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IR summary: losses of Russian PMCs in Syria will be "compensated" by 2 battalions from "DNR and LNR"

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

In the zone of combat activities in the Donbass, there is a steady trend of increasing the number and intensity of shelling by the Russian occupation forces. So, if the number of shelling ranged from 5-7 per day2-3 weeks ago, then recently – 18-20 per day.

At the same time, the enemy has become much to use heavy weapons (mostly 120 mm mortars). So, over the last day, the invaders used 120-mm mortars from the firing positions in the area of Nizhnye Lozovoye and the height of 223.0 during the firing of the advanced positions of the AFU in the area of ​​the crossroads to Skeleevoe and Svetlodarsk, south of Luganskoe; in the area of ​​Dokuchaevsk from positions behind the Central Quarry (on rock dumps) on the advanced positions of the AFU south-east of Novotroitskoye; during the firing of the advanced positions of the AFU in the area of Crimskoe, from the disguised position in the area of ​​the village of Frunze (northeast, in the beams), the invaders tried to shell a position of the AFU in the vicinity of the height of 175.9 by a pair of 120 mm mortars through “Bakhmut route”.

Also, the occupants continue to strengthen their positions in a number of sectors. Thus, from the fears of the active actions of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the so-called “Donetsk foothold” (in the area of Yelenovka-Styla, primarily opposite the Dokuchaevsk “knot” of the occupation forces’ defense), occupants equip a new company stronghold point with caponiers for equipment and stationary shelters for personnel by civil engineering equipment (excavator and auto crane) in the southwestern outskirts of Yelenovka.

The command of “2nd Army Corps LNR” intensively strengthens positions to the west and northeast of the settlement of Pervomaisk. New stronghold points are being equipped; arms and military equipment are being actively redeployed. Toward the settlement of Berezovskoe, the appearance of new positions of 82-mm mortars and at least a dozen combat armored vehicles (mainly BMP-1) is noted. Simultaneously, in neighboring Irmino and Kadievka there are rumors among the local population that “Pervomaisk will be evacuated soon” in view of the allegedly large-scale offensive of the AFU.

On the sites near the front line along the Severskii Donets River in the Stanichno-Luhansk District (the area of  Nikolaevka and Pionerskoe is under the control of the “LNR”), several groups of Russian special forces are fixed. They actively conduct reconnaissance in the direction of Bolotennoye – railway station Ilyenko, and the mining of the terrain is noted. They do not contact the local population. Local residents note that they buy only food products (without alcohol, which is typical for local militants).

North of Donetsk, between Betmanovo and Yasinovatoya, the invaders are redeploying armored vehicles to the north towards Panteleimonovka and further towards Ozeryanovka and Gorlovka (up to 20 units of various equipment, mostly BMP-1 / 2 and MT-LB, several BTRs, as well as several trucks Urals were fixed during last three days). Obviously, a new transshipment point was created to the north of the Yasinovataya for enemy equipment, which being transferred to the “Gorlovka corner” for the 3rd separate mechanized brigade (in addition to the previously created Yenakiyevo “corridor”). It is also possible to form together the strike group of the invaders to Verkhnetoretskoye (this direction has long been in the zone of special attention at the command of the invaders).

At the same time, in accordance with the order of the headquarters of the 8th Combined-Armed Army of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, the command of the occupation forces began to accumulate the emergency reserve of material and technical means at the brigade level (primarily for fuel and food) in the 1st and 2nd Army Corps. The Russian advisers at the headquarters of both “Army Corps” note the high level of plundering resources coming from the RF for these purposes by personnel and the brigade command. Also, supplies of “substandard” foodstuffs from the territory of Russia are recorded (an example is given of the culling of a consignment of food with expired shelf life that was received for the needs of the “1st AK” from the warehouses of the Southern Military District of the RF Armed Forces).

The brigades of the “1st Army Corps DNR” continue to note an acute shortage of personnel. Thus, the shortage is 50-60 men (with an average number of battalions of 320-350 men) in the battalions of the 3rd and the 100th Brigades. And the current pace of completing the “units and subunits” does not cover the rate of dismissal and desertion on the part of “servicemen”. The personnel department of Army Corps ascertained that if the situation is not fundamentally changed in the near future, they will have to again “take special measures” (referring to the request for a transfer of the enlisted personnel of the RF Armed Forces from the Russian Federation for the staffing). Otherwise, these units will be completely unfit for action.

The command of “1st Army Corps DNR” and “2nd Army Corps LNR” got an order on the urgent formation of 2 battalions (500 people each) for participation in the armed conflict in Syria. Battalions are ordered to be completed exclusively from among local militants, not including Russian mercenaries in it. The information is spread among the commanders of the militants that this order is caused by the large losses of Russian PMCs in Syria in recent times. Also, the command of both “Army Corps” expresses critical remarks to this order, pointing to the problem of the chronic understaff of the units of “1st Army Corps DNR” and “2nd Army Corps LNR”.

“The chairmen of the committees of the People’s Council of the LNR” got mobile phones with SIM cards of the local operator “Lugakom”, with a warning that it is strictly prohibited to use other mobile SIM cards. At the same time, the information is spread among the “officials” themselves that all these mobile numbers are “tapped into” in the “MGB of the NDR”.

The Education Department of the Russian occupation administration of Yenakiyevo ordered the school directors to force parents of pupils to vaccinate children against measles. However, at the same time, a lack of the necessary amount of measles vaccine was found in the city’s medical facilities (for example, in the “Children’s City Hospital”). Given this situation, representatives of medical institutions in the Yenakiyevo indicate in the reports that the parents of children allegedly refuse to vaccinate.

On the territory controlled by the “DNR”, rumors spread among the local population about the imminent closure of the “border with Ukraine” and the complete conservation of the demarcation line. These rumors are also spreading and actively discussed among “middle-level” officials of the “DNR”, causing a negative response.



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