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Tomasz Maciechuk: a new legend for the old agent

Two months after the first attempts of the SVR of the Russian Federation to launch a new project on the direction of further antagonization and radicalization of Ukrainian-Polish relations, the creation of the “International Anti-Bandera Movement” was completed and the intensification of its activities, including in Poland was launched. This Russian special service, which for many years has been responsible for this area of activity – Polish radical organizations of the right and left – has not actually changed the algorithm.

The long-awaited deportation

On May 3, the Russian information space “exploded” with the news that the “Polish journalist” and “Russophobe” Tomasz Maciechuk – recently a permanent participant in propaganda shows on Russian TV channels – was deported from Russia and got the exclusion for 30 years.

The Dozhd television channel reported that Maciechuk published a photo of the document stating that he was banned from entering Russia until April 10, 2048. According to him, the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation considered that he had “been illegally in Russia and did not leave the country in proper time”.

Before this, on the evening of May 2, TASS reported about the detention of the “Polish journalist” in Domodedovo, citing a source in Russian law enforcement agencies. He was not allowed to enter Domodedovo airport when passing passport control to Russia, because he “is persona non grata for participating in the armed conflict in the Donbass on the side of Ukrainian nationalists and desecrating the graves of Soviet fighters.”

Senator Alexei Pushkov called this the right decision to expel “Polish journalist” Tomasz Maciechuk from Russia with a ban on entry into the country for 30 years: “The scandal man and Russophobe Maciechuk is banned from entering Russia until 2048. This is a right decision. And he’s not a “Polish journalist,” but simply an impostor “.

And some Russian media immediately began to “sculpt” the necessary “heroic biography” of “Russophobe”, “pro-Ukrainian volunteer on time Maidan and ATO” for Maciechuk.

SVR in action

This development of events, the IR was supposed to happen in March this year, when suddenly, on February 27, Maciechuk was “detained” for violating the migration rules for staying in the Russian Federation in his apartment in Mytishchi and when a “multivalued message” flew that the Pole would deported soon.

Also, it was noted that the SVR had prepared a new legend for Maciechuk – a “political refugee from Russia” for work in his native Poland and another episode in the stormy biography of the Pole.

All this took place after the entry into force of the law about the National Memory Institute, also known as the “anti-Bandera” law in Poland, as well as the creation of “The international anti-Bandera movement” by Dmitry Ermolaev, a Russian journalist and editor-in-chief of the Russian weekly “Rossiyskiye Vesti”, employee of the SVR and curator of Maciechuk.

According to media reports, in 2002-2005 Dmitry Ermolaev worked in the Russian Embassy in Latvia in the rank of the third secretary and was identified by the Bureau for the Protection of the Satversme (Satversmes aizsardzības birojs, SAB), as an employee of the SVR of the Russian Federation under cover.

The co-chairmen of the “international anti-Bandera movement” became another Russian SVR agent, Latvian political scientist and journalist Andrei Tatarchuk, known for his numerous pro-Russian actions under the clear leadership of Yermolayev, as well as their joint detention by Moldova special services last year at the Chisinau airport when they were heading for Transnistria , and, of course, Tomasz Maciechuk.

The task of the “international anti-Bandera movement”, in the opinion of its above-mentioned founders and their “maternal structure”, should be the fight against “anti-humanist misanthropic Bandera ideology”, worldwide condemnation and ban on the activities of “pro Bandera organizations”, recognition of the “Volyn massacre as genocide”.

And in the future, the main activity of the “international anti-Bandera movement” its founders suggest “to destruct of Bandera ideology” in Ukraine …

According to the plan

According to the mentioned above information, Maciechuk will most likely return to Poland for support the “anti-Bandera law”, intensify anti-Ukrainian activities and antagonize the Polish-Ukrainian relations in the ranks of his native “Phalanx” or with other Polish radicals around the “international anti-Bandera movement” as a prominent “Russophobe” and “independent true speaker”, who suffered from Russian repression, but fiercely hating “Bandera” and Ukrainians.

Yes, it is the same “Phalanx” that loudly declared itself in Poland immediately after the beginning of Russian aggression in the Donbass, in the field of anti-Ukrainian activities and propaganda, and extreme anti-Americanism, and support for the firm course of President Putin.

The members of this organization, amid active anti-Ukrainian hysteria in Ukrainian-Hungarian relations, were detained by Polish law enforcers recently for the arson in the office of the Society of Hungarian Culture in Uzhgorod on February 4.

The fact that the provocation with the “Molotov cocktail”, which added problems to the relations between Ukraine and Hungary, conducted by foreigners, and not by Ukrainian nationalists, what the Russian and Hungarian media tried to tell about, it became known soon after the arson, and on February 21 were named specific names of the arsonists – members of the “Phalanx”: 21-year-old Adrian Marglevsky from Krakow and 25-year-old Tomas Rafal Shimkovyak from Bydgoszcz.

As previously reported, the leader of the “Phalanx” is Bartosh Becker, as well known as the editor-in-chief of the portal of this organization – xportal.pl. He is a young graduate of political science who also sympathizes with Putin and NATO opponent.  He, like Maciechuk, seems to be an “independent journalist”, which is not surprising, because at one time Maciechuk was one of the founders of the mentioned above portal.

As was noted earlier by the IR, it is clear that Ukraine and Poland are waiting for the next round of the “hybrid war” from the Kremlin, especially after the prolongation of Putin’s power in the March 18 elections. Understanding that Putin has got carte blanche for next 6 years, Warsaw, Kiev, and the EU countries already need to look for joint mechanisms to counter the Russian “hybrid aggression”, especially to limit the destructive influence of Russian special services and their many-sided accomplices.

P.S. Immediately after return of Maciechuk to Poland, Dmitry Yermolayev had already transferred this character to a new “battlefield” by posting on his Facebook page the post: “I’ll simply post a link to the article of the co-chairman of the international anti-Bandera movement Maciechuk about the film “Volyn”, with the addition of an his article ”Volyn”: a movie about the past that cannot be forgotten, “whose context is not difficult to guess given one of the above tasks of the” international anti-Bandera movement “- the recognition of” Volyn massacre as a genocide”.



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