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IR summary: the invaders found a way to "compensate" for a shortage of personnel in their units in Gorlovka

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Over the last week period, the intensity of fire strikes by the Russian occupation forces in the Donbas on the positions of Ukrainian troops and settlements on the territory controlled by Ukraine increased. In total, artillery units of “1st Army Corps DNR” and “2nd Army Corps LNR” carried out more than 40 fire raids (last week up to 30) by 82/120-mm mortars, 122-mm portable rocket launchers Grad-P, infantry fighting vehicles and tanks.

The most intense fire strikes were inflicted on the positions of Ukrainian troops in the vicinity of the settlements of Lugansk, Troitskoe, Novolugansk, Kamenka, Butovka, Gnutovo, Lebedinskoe, Vodyanoe and Pavlopol. In addition, the enemy systematically fired to the ATO forces by small arms in the area Stanitsa Luganskaya, which is a violation of the agreement on the disengagement of forces in this area.

The activation of the activities of the sabotage-reconnaissance groups and sniper groups of the enemy is marked along the entire line of contact. The reconnaissance and raid groups continue to operate, and snipers are actively used. The enemy continues an active reconnaissance of the combat orders of the AFU, tactical and operational-tactical rear.

Also, the enemy continues to conduct reconnaissance of the combat formations of the ATO forces with the use of UAVs. During the week, about 20 flights of UAVs were recorded, including 5 of them – flights of the UAV Orlan-10, which were carried out with an entry in the operational-tactical depth of the defense forces of the ATO.

The work of the Russian automated interference station R-330ZH (Resident) was recorded in the vicinity of the settlement Slavyanoserbsk.

The command of the occupying troops conducts training of their duty artillery assets every day, working out the questions of deploying them on firing positions and preparing for a fire attack on the positions of the AFU. The enemy’s artillery units are in combat positions constantly in readiness for immediate use on the directions that the Russian command considers the most dangerous (Svetlodarsk arc, Bakhmut route, Gorlovka, Donetsk, Dokuchaevsk, Mariupol direction). At the same time, the field training of artillery units of the 1st Army Corps continues at the training ground near Torez, which began to practice the issues of fire control of units in the battery-division with the performance of combat firing yesterday.

The active actions of the invaders are marked in preparation for the defense on the site Styla – Staromarevka. On the line Zernovoe – Rodnikovo, militants are actively building an entire defense zone. Throughout this section, it is noted that up to 10 units of construction and engineering equipment are used daily, regardless of the weather conditions. The enemy also conducts a hidden massive mining of the terrain on the front line on this site.

The additional armored vehicles of invaders were marked in the areas of Petrovskoe, Staraya Laspa, east of Boikovskoe (former Telmanovo), and a very active movement of vehicles along the route between Boikovskoe and Starobeshevo. There are no obvious reasons for such activity of the invaders in terms of preparing the defense in this sector.  Therefore, it is possible that the enemy equips and covers the area of concentration and deployment for 1-2 of his brigades in this area.

The strengthening of the right flank of the Stakhanov group of invaders continues in the “gut” from Sokolniki to Dolgoe. The redeployment of 4 BMP-1 and 1 BRM-1K was fixed south of the Slavyanoserbsk. Newly arrived from Lugansk 1 MT-LB with ZU-23 AD System and 2 trucks Ural were fixed In Prishib. The invaders secretly equip several firing positions for 120-mm mortars northeast of the Smelyoe.

The equipment of the invaders was identified, the redeployment of which the IR group’s network had previously fixed in the Panteleimonovka area. At present, this equipment is located in the area north-west of Yasinovatoya (area of DFS-Krutaya Balka-Kashtanovoe). Apparently, the enemy command has rotated units in the given area, and strengthens its stronghold points with additional units of combat armored vehicles (1-2 units each). It is noted that additional BMPs and MT-LBs have arrived at strongpoints in the area of heights 247.2 and 272.2, south of Krutaya Balka and in the Gospodar-Kashtanovoe market area.

The command of “1st Army Corps DNR” and “2nd Army Corps LNR” conducts preparatory measures to verify the mobilization readiness of their troops. “Military registration and enlistment offices” of “DNR” and “LNR” got the order to clarify the lists of the mobilization reserve, and the units and subunits of “1st Army Corps DNR” and “2nd Army Corps LNR” began to prepare for the deployment of reception stations of equipment and personnel.

To ensure the terrorist activities of units and formations of “1st Army Corps DNR” and “2nd Army Corps LNR”, the 10 trucks with ammunition and about 1300 tons of fuel (railway station Rovenky and Krasnaya Mogila) were delivered to the Dovzhansk (Sverdlovsk) from the territory of Russia in the period from 10 to 15 January this year.

After the events in Zaitsevo, Gladosovo, Golmovskoe, Travnevoe and Novolugansk, the Russian command found a way to “compensate” for an acute shortage of personnel at the front line (in particular, we are talking about the “3rd Brigade” of militants, whose units, apart from lack of equipment, occupy rather vulnerable positions). In particular, the invaders formed several mobile artillery groups (including rocket artillery) for fire support of their understaffed companies and platoons. According to the IR group, these groups have at least 4 units of the 122mm MLRS BM-21 Grad and two batteries (up to 10 units in total) of the 122mm howitzers D-30 / 30A type. A concealment system for these artillery groups was conceived from the observers of the OSCE mission. They use hidden firing positions, including using the objects of the social infrastructure of Gorlovka and adjacent settlements, as well as enterprises, mine, logistic hangars, various administrative territories and facilities.

A sharp deterioration of the moral and psychological state of personnel marked in number of brigades and battalions of the “1st Army Corps DNR” due to the long delays in the dismissal of militants and Russian mercenaries from military service, who had expired “contracts”. The main argument from the command of the invaders is that the militants, who want to retire, must “find a replacement”. It means to provide a candidate for the “military service” to their duty positions. This condition raises indignation among militants seeking to retire.

Heads of the “DNR” together with the NGO “The Stronghold of Donbass” carry out preparatory measures for the celebration so-called “Day of the Defender of the Fatherland” on February 23 this year. Thus, 100 thousand rubles were allocated from the budget of the “DNR” to conduct a concert of “the legends of Russian rock” for the command staff of “1st Army Corps DNR”. In addition, it is planned to attract a number of Russian pop stars of the 1990s for a concert in Donetsk for city residents (for this purpose an additional 500,000 rubles were allocated). The Staff of Russia’s President will pay a payment of royalties to Russian artists and musicians.



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