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Proxy knife in the back of Putin

Destruction of the Russian Su-25 in Syria on February 3, 2018 is the second “blow in the back” from Turkey – if we follow the terminology of the Syrian “winner” Putin.

However, this time neither the deceased Major Filippov himself, nor the fact of the destruction of the second plane in Syria, was granted the personal comment of Vladimir Putin.

After the Turkish Air Force shot down the first Su-24 in November 2015, Putin gave a lengthy commentary at a press conference with the King of Jordan, where the incident was called a “blow in the back” by Turkey.

But this time Putin for 3 days has not found words or time to personally speak. More eloquent is his silence.

What is the owner of the Kremlin silent about?

In Putin’s life there are such unexpected events that knock him out of the rut and “erase” him from the propaganda at the time.

The most vivid example of such a knockout is Putin’s reaction to the destruction of the Russian airliner Kogalymavia over Sinai on October 31, 2015, a month before the Su-24 incident over Turkey.

After the air crash of the Russian civilian aircraft, Putin during three days could not find strength and words, even for a brief television address or comment. Probably, he was confused not so much by the death of hundreds of compatriots, as by apparent parallels with the MH-17, shot down over the Donbass, from responsibility for which personally Putin and his inner circle have been unsuccessfully trying to leave for 4 years.

Major Filippov did not get a word from the president, despite his “ideal death”, according to Putin’s military propaganda. He died on the battlefield.

But there is one problem – Major Filippov died at the hands of a formal ally of Turkey, the restoration of relations with which took more than a year. More precisely, he died in battle with “ally allies” of Turkey – a faction of the Free Syrian Army in the province of Idlib, and died very far from the territory of ISIS, with which Putin was supposed to fight according to the official version, and which Putin already conquered last year. Also, he ordered the withdrawal of troops last year.

And now Putin is silent now that instead of even an imaginary victory over ISIS last year, now he has a very real and quite open war among the allies – Russia, Iran and Turkey.

This is a “proxy war” in its pure form – a war that is being waged by other people’s hands – friendly militias guarded by Russia and Turkey. And it would be half bad if the pro-Turkish Arabs killed pro-Russian Kurds. The problem is that the Kurds started killing the Turks themselves. And the Arabs did not hesitate to kill the Russians.

This is a “hello” personally from Erdogan, and it why Putin “fell silent” after this.

The most unpleasant secret

Putin and all the Russian media are silent about the main central event – the pro- Turkish insurgents found portable anti-aircraft weapon “Igla”, which was mistakenly called portable anti-aircraft weapon “Verba”. The portable anti-aircraft weapon “Verba” is at least since the summer of last year in Syria, but is officially in the possession of Russian troops only.

It’s been a week already since the publication of the video. But during this time in Russia no one has commented these images, neither the official authorities, nor the media, nor even marginal bloggers who are the mouthpieces of Russian special services, voicing the most marginal conspiracy and throwing into the millionth audience the coolest virus narratives.

In the video – the real “Chekhov’s gun on the wall”, which after 4 days shot at the Russian attack aircraft. But to this day no one in Russia decides to link the video with the rocket and the destruction of the aircraft in the simplest logical chain.

Already after the destruction of the Su-25 and the death of Filippov, the Russians began in their habitual style to transfer everything from their sick head to someone else’s healthy.

At first, they accused the Americans of transferring the “Stinger” to the terrorists, from what the Americans immediately refused and denied any possibility of transfer of man portable air defense weapon to any grouping.

Simultaneously, the traditional “Ukrainian” version was voiced. But this version is so slippery that even in the Kremlin it was disproved by Dmitry Peskov.

The “Ukrainian” version, if the special services of the Kremlin have time to blur something “intelligible”, may in theory have some kind of ground, but it is slippery because the man portable air defense weapons in Ukraine were used by the Russians themselves, and they demonstrated publicly, especially to the press. The last time it was in Debaltsevo in early 2015.

And how is this to be understood? Russians “with reduced social responsibility” sold it in Syria or through Kadyrov fighters, who ran with man portable air defense weapons during the first assault on the Donetsk airport on May 26, 2014 or the Wagner fighters who were involved in the destruction of the Ukrainian IL-76 aircraft by the man portable air defense weapons in Lugansk airport?

The video of the Arab insurgents with this man portable air defense weapon is the most mysterious detective story now and the reason for calling the Russians on the carpet for detailed, and most importantly, truthful explanations.

Russians need to try very hard to convince at least somebody that this weapon is a single episode, especially Americans, and especially at a time when the Congress is preparing punitive sanctions after the “Russian report”.

Exactly the same problem with explanations is also in relations with the Turks. With the Turks, it is a much more difficult case.

This weapon was shown on video exactly the day after the end of the failed for the Lavrov conference in Sochi, where Turkey has staged a public scandal with the hands and mouths of its Arab delegations from the Syrian opposition.

One delegation turned home right at the airport, expressing dissatisfaction with the contemplation of the official flag of Syria with two stars, which is associated with the regime of Bashar Assad, and another delegation began to boo Lavrov, who tried to read out a greeting message from Vladimir Putin.

Even more questions to the Russian “allies” began to appear during the offensive of the Turkish troops on Afrin, when Turkish tanks began to burn from missile attacks, and the Arab allies began to find large amounts of anti-tank missiles from the Kurds.

These questions are actually rhetorical, because the picture and the plan are completely obvious. Russians have treated the Kurds for a long time, sometimes much more successful than Americans.

But Erdogan has own interest in the Kurds, and he made a proposal to the Russians, from which they cannot refuse. And the Russians, unable to fortify themselves on the Kurdish territories, left the Kurds with more weapons, so that Erdogan’s troops should have washed their blood properly and broke their teeth instead of a quick and easy victory, as Erdogan promised.

And the Kurds did not disappoint – they demonstratively captured video of firing at Turkish tanks and bulldozers with Russian missiles, defiantly threw pipes from Russian missiles during retreat, and the Turkish proxy did not hesitate to show Russian weapons seized from the Kurds.

Putin has a month left before the elections. At least of all he wants to realize now that instead of an imaginary victory in an unnecessary and disapproved of his own electorate war, Shoigu with the FSB, the GRU and other hawks slipped him a new war between the Allies, and this despite the fact that the Americans have not even opened their cards, which will obviously cause a tsunami in the Kremlin citadel itself.



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