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IR summary: "MGB DNR military counterintelligence" is dissatisfied with officers in “1st Army Corps”, which arrived from Russia

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Over the last week, the enemy significantly increased the intensity of fire strikes on positions of Ukrainian troops and settlements on the territory of Donbass controlled by Ukraine. The most intense fire strikes were inflicted by the enemy on the positions of Ukrainian troops in the vicinity of the settlements Zolotoe, Krymskoe, Loskutovka, Prichepilovka, Novotoshkovskoe, Borovskoye, Popasnaya, Troitskoe, Novozvanovka, Lugansk, Novolugansk, Novgorod, Novoselovka, Yuzhnoye, Svetlodarsk, Zaitsevo, Mayorsk, Zaliznoe, Avdeevka, Verkhnetoretskoye, Kamenka, Peski, Opytnoe, Butovka mine, Bogdanovka, Novotroitskoe, Novolaspa, Starognatovka, Gnutovo, Chermalyk.

At the same time, the enemy attracted both the regular and duty artillery units of “1st and 2nd Army Corps” of the operational group of the Russian occupation forces to the task of defeating the positions of the JF and civilian objects.

Active combat activities continue in the area of the northern, north-western and north-eastern suburbs of Gorlovka. The enemy regularly strikes with 122 mm cannon artillery on the JF positions in the area of Zhovanka-Zaitsevo.

On the site from Peski to Novgorodskoe (the north-western suburbs of Donetsk and the eastern outskirts of Gorlovka), including the Avdeevka district, the enemy does not stop trying to “push off” the JF units from advanced positions, including the use of fire damage. Over the past few days, the cases of use of heavy weapons and other weapons destruction by the enemy, combined with the raids of small infantry groups of occupying forces on the neutral zone, were recorded there.

The enemy continues to actively conduct aerial reconnaissance in order to detect changes in the combat order of the Joint forces. The enemy focused on the opening of the control system, clarifying the operational situation, as well as identifying changes in the combat order and the concentration of reserves of the Joint Forces.

The activation of the maneuvering groups of the EW of the enemy along the entire contact line is noted, as well as the training of the air defense duty forces, including the demonstrative actions of artillery units with access to pre-prepared firing positions.

According to the plan of the Southern Military District of the RF Armed Forces, measures continue to be taken to prepare for the summer period of training in units and subunits of “1st and 2nd Army Corps” of the occupation forces. In this connection, a commission from the headquarters of the Southern Military District of the Russian Federation began to work at the headquarters of the “1st and 2nd Army Corps”.

The Commissions from HQs of “1st and 2nd Army Corps” conduct checks of the registration and availability of standard weapons, ammunition, military equipment, the timeliness of working out documents of combat and mobilization readiness, and compliance with the regime of secrecy in the units and subunits.

In preparation for the summer training period, the activities are conducted to prepare for instructional and demonstration classes, as well as battalion tactical exercises involving air defense units and artillery at the Yuzhniy military training ground.

The Russian occupation command continues to conduct measures for the military registration of Ukrainian citizens of conscript age in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions. The so-called “military commissariats” carry out the work of conscription commissions, and medical examination of candidates for the service in “1st and 2nd Army Corps” is organized.

To ensure the activities of units of “1st and 2nd Army Corps” of the operational grouping of the Russian occupation forces, about 2,300 tons of fuel (railway stations Rovenky and Krasnaya Mogila) were delivered from the territory of Russia during the last week period.

The occupation forces continue to regroup their forces and assets at a number of sites. In particular:

– The command of the occupants is regrouping units with a change of positions in the area of the Smelyoe, Dolgoe and Zheltoe. On these sites, redeployment of armored vehicles is fixed, incl. heavy armament (tanks), mainly in the dark.

– In the twilight, 4 units of 122-mm guns of the D-30 type on a trailer (trucks Ural) passed through Bayraki to the southern direction.  Most likely, we are talking about the replacement or the withdrawal of units after the shelling of the positions of AFU.

– The active traffic of motor transport is noted on the highway N-21 between the Snezhnoye – Shakhtersk and Torez. In a day, 3-4 columns are fixed, including the transportation of construction materials (mostly wood) and fuel by “army transport”. Judging by the volumes, the invaders proceeded to equip the second echelon and cut-off positions in separate sections (south of Donetsk and in the Gorlovka area). In addition, there is a transfer of wood by railway transport is noted (2 railway cars with forest from the Russian Federation were fixed in Ilovaysk, and 4 are at Debaltsevo railway station).

– Also, the active movement of vehicles with items of material and technical supply is fixed between Makeyevka and Mineralnoe.

– The transfer of the invaders’ reinforcement to Staromikhaylovka and Vesyoloye is fixed. Two columns of vehicles with personnel (7 trucks Ural and 2 trucks Kamaz with manpower) proceeded through the center of Donetsk towards Kuibyshevsky district (the personnel – with rucksacks and ammunition).

The invaders continue to prepare for the mythical “large-scale offensive of the AFU”. Immediately at 2 military ranges of the “1st Army Corps”, the occupational command began an active phase of training anti-tank missile system operators. 25-30 “specialists” are trained at each training range. It is envisaged to carry out real launches from ATGM and “complex training” (what this means is still unclear, but most likely – working off interaction with other weapons of destruction). Simultaneously, the information is spreading among militants about the supply of new batches of the ATGM to the Corps units from the Russian Federation in the near future.

It is stated in a memorandum prepared by the “Military Intelligence Service of the MGB of DNR” in the name of the Russian advisers at the headquarters of the “1st Army Corps DNR” that the Russian personnel, which was sent for rotation (mainly for the command and instructional staff), uses working time for the decision of their own issues, incl. related to abuse of official authority, banal stolen property of entrusted units, establishing and active participation in various contraband “flows”. In the opinion of the “MGB DNR”, this situation has a drastic negative effect on the moral and psychological state of the personnel, primarily local militants. The report ends with a request to the Russian command “to more carefully approach to the issue of personnel selection” of candidates for sending to the Donbass from the Russian Federation.

At the same time, another “spy mania” burst is fixing in “DNR” and “LNR”. In particular, Russian advisers from the FSB of the Russian Federation in the “special services” of the “LDNR” believe that the SSU and the Department of Military Intelligence of Ukraine’s Defense Ministry are currently implementing a “targeted program” for mass bribery and recruitment of top and middle-ranking officials in the structures of the occupation administration. In this regard, a large-scale inspection of officials is conducting for “links with Ukraine.”

In Bokovo-Khrustalnoye (formerly Vakhrushevo) and Petrovo-Krasnoselie (formerly Petrovskoe), which are under the control of the “LNR”, there is a large outburst of discontent from citizens of retirement age. The situation is caused by the decision of the so-called “Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the LNR”, in connection with the reduction in the number of staff of the “LNR pension fund”, to terminate the activities of branches of this structure in these settlements. At the same time, service for the pensioners of these towns (about 5000 people) will be a branch in the settlement Khrustalny (formerly Krasny Luch). Meanwhile, the “Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of the LNR” is considering closing the branches of the “pension fund” in a number of other settlements, which is associated with a decrease in the level of funding from the Russian Federation and the forced reduction in the number of social workers in the “LNR”.



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