Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

The Russian occupation forces continue to systematically violate the ceasefire regime, using 82-mm and 120-mm mortars, grenade launchers and small arms in the ATO zone on the Donbas.

The enemy also activated the sniper fire by increasing the number of sniper pairs in the area of contact with the units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in a number of sectors (mainly in the Svetlodarsk arc and the Donetsk area).

The enemy continues to actively conduct reconnaissance of the combat formations of the ATO forces with the use of UAVs to inflict firing strikes on them. During the week, more than 10 UAV flights were recorded, including 2 of them flights of the UAV “Orlan-10”, which were carried out with a flight in the operational-tactical depth of the defense of ATO forces. It is noted the activation of the enemy’s sabotage-reconnaissance groups in the area of settlements Zaitsevo, Krasnogorovka and Shirokino.

The newest Russian mobile satellite communications station “Auriga” type was fixed in the vicinity of the settlement Debaltsevo, which designated for the organization of secure communication and used in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

To ensure the activities of units and formations “1st Army Corps DNR” and “2nd Army Corps LNR”, 20 units of 122-mm MLRS “Grad”, 4 BMP-2 and a train with ammunition for artillery systems of various calibers were delivered to the territory of OJSC “Ukrugolsnab” in the settlement of Makeevka from the territory of Russia in a week period, where the occupiers organized one of the ammunition depots. The representatives of the “1st Army Corps DNR” were loaded ammunition for artillery armament, including for MLRS. After that, these munitions were transported in the direction of Gorlovka and Yasinovataya by trucks Ural and Kamaz.

At the beginning of 2018, the complete rotation of the entire command structure of the platoon-company-battalion levels was completed in “1st separate mechanized brigade of 1st Army Corps DNR”. By the order of the command of the 8th Army of the RF Armed Forces, the command of the brigade also changed by the arrived personnel from the RF Armed Forces.

The active mining of the area by Russian invaders continues. Thus, mining of individual sections of the terrain between settlements Raevka – Krutaya Gora, as well as Raevka – Veselyaya Gora was recorded. Basically they mine areas of the terrain, which adjacent or located directly in the floodplain of the Seversky Donets River (apparently, the Russian command is afraid of infiltration of Ukrainian special operation teams through these areas). At the same time, the installation of antipersonnel and anti-tank mines is noted, although the use of tanks is virtually eliminated in this direction. It also notes the installation of individual mine-blasting obstacles (mostly disguised) by the enemy in the area of ​​the road that runs north of Veselyaya Gora, between Schastye and Lugansk.

The appearance of a mobile CP of the occupants is recorded in the region of the south-west of Christovo. 2 mobile radio stations based on trucks, a mobile CP of the “Kushetka” type and 1 unit of BRM-1K were observed. It is not excluded that we are talking about an open demonstration for misinformation purposes. The vehicles were not disguised; they moved demonstratively open and remained for a long time in the open area.

In the forest plant south of Kalinovo, the appearance of a rather powerful armored group (a pair of T-72, BTR-80 and 2 BMP-1) is noted. All equipment is dispersed, disguised and guarded in position. Also, 3 trucks Ural were observed moving from Kalinovo to Almaznaya (apparently from the composition of this group).

The invaders expect the APU offensive from the side of the Trekhizbenka in the general direction to the Smelyoe and the height of 175.9 with the aim of cutting the “gut” near Sokolniki. In connection with these “expectations”, the enemy gradually strengthens all his stronghold points along the Sokolniki-Prishib-Slavyanoserbsk road. Over the last day, 2 units MT-LB and 1 BMP-1were fixed between the Slavyanoserbsk and the Krasniy Liman.

In the area of Betmanovo, the invaders actively equip the battalion defense area. Several stronghold points have already been created (a number of engineering structures are located directly on the territory of this settlement), and the enemy actively mines a neutral line and approaches to the village. Similar work is taking place on the Golmovskoe-Dolomit site. Also, the appearance of equipped positions for ATGMs or ZU-23-2 AD systems are noted.

Using the truce, the occupants actively replenish the ammunition of their mobile fire groups operating north of Avdeevka in the area from Kamenka to Verkhnetoretsky. North of Yasinovatoya, ammunition is transported by several trucks Ural through the private sector to the area of height 272.2 near the road E-50.

According to available information, the command of the militia “DNR” is considering the use of explosive gas for pumping into the mine shaft of the Butovka mine to carry out a provocation. In particular, it is proposed to pump such gas through a degassing ventilation shaft, which is connected underground with the shaft of the Butovka mine.

Due to the difficult humanitarian and financial situation in LNR and the lack of opportunities to independently secure the needs of public services and medical institutions, the leadership of the LNR decided to apply to the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation with a request to provide targeted humanitarian assistance for 2018. To this end, an “interdepartmental commission” was established under the leadership of the “Council of Ministers of the LNR”, which should prepare a complete list of the necessary equipment and materials (in particular, medical equipment, medicines, building materials, equipment for repair of water supply systems, etc.).

Some of the public structures of the “LNR” actively cooperate with humanitarian organizations in Germany. Thus, the NGO “Boomerang Dobra” (Lugansk) regularly receives humanitarian aid (specialized medical equipment, foodstuffs, etc.) from the alliance “Future of Donbass” (Thuringia, Germany). The founders and activists of the “Future of Donbass” Alliance are Raisa and Bernd Steinik (who live in Grossheide, Germany). There are members of the party “Alternative for Germany” are noted among the active members of the alliance. They closely cooperate with the information site of the Russkiy Mir Foundation, where Raisa Steinik repeatedly stated appeals to the inhabitants of Germany and the Russian Federation with accusations of the Ukrainian authorities in the “blockade” of Donbass, “genocide” against his population, while expressing “gratitude” to the Russian Federation for humanitarian and other assistance. Also members of the German alliance regularly visit occupied Lugansk.