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IR summary: the occupiers are redeploying tanks to the Debaltsevo direction

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

 Along with a certain decrease in the number and intensity of shelling from the Russian occupation forces in the Donbas, enemy reconnaissance immediately became active in several sectors. The appearance of small tactical groups of invaders in the neutral zone, which observe the front edge of the AFU, is noted. In a number of cases, they operate under the cover of snipers and machine guns.

Also, the invaders continue to regroup their forces and assets, including heavy weapons, in a number of sectors:

– The convoy of 6 units of the 122-mm self-propelled guns of the 2C1 “Gvozdika” type, 2 trucks Ural and 1 unit of mobile reconnaissance and control vehicle was recorded  in the Starobeshevo region between the Sarabash settlement (former Kommunarovka) and Peschanoe (according to the Minsk agreements, there should be no self-propelled artillery in this area). According to the information of the IR group, the enemy trained the deployment of the battery of self-propelled guns to the main and reserve fire positions in this case;

– The occupiers continue to strengthen the Starobeshevo-Boikovskoe direction. Between Novaya Marevka and Boikovskoe (formerly Telmanovo), 6 BMP-1, 1 BRDM-2 and 1 MT-LB were recorded south of the route in the forest belt, and 1 BTR-80 at the entrance to Boikovskoe. In the same area, camouflaged 3 mobile SAMs “Strela-10” were recorded;

– in the Anthracite district of the Lugansk region, between Fashchevka and Miuss, 6 tanks of the T-72 type and 2 BMP-1 were observed in the area south of the railway station “18th km” which moved south of the E-50 route along the forest. Earlier, the OSCE CMM recorded a tank battalion (27 tanks) in this area (in the area of Kruglik). It is significant that this unit is located outside the storage areas of the assigned heavy equipment and brought to an increased degree of combat readiness in the second echelon at the Debaltsevo direction.

After the observers of the CMM OSCE opened the site of the reactive artillery unit in the area of Miussinsk and Krasny Luch (Khrustalny) (according to our information – the 122 mm MLRS BM-21 “Grad” from the Kalmius artillery brigade) and their movement, the command of the 1st Army Corps DNR urgently demanded that the commanders of “units and subunits” have to hold camouflage measures in the permanent bases and in the places of “storage of heavy equipment and armaments”, and pay attention to the secrecy during the movements. Russian advisers at the headquarters of the “1st Army Corps DNR” insist on severe penalties for the commanding officers of the units for violating these requirements.

The movement of the train with fuel tanks (transit to Debaltsevo, 11 cars) and also 8 railway cars with military equipment – 4 platforms with tracked armored vehicles and 4 platforms with wheeled armored vehicles from the Russian Federation was fixed through the railway station Rovenky.

 To complete the signal units in the “1st Army Corps DNR”, it is expected to get 3 BMP-1KSH “Potok-2” and 4 mobile R-142N (based on GAZ-66) from the Russian Federation. It is also planned to replace 2 R-145BM “Seagull” by more modern samples.

In the near future, it is planned to conduct the “check of the combat readiness” (with the deployment of equipment and personnel to the concentration area) for one battalion from the 11th separate mechanized regiment and one battalion from the 100th separate mechanized brigade. In this case, the command of the occupying forces is trying to form two additional reserve battalion tactical groups, in order to strengthen the Army Corps reserve.

In the “2nd Army Corps LNR”, the command “seeks reserves” to create uniform supplies for the planned “reservists”. The problem is aggravated by the refusal of the Russian command in the supply of uniforms for these purposes. Only surplus uniform of the old type from the warehouses of the Southern Military District of the Russian Armed Forces has been proposed.

On the territory of the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk region, the workers of the “Komsomolskoe Rudoupravlenie” (Kalmousskoye, formerly Komsomolskoye, Starobeshevo District, prior to “nationalization” in March 2017, were controlled by the Metinvest Group) do not receive wages for 2 months. The lack of cash from the population led to the introduction of acquisition of essential goods under the record in shops of Kalmiusskoe. In the absence of financial resources, arrears in payment for public utilities have significantly increased, and as a result, there are power outages for are conducted individuals. At the same time, in connection with the non-acceptance of the budget of Kalmiusskoe in 2018, the local occupation authority reduces payments to social workers (doctors, teachers). To date, the maximum salary of a medical worker is 3000 rubles.

 The occupation administration of Debaltsevo, Donetsk region, takes measures to alienate land of agricultural purposes. Thus, the occupation administration of Debaltsevo, taking advantage of the fact that the vast majority of land owners are in the territory under Ukraine’s control, requires them to provide a notice of their intention to continue to use these plots of land or to give the occupation administration permission to lease them. In the absence of official information from the owners of land, the occupation administration, guided by paragraph 5.5. “The temporary procedure for the provision of permanent use and lease of land in the territory of the DNR”, approved by the decision of the “Council of Ministers of the DNR” № 17-15 from 17/09/2015, will seize these land plots that is not used and carry out their further lease.



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