and Shirokino. Also, the enemy shelled the Ukrainian Armed Forces from small arms in the Stanitsa Luganskaya area on 15 and 16 June this year, which is a violation of the agreement on the cultivation of forces in this area.

According to the directive of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, units and subunits of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the Russian occupation forces have been transferred to the enhanced mode of service, and the artillery and air defense units on duty are in an increased level of combat readiness during the period of holding the World Cup in Russia from June 14 to July 15 this year.

The intensity of air reconnaissance by the enemy remains high. In the period from 12 to 18 June this year, 45 reconnaissance flights of the UAV of the RF Armed Forces are recorded, including 11 flights of the Orlan-10 UAV, which were conducted with the flights to the operational-tactical depth of the defense of the Joint forces. The enemy focused on the opening of the control system, clarifying the operational situation, as well as identifying changes in the combat order and the location of the reserves of the Joint forces.

The activities of the EW maneuvering groups of the enemy are noted, and special activity is in the vicinity of the settlements Bryanka and Donetsk.

For fire destruction of JF, the enemy actively involved artillery units from the 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the operational group of the Russian occupation forces. At the same time, in order to increase the effectiveness of the defeat of the personnel of our troops, the enemy began to intensively use artillery shells with radio fuzes, which carry out the blasting of the shell directly above the target.

Within the summer training period, in accordance with the unified plan of the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation, the units and subunits of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps are conducted  classes of tactical-special and fire training at the Vostochny, Predovoy, Udarny, Centralniy, Udaloy, Yuzhny and Primorskiy military grounds.

In the period from 12 to 18 June this year, confirmed losses of Russian occupation forces in the Donbass are 8 people:

1st Army Corps – 9th separate assault mechanized regiment of naval infantry (Novoazovsk) – 5 servicemen, 3rd separate mechanized brigade (Gorlovka) – 2 servicemen.

2nd Army Corps – 4th separate mechanized brigade (Alchevsk) – 1 serviceman.

To ensure the activities of units and subunits of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the operational grouping of the Russian occupation forces, about 1,200 tons of petroleum products and 200 tons of ammunition were delivered from the territory of Russia to the railway stations Rovenky and Ilovaysk in the period from 12 to 18 June this year.

According the reports and actions of the “MGB DNR”, a large-scale special operation was conducted by the invaders in the area of Styla-Starobeshevo-Boykovskoye to search for the Ukrainian special operation team (as the report says, “possibly with the participation of local residents”). According to the “MGB” data, this special operation team “is monitoring the location of military units” and is going to “commit acts of sabotage and terrorist attacks on the objects of the social and economic infrastructure of the district”. It is alleged that the group has transport and explosives.

The Command of the 1st Army Corps “DNR” (OC Donetsk) finally reacted to the numerous facts of the conflicts of the occupants with the patrols of the OSCE observers. The “Corps command” demanded to stop the practice of “bullying” against representatives of an international organization, especially with the use of weapons. Personnel departments are instructed to conduct “sensitization work among personnel” on “cooperation with the OSCE”, with the reservation that it is necessary to restrict the provision of information, which could be “transferred by the OSCE representatives” to the command of the Joint forces. However, the bulk of cases of aggression against the CMM OSCE by the occupiers are precisely to the confidence of the latter that OSCE representatives are allegedly “spies of the AFU”.

The command of the 2nd Army Corps “LNR” demanded from the commanders of a number of units of the 4th separate mechanized brigade to “cease the practice of admission to the positions of unauthorized persons”. As it turned out, in the course of sudden inspections of the positions of the occupants of this brigade, “female unauthorized persons ” were found who could not explain the purpose of their stay in the places where the units performed combat missions. Also in the course of the inspection, there were recorded cases of “opening an indiscriminate fire towards the enemy (AFU) by the personnel of the unit in a state of alcohol intoxication”. In this regard, the command categorically demanded to stop the practice of “accepting all sorts of unauthorized persons, especially with drinking alcohol and photographing amid of positions”.

Among the occupiers of the “special forces” units of the 1st Army Corps “DNR” actively heard a rumor that “the AFU got American devices that identify a person for 300-400 meters at night and in the day, even in shelters and in the folds of the terrain”, and the infiltration through “zero land” is supposedly looks to suicide.

The command of the 2nd Army Corps “LNR” states once again about the shortage of medical workers in units and subunits at the front line, as well as “the primitiveness of the evacuation system of the wounded and the provision of first aid”. The report states that in case of intensified hostilities and a sharp increase in the number of wounded, a catastrophic situation may arise for the above reasons. It is stated that without the use of resources of local civilian medical institutions, even battles of medium intensity can cause the collapse of this system. The shortage is not only staff with special skills and knowledge, but also transport, medical equipment and medicines.

The staff of the “MGB DNR” together with the representatives of the “Ministry of Education of the DNR” significantly stepped up measures to identify “potentially unreliable” teachers of educational institutions in the occupied areas of the Donetsk region. First of all, they check the teachers who visit the territory controlled by Ukraine or have relatives there. There are rumors among the educators in the “DNR” that these measures are caused by a significant decrease in the level of support for the leaders of the occupation Russian administration and the actions of the Russian Federation in the “DNR”, especially among young people, namely, students of secondary and higher educational institutions in the “DNR”.

The AP of RF estimated the work of the head of the “Russian Center of Science and Culture in Kiev” (representation of Rossotrudnichestvo) K.P. Vorobyov as unsatisfactory. Such an assessment is caused by the incapacity of this leader to deploy effective pro-Russian programs aimed at discrediting state power in Ukraine, especially on the eve of the start of the election campaign in the country. Currently, the question of the possible recall and dismissal of K.P. Vorobyov is being considered.



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