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British track of the Kremlin: toxic consequences for "chemical Vladimir"

British Prime Minister Teresa May said that the Russian Federation is highly likely to be involved in poisoning the former Russian intelligence agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter. However, the head of the government of the United Kingdom indicated: London knows that the nerve agent, which was used for poisoning former Colonel GRU, was developed in the USSR in the late 1970s. Moreover, the prime minister even disclosed the name of the combat gas – “Novichok”.

Unwritten rules of special services

Now on Downing Street expect a reaction from Moscow: whether it takes that responsibility for what was done, or says that the substance was used without their knowledge. However, this does not mean that Teresa May is going to give another chance to the Kremlin to get out of the water, on the contrary, attempts by the Russian leadership to relinquish responsibility will lead to far more tangible consequences for them. In any case, Russia’s fault will be proved this time.

Why? It’s very simple. In addition to Skripal and his daughter, British police officers and civilians suffered, and this is already called an attempt to undermine the national security system of the UK by a foreign state.

In fact, no matter how cynical it may sound, the victim or circumstances of the crime are not important. Here another point is interesting: the signal, which the Kremlin was trying to send, making such an impudent attack.

After all, what did Moscow do, in fact? They cancelled the unwritten rules of the special services. According to these unwritten laws, none of the agents, who was sent to the West as part of a spy exchange procedure, were never killed or even attempted to kill. The work of the spy was always dangerous, but the bonus in the form of an exchange made it relatively promising. In other words, the agent knew that he could hold a decent pension – with money, and being in good health.

In addition, it has long been agreed that the children of agents who betrayed the state (Skripal is belonged to this category) are untouchable.

These rules were working even during the Cold War. Everything changed with the coming of Putin to power. Why the Kremlin, when there was a large exchange of agents, decided to exchange Skripal in 2010? Apparently, Moscow had no one else for exchange.

Sacred sacrifice to the Meldonium  Gods

Did the Russian leadership understand that Skripal will continue to cooperate with the British special services? Of course, they understood.

Then why did the Russian political elite make this step? Why did they decide to break all unwritten rules of the special services? The answer is one: it was important for Moscow to spread fear, and it was necessary to do it right now. And Skripal is not an accidental figure, he is a necessary sacrifice.

You can recall how in the same 2010 year, Putin said that “traitors always end badly,” and “their 30 pieces of silver will stand at stake in their throat.” All this looks great, but has nothing to do with the matter. It’s just stupid to think that the Kremlin waited for eight long years to poison Skripal.

No, the issue is different: in the “Kremlin report” and in the investigation of Russia’s meddling in the American elections.

After the publication of the penalty list from the US Treasury, this included Russian officials, oligarchs and security officials, some of the oligarchs, who close to the Kremlin, became nervous and began to seek an opportunity to negotiate with Washington.  What does it mean to agree? It means to hand over the Russian leadership, telling about his frauds, for example, during the American elections. However, many of them know the details and other crimes – in Syria, Montenegro and information about the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing, etc.

Hybrid “Novichok”

As for the meddling in American (and not only) elections, there are more and more desirous from the Russian side to hand over both accomplices and customers. And this is favored by several points: the claim of the US Attorney Müller against 13 Russian citizens, as well as the capture of several Russian hackers and their extradition to the United States. All are afraid of detention and the American prison.

So, the poisoning of Skripal has showed that Moscow is ready for radical steps. They will do everything to ensure that the participants of the failed hybrid operation for destabilizing of the US and Europe keep silence. And this applies both to the special services and to the oligarchs.

On the example of the defector-agent, an unambiguous signal was sent: the same fate awaits for everyone who wants to speak loudly. And the fact that the Russian leadership chose London, despite the many high-profile murders that were carried out by Russian special services in this city, shows that the Kremlin will take any steps to avoid disclosing such information that is so harmful to it. This means that the case with the Skripal has less loss. That’s what they think in Moscow.

Chemical “post exchange”

It is clear already that the nerve agent, which was used for poisoning Skripal and his daughter, of Russian origin, and as Teresa May designated, it was developed in the quiet of Soviet laboratories. Moreover, this is indicated by the British edition The Sun that such a rare substance is produced only on several sites in the world, one of which is located in Yasenevo (a laboratory under the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation) on the outskirts of Moscow.

However, it is not the substance itself has a matter, but the pattern.

Many can think that it began with the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, while forgetting the cases that occurred earlier. By the way, they are also interesting.

In March 1995, a group of religious Japanese fanatics from the organization Aum Shinrikyo carried out a terrorist attack at two stations of the Tokyo subway. Performers were in the subway car, passed a certain number of stations, lowered packages with sarin to the floor of the car and pierced them with a specially sharpened end of the umbrella before going out.

It would seem that the Japanese madmen carried out the attack with the help of a mass destruction substance, but no.

According to the doctor Ikuo Hayashi, the documentation on the production of sarin was purchased in Russia in 1993. According to him, members of the sect paid about 10 million yen to the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation in that time Oleg Lobov for the technology of making sarin. His testimony was confirmed by the “intelligence chief” of the Yoshihiro Inoue sect, who admitted that the substance could not be manufactured without Lobov’s help.

The FSB immediately stated that they were not involved in this incident, and the substance can be purchased anywhere. The current Russian leadership will choose the same strategy for itself. They will say that the substance against Skripal used extraneous forces.

But with the help of substance of the “Novichok” type the president of “Rosbusinessbank” Ivan Kivelidi was killed, who died on August 1, 1995 in the Moscow Central Hospital. The mechanism was simple: the poisonous substance was inflicted by unknown persons on his telephone tube. In addition to Kivelidi, as a result of the “Novichok” action, his secretary was killed, which caused an ambulance crew by this phone, as well as a pathologist who did an autopsy of the banker.

Further there will be many similar deaths – in Russia and abroad. The world has learned about the deaths of Yuri Shchekochikhin and Roman Tsepov, the monstrous deaths of Alexander Litvinenko and Alexander Perepelichny. There were other cases – with an equally horrifying outcome.

After that it happened in Syria. Russia together with Assad used chemical weapons massively, killing thousands of civilians, among who were children. Recall Idlib or Aleppo.

European degassing of the Kremlin

And now is Skripal. Everything is logical, because murder is a kind of drug: once you commit it, you will not stop. Apparently, it was necessary to stop it earlier, but the conjuncture prevented. Now, probably, nothing hinders.

That’s why it does not matter what exactly the UK will do against Russia, what punishment will be chosen – the blockade of the World Cup in football, the withdrawal from some treaties, the application of Article 5. Here another nuance is important.

Moscow was not afraid of sanctions from the United States, but Europe, of which Britain is a part and will be. Now, after the attack on the European state, the EU countries practically do not have a field for maneuver: here it will be immediately shown who for whom. Masks will be torn down. And no one will want to enter into an alliance with an isolated enemy. The answer to the poisoning of Skirpal is a sobered Europe.



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