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Psychic Attack of the Kamikaze of Russian Intelligence in France

We must admit that the coordinated policy of the United States, France and other North Atlantic allies give logical results on the field of confrontation between the civilized international community and the aggressive policies of Putin’s regime.

Hybrid “unknown” green men of Putin, but actually fighters of the special forces of the Russian army and the mercenaries of Putin’s cook Prigozhin, which first appeared in the Ukrainian Crimea, then brazenly invaded the Donbass and Luhansk regions of Ukraine and went to the Syria, Iraq and even Africa, got a deadly rebuff. Firstly, they got it in Ukraine, and then in Syria. It seems that the continuation follows.

It is equally important that the heirs of the unforgettable Nazi nationalist Goebbels – the Russian propagandists with their sabotage multilingual channels “Sputnik”, fake Internet bots and hackers – got a proper rebuff.

The Russian spies are next, who in an incredible amount have bred in the comfortable Western countries, and who have to justify their comfortable existence before the center and main spy Putin. And they try. It’s clear that it’s brainless, because Russian residences in the US, Britain, France and other countries of the attractive West are simply filled up with silver-spooners and henchmen of Russia’s current ruling power. The result is obvious. It was the series of failures in the US with Russian “diplomats” and spies such as Anna Chapman, and some of them were deported. Others, like Ukrainophob Churkin, died right on the workplace after scolding out of the center. His successor continues to dance on the same rake, complaining that he is avoided in every possible way by any official and simply decent citizens of the United States.

Obviously, the conditions for work have become stiffer, and the bosses are more demanding. The new “achievements” of Russian spies were the failed operations of influence during the elections of the presidents of the United States and France. In the US, the unfortunate Russian resident spies and their company came under the FBI’s rigid rink and they can only remember the happy Gorbachev-perestroika years now.

In France, everything is much more complicated. Traditionally Russophile country could not believe that the Russian regime would embark on a path of direct confrontation and discrediting the top leadership of the French Republic. One thing is an armed attack of the Russian regime of Putin on Ukraine and a large-scale hybrid information and propaganda campaign to justify aggression using Russian spy resources in France with its local drain cisterns of disinformation, and another thing is a direct attack on the French elite.

No one could believe in the Elysee Palace that Ukraine is not a private case of the “mysterious Russian soul”, but it was a warm-up before the attack on the West. Russian intelligence used dirty technology to denigrate the current president of France, E. Macron by the command from the center (Moscow-Kremlin-Putin).

At the same time, it’s incredible that practically all the forces and resources of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Russia (in the home – the SVR of the Russian Federation), its residency with spies and agents of influence work to destabilize France and other EU countries now.

However, the poisoning of defector Skripal and his daughter by the weapons of mass destruction right in the center of the Western world, in the UK, seems to have opened the eyes of the Western elite on the real essence of the Putin regime. One of the methods of counteraction was a very effective tool – the expulsion of Russia’s espionage from these countries.

France also has expelled Russian spies. In particular, the unfortunate intelligence officers under the cover of the head of the economic mission at the Russian Embassy in France, consuls in Strasbourg and Marseilles went to home.

However, the Kremlin center obviously started another fight. Russian spies of foreign intelligence in France were given the command to rally the ranks, to activate, to involve literally everyone, even half-wits, just adventurers and extremists and rush into a psychic attack on the chosen aims in France. Probably, it was considered in the Kremlin that this is the “last and decisive battle”, so it is not worth taking into account losses of spies.

And numerous Russophile organizations and structures in France are beginning another wave of propaganda attacks against the ruling elite, the EU and, of course, Ukraine now.

One of such “events” of the RF SVR is the so-called anti-Ukrainian, anti-European “conference” disguised as an innocent cultural meeting, on May 4 this year in Strasburg under the schizophrenic-hypocritical title “How we reached it” (“Comment en sommes- nous arrivés là “). It’s unclear who we are and, most importantly, where did we come?

It should be noted that the event is organized tastefully, right in the Strasbourg restaurant Mandala. For all those interested, including French counterintelligence agents, we inform you about address 67000, 14 rue du Faubourge de saverne, pre-registration of participants to the email address [email protected], which belongs to the spy roof and at the same time to the organizer of the “conference” – the nonprofit association Cercle du Bon Sens. It is interesting that what will be served? As they taught in the academy SVR – “war by war, and lunch on schedule,” maybe the last time. According to some reports, the “conference” is planned to be submitted in the form of a “democratic literary evening-debate with tea”. Only tea? It is maybe the code word for conspiracy from the Kremlin bosses. After all, economic sanctions are in the center, and delicacies will be served in teapots.

The central figure of the event is declared Belgian Ukrainophobe, an anti-European, known in narrow specific law-enforcement circles, and at the same time a drain of Russian misinformation on the content of the RF SVR, a “science fiction writer”, and also an expert with a strange profession, an anarchist lawyer, Eric Cusas. As a writer, this fiction writer is extraordinarily productive, although so far only his one “philosophical novel” with the claim title “Coeur de chrétien” (“The Heart of Christianity”) is known.

