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IR summary: the occupiers in the Donbas take measures in case of the appearance of the "Javelins" in the AFU

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Despite the reached agreements, the Russian occupation forces in the Donbass systematically violated the ceasefire in the period from 3 to 9 January this year. Low-intensity attacks on the units of the ATO forces were reported every day. In total, the artillery units of “1st Army Corps DNR” and “2nd Army Corps LNR” carried out at least 25 artillery raids (last week – more than 30) by 82/120-mm mortars, 122-mm portable rocket launchers “Grad-P”, infantry fighting vehicles and tanks during the week-long period. In addition, the enemy systematically fired at ATO forces from small arms in the area Stanitsa Luganskaya from 3 to 9 January this year, which is a violation of the agreement on the disengagement of forces in this area.

The most intense fire strikes were inflicted by the enemy on the positions of Ukrainian troops in the vicinity of settlements Lugansk, Troitskoe, Maryinka, Verkhnetoretskoye, Butovka mine, Gnutovo and Pavlopol. In addition, the enemy continues to actively conduct reconnaissance of the combat formations of the ATO forces with the use of UAVs. During the week, at least 12 UAV flights were recorded, including 4 of them – flights of UAV Orlan-10, which were carried out with a flight in the operational-tactical depth of the defense ATO forces. The activation of the activities of the sabotage-reconnaissance groups and enemy sniper groups is marked in the vicinity of the settlements of Dokuchaevsk, Zheltoe, Troitskoe, Slavyanoserbsk and Novotroitskoye.

Over the past 24 hours, the continued activity of the invaders on the Svetlodarskaya arc has been noted. The militants have repeatedly used 120 mm mortars in this direction, firing on the advanced positions of the AFU south of Svetlodarsk and north of Nizhnye Lozovoye. The fire is conducted from the positions in the beams between the height of 223.2 and from the landings between Logvinovo and Nizhnye Lozovoye. In this case, the mobile fire group of the “7th separate mechanized brigade” of occupants is working out a “legend” for the suppression of “provocations of Ukrainian troops” for the Russian TV. At the same time, the occupiers are intensively dispersing information in their reports that allegedly the AFU shelling militants from infantry fighting vehicles and grenade launchers in this section. Also, the fact of stay and work of the newest Russian radio reconnaissance complex “Thorn” is recorded in the area of the Svetlodarskaya arc.

The occupiers conducted a disturbing fire at the advanced positions of the APU on the southern and southeastern outskirts of Verkhnetoretsky by the 82-mm mortars, as well as in the Lomakino-Gnutovo area in the Mariupol direction. A maneuvering BMP-2 of invaders was firing to the north of Pishchevik.

The confirmed losses of Russian occupation forces in the Donbass amounted to 16 servicemen in the period from 3 to 9 January this year:

1st Army Corps  –  9th  separate assault mechanized regiment of naval infantry (Novoazovsk) – 7 servicemen, 3rd separate mechanized brigade (Gorlovka) – 1 serviceman, 11th separate mechanized regiment (Makeyevka) – 2 servicemen;

2nd Army Corps – 4th separate mechanized brigade (Alchevsk) – 3 servicemen, 6th separate mechanized regiment (Kadievka) – 1 serviceman, 7th separate mechanized brigade (Bryanka) – 2 servicemen.

To ensure the activities of units and formations of “1st Army Corps DNR” and “2nd Army Corps LNR”, 14 trucks with fuel and lubricants were delivered to Lugansk from the territory of Russia in the period from 3 to 9 January this year, and a railway train arrived on railway station Rovenky, which delivered about 760 tons of petroleum products.

The Russian occupation command takes urgent measures in connection with the possible supplies of portable anti-tank missile complexes “Javelin” to the Ukraine from the US side. In particular, “1st Army Corps DNR” and “2nd Army Corps LNR” got orders to carry out additional means of passive and active protection for armored vehicles. The commanders of units and subunits were instructed to search “more effective ways of protecting armored vehicles”. Also, the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has set the task for the research institutes of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to develop devices for the protection of armored vehicles from ammunition with thermal guidance in the shortest possible time, the installation and serial production of which will be possible to be established by the engineering and technical units of 1st and 2nd Army Corps .

The command of “2nd Army Corps LNR” continues to strengthen the so-called Slavyanoserbsk site. The movement of motor transport and armored vehicles through crossroads near Stepovoe to the north towards the Red Liman, Prishib and Slavyanoserbsk was fixed.  3 BTR-80, 1 BRDM-2, 3 trucks Ural, 1 truck Kamaz and 2 MT-LB (one with installed ZU-23-2 AD system) were recorded. In addition, the positions of the unit of invaders (up to the company) with armored vehicles are fixed (3 units of BMP-1 were dug out) north-west of the settlement Dolgoe, and positions with armored vehicles and mortar firing positions closer to the forest and floodplain of the river.

The invaders continue to transfer ammunition and logistic items to the area of ​​Gorlovka, mainly by motor transport. Up to 20 trucks of army type passed through Yenakiyevo and Uglegorsk towards Gorlovka during two days. At the same time, the enemy is actively working to strengthen its positions in the north-eastern and north-western part of the Gorlovka district (concerns primarily the Zaitsevo-Holmovskoe-Dolomite site). There is an active conduct of engineering work and the appearance of new weapons on the positions is fixed. A new unit of invaders with motor and armored vehicles (up to a reinforced platoon, 4 trucks Kamaz, 2 BMP-2, 1 BMP-1 and 2 MT-LB, 4 120-mm mortars) was noted in the Bayrak-Gurta area.

The occupants close up whole areas to the south and north of Yasinovataya in its tactical rear, blocking the movement of civil vehicles and the population (local residents are allowed into the area only if they have a local residence permit). The new mobile checkpoints are noted. The militants report to local residents about “searching of Ukrainian special operation team”. But in reality, these measures are being taken by the command of the occupiers to hide the large-scale regrouping of their forces and assets in this area.

According to the instructions from the command of the 8th Combined Arms Army of the Russian Armed Forces, at least two motorized rifle brigades and one regiment of “1st Army Corps DNR” will receive a not less than 20 units  of 120-mm artillery systems 2B16 NONA-K. It is expected in the near future. The main purpose is the arming of mobile fire groups, which operate at the front line.

The planned field drills of anti-tank units began in the units and formations of the “1st Army Corps DNR”. The anti-tank units of one motorized rifle brigade and two regiments (mainly with the AT guns MT-12 Rapira) have already arrived at the training grounds.

The command of the Russian occupation forces demanded that the command of the subordinate “brigades and regiments” take measures to increase the concealment of weapons and military equipment in connection with the increasing intensity of reconnaissance flights of US UAV RQ-4A Global Hawk over the Donbass. Attention is drawn to the fact that the command of the “1st Army Corps DNR” promised in advance to warn the commanders of the units about the flights of US UAVs. Supposedly such information will be provided by the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces, how it will be received – it is not specified.



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