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IR summary: the occupants equip a new battalion defense area in Mariupol direction

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Over the past week, the intensity of fire strikes on the positions of Ukrainian troops and settlements on the territory controlled by Ukraine remained high. In total, units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the operational group of the Russian occupying forces carried out more than 270 artillery raids (about 370 last week) from 122/152-mm artillery systems, 82/120-mm mortars, 122-mm portable rocket launchers ” Grad-P, BMPs and tanks.

The most intense fire strikes were inflicted by the enemy on the positions of Ukrainian troops in the vicinity of the settlements of the Krymskoe, Zarya, Troitskoe, Lugansk, Staraya Nikolaevka, Shumy, Rassadki, Travnevoe, Pivdennoe, Novgorodskoe, Butovka mine, Nevelskoye, Novoselovka Vtoraya Avdeevka, Opytnoe, Marinka Novotroitskoye, Novognatovka, Bogdanovka, Granitnoye, Pavlopol, Chermalyk, Talakovka, Vodyanoe, Lebedinskoe and Shirokino.

The enemy actively used both regular and duty artillery units from the 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the operational group of the Russian occupation forces.

The intensity of air reconnaissance by the enemy in order to detect changes in the combat order of the Joint Forces remains high. 47 reconnaissance flights of the UAV of the RF Armed Forces are recorded in the period from 22 to 29 May this year, including 8 flights of the Orlan-10 UAV, which entered in the operational-tactical depth of the defense of the Joint Forces. The enemy concentrated special attention on clarifying the operational situation, revealing changes in the situation of our troops in the operational and tactical depth of the Joint Forces, as well as the location of warehouses, ammunition and material and technical equipment.

The intense activity of the EW maneuvering groups of the enemy continues to be noted along the entire contact line. A new group of EW is deployed in the Mariupol direction, staffed by regular servicemen of the Russian Armed Forces. The numerous interferences are fixed in mobile and tracking communications. As the result, in particular, it was significant interference in the work of the mini-UAV of the OSCE monitoring team, which carried out air monitoring of the sector in the Verkhneshirokovskoe-Kazatskoe-Vedenskoe-Zaichenko section at May 27.

According to the plan of the Southern Military District of the RF Armed Forces, the preparatory period is completed in the units and subunits of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps of the occupation troops, within which instructor-methodological and commander’s trainings were conducted with the command staff of units of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps, as well as the transfer of equipment for the summer period operation. With aim to monitoring and verifying the implementation of activities to prepare for the summer period, a commission from the headquarters of the Southern Military District of the RF Armed Forces was working in the 1st and 2nd Army Corps until May 26 this year.

Sharply increased activity of reconnaissance-sabotage and raiding groups of Russian occupation forces has been recorded in the zone of JFO in the Donbas over the past few days. Attempts to infiltrate them through the forward line of the JF stronghold points, attempts to organize sudden firings and raids on the forward support and observation posts of the JF units, concealed mining and ambushes directly behind the “zero” line and in the tactical rear of the JF units are noted.

The enemy continues to actively improve his engineering positions in the Mariupol direction. There are active excavation works at several places in the second line. The engineering equipment is fixed north of Bezimennoye (on the windmills), southeast of Veseloe and in the Vedenskoe district. In all cases, the presence of excavators, cranes, and in one case – a bulldozer, are noted. Apparently, the command of the occupiers is organizing a new battalion defense area in the second echelon in this direction.

Simultaneously, in the same direction, the occupants are working out the issue of strengthening their advanced units by reserves from the depth of defense. Thus, columns of combat armored vehicles (4 BMP-2, 3 BMP-1, 1 BRM-1K and 1 BTR-80) were observed between the Kulikovo and Khreschatytskoe, as well as several trucks, which were advanced to the front as a training. A little later, a part of the armored vehicles returned, proceeding in the direction of Kachkarskoye.

The command of the 2nd Army Corps secretly strengthens its advanced units by separate heavy armored vehicles. So, 3 tanks of type T-72 were noted to the north of Novosvetlovka.

For several days in the Gorlovka area, some AD systems “Strela-10” (9K35) of occupants were fixed, in particular, in the Mikhailovka – Piatikhatki district, as well as the Sukhoi Yar railway station. Obviously, the transfer is conducted for struggle against the UAVs.

The leaders of the “DNR” are planning to increase responsibility for the violation of customs regulations. In this regard, the so-called “The Committee on Budget, Finance and Economic Policy of the DNR” instructed to submit a bill “on introducing amendments to the law” on customs regulation in the DNR” in the near future.

Representatives of the international public movement “Immortal Regiment” (Belarus, deputy chairman K. Zabavsky) are trying to establish cooperation “in the social and political sphere” with representatives of the Donetsk Society of Belarusians “Neman” (leader S.Pasynkov) with the further prospects of creating the Commonwealth “Russia- Belarus-Novorossia “for unification in the fight against the “Bandera junta”.



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