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IR Summary: “MGB DNR” is concerned over the actions of the Ukrainian underground in Donbass

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Russian occupants in the Donbas continue to shell the positions of the AFU and populated areas near the line of demarcation. In the course of shelling and armed provocations, the enemy actively uses automatic small arms, machine-guns and hand grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, standard weapons of the BMS, anti-aircraft guns and heavy weapons –  122-mm cannon artillery, tanks (125-mm tank guns), 120-mm and 82-mm mortars. During the last weekend (12-13.05.2018), about 30 cases of invaders’ use of heavy weapons were recorded, practically along the whole front line.

In particular:

– In the area of “Bakhmut road” – active shelling with the use of 120-mm mortars from the northeastern suburbs of Dachnoye and Sentyanovka in the form of short fire raids on the forward stronghold points of the Joint Forces and tactical communications in the rear;

– In the area east of Troitskoe (the left flank of the Svetlodarskaya arc) – a random fire of 120 mm and 82 mm mortars with a wide spread (including Troitskoe);

– The north-western suburbs of Donetsk from Peski and Opytnoe to the site southeast of Kamenka and the road from Kamenka to Verkhnetoretskoye – regular fire strikes. Alternately – mortars of both calibers, short raids from cannon artillery (122-mm). In particular, 2-3 “wandering” artillery groups of occupants are operating from Spartak to Betmanovo (2-3 guns of 122 mm self-propelled guns of type 2C1 “Gvozdika” and D-30/30A);

– Strikes from 120-mm mortars were also recorded in the seaside direction, south of the Mariupol-Telmanovo route (however not intensive as in the vicinity of Donetsk, Gorlovka and Svetlodarskaya arc). There were occasional fire strikes east of Lomakino and on the site from Lebedinskoe to Shirokino. There are several mortar squads of the invaders operating on the section between Pikuzy and Sakhanka;

– a fire from the regular 125-mm tank guns was fixed in the area north of the “Butovka mine”, south of the Avdeevka industrial zone (“wandering armored group”), a number of shots (from different positions) was recorded on the section from Krutaya Balka to Vasilievka. In this case, the invaders secretly use actively maneuvering single tanks in this area, taking advantage of the abundance of industrial buildings and crossed terrain.

– Also, at least 5 combat clashes were recorded, mainly in the area of “Bakhmut road” and the Svetlodarskaya arc during the weekend. Basically, it is the actions of the sabotage-reconnaissance groups and small infantry groups of the enemy on the neutral zone for the purpose of sudden shelling and sabotage or (more rarely)  the conduct of covert surveillance and mining.

Redeployments of troops and assets of the occupation forces:

– Through Torez and Shakhtarsk – active movement of cargo transport, convoys of 5-6 trucks, sometimes up to 10 vehicles within the last 3 days. The movement prevails in the direction of Donetsk. At least 3 groups of fuel tankers and one group of new trucks Kamaz were marked (the column was consisted of 9 trucks);

– In the area of Dokuchaevsk (Old Colony, dumps at the Central Career), equipment of new strong points and camouflaged positions for additional fire weapons such as mortars, AD guns or heavy grenade launchers by occupiers is marked. In addition, there is an improvement in the already equipped positions and stronghold points is fixed (the trenches are deepened, additional dugouts and OPs are being equipped). Occasional attraction of civil engineering equipment was noted;

– Between Shimshinovka and Bugaevka, there was a unit of the occupants on the march (up to 20 armored vehicles – mostly BMP-1/2, 4 MT-LB, 5 T-64 tanks, and a battery of the AD systems Osa). According to preliminary data, that is the grouping of the occupation forces concentrated in the Debaltsevo district. It is not excluded that in the context of the redeployment of these enemy assets, it should be expected another exacerbation in the Svetlodarskaya arc region;

– Up to 30 freight trains pass through the railway station of Gukovo per day, most of it (up to 20) – from Russia to the Donbass (the rest – in the opposite direction). In their composition, wagons with ammunition and other items of logistic, as well as platforms with armored vehicles (in both directions) are fixed.

