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IR summary: Russian PMCs have activated the recruiting set from the number of Ukrainian citizens

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Russian occupation forces in the Donbas continue to disrupt agreements of the “Easter truce”, firing at the positions of Ukrainian troops and populated areas near the line of delimitation, including using heavy weapons (120-mm mortars). At the same time, the enemy continues regrouping its forces and assets in a number of sectors of the front.

Thus, the occupiers continue to strengthen their positions to the south of Styla. In the area of height 206.9, there is an appearance of up to 5 units of new BMP-1; the same number of BMP-1 is marked south of the Belaya Kamenka. The equipment is dug and disguised. 1 MT-LB and 2 trucks Ural with a manpower were recorded In the Novolaspa area at the west of this settlement, and ZU-23-2 AD system in the disguised position.

South of Mospino – 10 tanks of T-72 type and 4 trucks Ural on the march to the south.

Southeast of Lugansk, towards Khryashchevatoe, there was a column of tanks and armored vehicles – 8 tanks of the T-64 and T-72 type, up to 10 combat armored vehicles (BMP-1/2 and MT-LB), army trucks such as Ural and Kamaz, Command and Control vehicle and a mobile repair shop truck.

According to the IR, Russian private military companies (PMCs), which are operating in the Donbass region, were tasked by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to intensify sabotage operations in the territories controlled by Ukraine along the demarcation line, and to ensure the increase the number of local residents (holders of Ukrainian citizenship) in their ranks. Also, work is being carried out to attract persons to the ranks of illegal armed formations of the “DNR” and “LNR” who are fluent in the Ukrainian language, for the purpose of further reporting “on the presence of Ukrainians on both sides of the conflict” through the Western media, which, according to the plans of the Russian General Staff, should be confirmed by “the fact of a civil war in Ukraine”.

The effect of the exploding bomb caused among militants and Russian mercenaries of the “1st Army Corps DNR” published video about the organization of defense by the invaders in the second line of defense at the site of the DAP by ex-rebel leader Khodakovsky in the framework of “political struggle” with Zakharchenko. More precisely, it is about its total absence of defense in the second line and practically “revolving door” on the section between Spartak, Putilovka and the north-western suburbs of Donetsk. The commanders of a number of units of the occupation forces appealed to the MGB of the DNR and the curators from the FSB of the Russian Federation, demanding that they have to”assess” the actions of Khodakovsky.

The statement of the leader of the “LNR” Pasechnik about “lifting the border with the DNR” and thus creating the prerequisites for the “unification” of the two occupation zones in the Donbass (“LNR” – “DNR”) into one did not cause special enthusiasm among the officials, “Law enforcement officers”, representatives of “special services” and representatives of business in both zones of occupation. The given reaction is caused by that present presence of “border” between “DNR” and “LNR” has created conditions for prosperity of contraband schemes in which representatives of both zones have the share. In addition, they are afraid that in the event of unification all the corruption schemes of business will pass under the control of representatives of the “DNR”.

Russian CJSC Vneshtorgservis, which controls the “nationalized” enterprises in “DNR” and “LNR”, owes 946.3 million rubles for the coal products to the DNR coal companies. As a result, there is a shortage of funds for the wages of miners in the DNR, the purchase of equipment and materials for coal mining, payment for transport and coal-processing services, etc., has been thwarted. In this connection, the “Ministry of Coal and Energy of the DNR” decided to stop supplying coking coal to CJSC Vneshtorgservis until the redemption of the existing debt.

A complicated situation arose with the medical care of the population in the “DNR”, connected with the departure of a significant number of qualified specialists in the medical sphere who do not want to work for a meager salary. As a result, no more than 40-50% of qualified medical specialists are left in most medical institutions in the territory controlled by DNR at the moment. Mostly, doctors of a narrow specialization (surgeons, traumatologists) leave to the Russia or the territory controlled by Ukraine, and it is caused a significant burden on this category of specialists.  In DNR, apart from rendering medical assistance to civil patients, they are obliged to help militants and Russian mercenaries from the “1st Army Corps DNR”.



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