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IR summary: there is a redeployment of heavy armament through the CP "Uspenka" to the DNR from Russia

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

The Russian occupation forces in the Donbas continue to actively regroup their forces and assets, including the redeployment of heavy armament.

Thus, 6 units of the MLRS -21 Grad of the occupants were redeployed (also in the column – 3 trucks Ural and 1 BTR-70/80) from the western outskirts of Alchevsk towards the direction of Debaltsevo (in the region of Zorinsk). Such redeployment attracts special attention, because the Debaltsevo district is in the zone of responsibility of the “7th separate mechanized brigade of the 1st Army Corps DNR”, but the MLRS -21 Grad are from the “2nd Army Corps LNR”.

The recent recording by the OSCE observers of the division of the anti-aircraft missile systems “Strela-10” of the occupants north of Makeyevka (7 of the 11 missile systems were fixed by UAV of the OSCE) caused serious resonance at the headquarters of the “1st Army Corps DNR”. The Russian advisers at the Corps HQ indicate that the recognition of the unit was due to a flagrant violation of the orders of the command of the “1st Army Corps DNR” of recent times about the concealment and secretive redeployment of heavy weapons near the line of delimitation, and they demand strict punishment of the guilty. An “official investigation” is being conducted.

Special attention is paid to the redeployment of heavy armament from the territory of the Russian Federation through the Amvrosievka district (checkpoint “Uspenka”). In particular, the network of the IR group recorded redeployment of:

1. 4 units of the 122 mm MLRS BM-21 “Grad” (it was recorded north of Amvrosievka in the Blagodatnoe area);

2. 3 tanks of the T-72B type – through Novoamvrosievka;

3. 4 tanks of T-64 type and 4 BMP-2   in the western direction of the Grigorovka.

The redeployment of arms and equipment from the Russian Federation in small batches is conducted under the guise of “drills at the Ternovoe training ground”.  In case it will be found, this armament will be identified as arriving at “drills” from the occupation forces in the Donbas.

The units of the “2nd Army Corps LNR” continue to equip the battalion defense area in the area of Pervomayka. The work of the grader (south of Borshchevatoe) is noted, the equipment of the caponiers in the second echelon was also recorded with the help of a civilian excavator, and the intensive movement of motor vehicles from Irmino to Kalinovo was fixed (no less than a dozen tilted army trucks passed).

Large-scale drills of the occupation troops (“1st Army Corps DNR”) with the involvement of “reservists” are conducted at the training ground near Markino, the Novoazovsk region. Earlier, “reservists” from the civilian population of the district under 40 years old received draft notices with the requirement to take part in “drills” under the threat of “administrative or criminal punishment” in case of non-arrival. According to draft notices, “drills” will be held for 2 weeks, for participation in them “reservists” promised a reward of 3 500 rubles.

A batch of 82 mm mortars in the quantity of 8 units was received in order to complete the mortar battery of one of the battalions “9th separate assault mechanized regiment of naval infantry” (Novoazovsk district). Also, 3 ZU-23-2 AD systems arrived in the other battalion of this regiment as “a qualitative increase in the firepower of the unit”. All armament was transferred specifically for these units from the territory of the Russian Federation.

According to the report of the “Ministry of Justice of the DNR”, “unified registration centers of the DNR” issued 21 thousand “technical passports” for real estate to local residents. 19 thousand of these issued in the period from November to December 2017, another 2 thousand were issued this year. At the same time, in a number of cases, when issuing “DNP technical documents”, appropriate Ukrainian documents are seized. In the course of this “substitution”, DNR officials do not inform the residents that the documents issued by the authorities of the occupation administration are carry no legal weight and will not be recognized upon the return of the territory of the LDNR to the control of the Ukrainian authorities.

According to representatives of the self-proclaimed “Republic of Abkhazia”, which were in Lugansk on January 29 this year, commercial companies of Abkhazia and Turkey signed agreements on the supply of coal mined in the territory of the “LNR” to Turkey through the port of Ochamchira (Abkhazia).

UPDATE. Previously, the IR group reported that during the formation of the so-called “Priazov Cossack Army of the DNR”, the head of the local “Cossack” formation in Torez was appointed Ossetian. In fact, this situation took place in Khartsyzk, where the ataman of the so-called “Khartsyzk Cossack regiment named after George the Victorious of the Priazov Cossack Army of the DNR” Ibrahim Baghiyev (call sign “Terek”, title -“captain”) became from North Ossetia (RF). At the moment, the personnel of the Khartsyzk Cossack Regiment are about 60 militants.



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