The command of the 1st Army Corps demanded immediately cease the practice of “conflicts and clarification of relations” between “attached” officers of the RF Armed Forces and local militants from the commanders of the 1st and 3rd separate mechanized brigades, which acquires “very acute forms”. In particular, local militants accuse Russians of unwillingness to “build an army and fight with AFU”, as well as in mass cases of theft by Russian servicemen of material and technical means and looting among civilians.

After the celebration of the Victory Day and the “foundation of the LDNR”, the formations of the 1st and 2nd Army Corps came under wave of inspections due to a number of incidents on the grounds of gross violations of military discipline and the commission of military offenses. For example, during the “celebrations” two invaders shot the chest owner in the so-called “Wellness Complex Vodoley” (both are searched by local police and MGB). And, in the 3rd separate mechanized brigade the command of the Corps for several days is trying to establish the reasons for the “unauthorized abandonment of positions” near the village of Chigiri (as assured in the headquarters of 1st Army Corps, the militants were in a state of strong alcoholic intoxication due to which they were incapacitated and simply left positions).  

Curators from the Military Intelligence of the RF Armed Forces in both occupation Corps in the Donbass have set the task of intensifying reconnaissance activities at key railway stations in the regions of Ukraine adjacent to the JFO zone (we are talking about the Zaporozhye, Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkov regions). The main task is the fixation of military transportations and the establishment of the beginning of mass redeployment of military equipment and armament of AFU to the zone of JFO. The task is set in the context of fears of a “large-scale offensive by the AFU”, which the occupying command expects after reformatting the ATO in the JFO.

At the same time, “MGB DNR” and “MGB LNR” noted again the “appearance of pro-Ukrainian leaflets and the activation of the Ukrainian underground” in Donetsk, Lugansk and a number of other settlements in the occupied territory. At the same time, “MGB DNR analysts” note the sharply changed tone and content of these “provocative materials”, which allegedly became “more aggressive and threatening, aimed at intimidation” unlike previous ones, which appealed to common sense and contained mainly appeals and proclamations.

“DNR Police” seized two batches of new uniforms (respectively, 300 and 500 sets), which 2 local entrepreneurs tried to sell in the markets of Gorlovka and Donetsk. This incident occurred amid of growing dissatisfaction of militants and Russian mercenaries of shortage of clothing in 1st Army Corps. A similar story with the sale of stolen 4 tons of diesel fuel of “army origin” was fixed in Lugansk, where “sellers” left a petrol tanker on one of the outskirts of the city during their pursuit by “law enforcement officers of the LNR”.

Tomorrow, on May 15, 2013, a meeting of the so called “The integration committee” Russia-Donbass” is planned in Donetsk. The meeting will be held with the participation of Russian civil servants from the Rostov region of the Russian Federation. The theme of the meeting is the discussion of “problematic issues of the integration of the DNR/LNR into the Russian Federation”.

A low salary rate is observed in the occupied regions of Lugansk region. In particular, it remains the lowest among the workers of social protection institutions (on average – 5,657 rubles), culture (5,980 rubles), education (6,826 rubles) and health care (7,258 rubles). Since October 1, 2017, a minimum salary has been established as 3,241 rubles in the territory of the “LNR”, the official salary of an employee of the 1st level of the “United tariff scale of categories for the remuneration of employees in the public sector” is 3,242 rubles.

The management of Rovenkyantratsit (part of CJSC Vneshtorgservis, which manages the “nationalized” enterprises in LDNR) is considering the possibility of stopping the operation of the mine named after Vahruchev due to the lack of proper material support (parts, etc.).

On the territory of the occupied areas of the Lugansk region delay in payment of wages is 3 months at the mines Komsomolskaya, No. 54 (Anthracit), Samsonovskaya Zapadnaya, Sukhodolskaya Vostochnaya, named after Barakova “(Sorokino, former Krasnodon).

At the “Donetsk Metallurgical Plant” there is a critical situation with the supply of raw materials for the stable operation of the enterprise. In connection with this, illegal dismantling of metal structures of abandoned facilities of the enterprise is carried out.



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