In this so-called “novel”, negative images of two French presidents – E. Macron and F. Hollande – were created for the purpose of misinformation, which incidentally falls under the legal effect of the French law of July 29, 1881 “Loi sur la liberte de la presse” (“About freedom of the press”), the electoral code of France “Le Code electoral” and the law of France No. 2004-575 of June 21, 2004 “Pour la confété dans l’economie numerique” (about trust in digital economy “). Let’s note once again, the legislation of France has already been deliberately violated by E. Kusas for the purpose of misinformation and anti-French propaganda, which provides for criminal punishment.

This time, he was instructed by SVR to substantiate the thesis that the policy of European integration of French President E. Macron is wrong, and it must be countered with the help of Russia, there is no Russian aggression against Ukraine and Western countries and, in general, Ukraine is a problem for creation of great Europe according to Putin’s plan.

However, let’s return to the organizer – the spy roof of the RF SVR Association “Cercle du Bon Sens”. It is known that this “association” is founded and headed by a Russian illegal agent Anna Gichkina, “Doctor of Philosophy in Literature and History”. Attention for French counterintelligence, this “madam” first appeared in France in 2011 as an owner of a commercial enterprise “Gichkina Stich Anna”. Although under the laws of France, this hybrid “entrepreneur-philosopher” had the right to engage in only commerce, which categorically excludes engaging in propaganda and politics, but the giddy Madame Gichkina started to be extremely active in politics and propaganda, pro-Russian of course.

By the instructions from the center, in order to intensify efforts in March 2017, the already well-known association Cercle du Bon Sens was founded with the main objective of “combating disinformation about Russia in France”. And the struggle began. Already on September 22 of that year in Strasbourg, Madam Gichkina, along with another similar pro-Russian “association” called “Ouest-Est” (leader N.Mirkovich) conducted an anti-NATO “colloquium” “OTAN: protection ou menace potentielle?” (“NATO: protection or a potential threat? “). It is clear that it was proved that NATO is a threat for France and Europe, and “Russia defends itself against NATO” by the method of brazen aggression in Ukraine.

On October 21, 2017, in the same favorite for Russian spies Strasbourg, “Madame” together with the fake “Donetsk Franco-Russian Institute of the DNR”, created by the money of the special services of the Russian Federation, held a round table of anti-Ukrainian orientation “Plumes d’Octobre rouge” (“Red Feathers of October”). I do not know what feathers there were, but they poured tea again and argued that “there is no Ukrainian nation and state”.

In November 15, 2017 was a new “event”. This time it was the proclamation by Gichkina and the Russian agent Fayyar of plans for a fake anti-Ukrainian “official representation of the DNR” in France to develop a network of these so-called “branches of the DNR” throughout France, including in Strasbourg.

It is known that on April 21, 2018, “Madame” was about to say something on the topic “Where is Russia going?” (“Où va la Russie?”) with the goal of laundering the dirty image of Russia, as a result of the Russian regime’s crimes in Ukraine and Syria.

As we see, the theme of the “way” is very popular between Putin’s agents. And this is not a pun. It is already clear that they have only one way – to prison for espionage and sabotage or worse, as Chapman, – to Putin’s homeland.

Another activity of the RF SVR is the publication of the propaganda book “Un russe nommé Poutine” by Elena Perru, who positions herself as a “Russian Frenchwoman or vice versa”, and in fact, another paid, mediocre design of the Kremlin’s propaganda opuses. This “creation” of Russian propagandists, full of disinformation and fakes, began to spread in France in April 2018.

It’s interesting that she talks about herself in a bit simplistic way, that as a child she lived in the USSR and watched the TV show “I Serve the Soviet Union”. Then she worked as an adviser to President Shirak. From 2005 to 2008, she headed the French Institute in St. Petersburg, and from 2014 she was a consultant on issues related to the themes “Russia-France”. Now we speak about the real essence of these “events” of the RF SVR. It is foolish that the last agents of influence and the organizations of covering up the illegal spy activity of the Russian SVR in France are destroyed in the sight of the French special services. However, it is possible to understand Russian spies, under pain of severe punishment or even worse, early return to the Russian Federation – the leadership demands active and visible efforts.

Of course, another option is possible: “Putin’s multi-move”. In this case, they can to save the currency that unnecessary agents of the SVR spent during waste “tea”. This currency can be transferred to more loyal representatives of the Federal Security Service of Russia or Rosgvardia, who have already acquired their own intelligence and ready for actions.

We advise to the French authorities to carefully look at Putin’s agents. After all, they are not only in the SVR, but also in other special services. And they not drink only tea. And there are many other Russophile organizations in France, often with innocently-childish, cultural and religious names.

For example, the Consulate General of Russia in the same Strasbourg, in violation of international law and the laws of France, with the help of another “association of Russian culture of Strasbourg”, actively conducts activities to draw French citizens into the criminal legalization of the Ukrainian Crimea under the guise of literary readings. In particular, the State Institute of Russian Language named after A.S. Pushkin organized an illegal visit of French teachers and schoolchildren to participate in the International competition on the Russian language in camp Artek in 2017, and is involved in organizing another illegal “festival” in Artek in July 2018.

In this context, amid of complete disregard for the legitimacy by the Russian structures, it is not surprising that there were massive and fierce riots in Paris on May 1 this year when a large aggressive group of unknown extremists, dressed in all black and masked their faces under the masks, joined into the May Day demonstration of peaceful demonstrators.



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