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IR summary: the invaders cranked out the detention of "captured" for exchange

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

On the eve of the announced next exchange of prisoners, the leaders of the Russian occupation administration of the “DNR” ordered the “security services and the courts of the DNR” to intensify the processes of “identifying and convicting” of persons for “espionage and terrorism”, which are planned to be exchanged. The series of articles on the recognition of the “military tribunal of the DNR” as guilty of committing these crimes, provided for by the “DNR criminal code”, published in the so-called “DNR” media. During the 2017 year, there was a similar order, which made it possible to “gather” prisoners for exchange. During the year, the “MGB DNR” detained 246 people on suspicion of “espionage and treason”, 148 of them were employees of the “state departments of the DNR”.  By the way, such a mass character of detained “spies and traitors” the occupants explain by the current order of the “DNR” leader A. Zakharchenko “On the temporary ban on the departure of workers of the public sphere of the DNR to the territory of Ukraine.”

During the last few days, the units of “1st Army Corps DNR”, which are located in Donetsk, are actively replenishing its stocks of medicines and first aid. There is an active movement of military and sanitary transport along the route from “military units” to medical institutions and pharmacies. Also during the last week, the number of donors increased at the blood donor centers. Earlier such activation was fixed only during active military operations and aggravation of the situation on the demarcation line.

Preparations for “local elections” are held again in the “DNR”. In particular, pre-election lists and lists of electoral commissions are checked, and recruitment of agitators from the main social and political force of the “DNR” – the social movement “Donetsk republic” is under way. The “administration of the head of the DNR” spreads rumors that the date of “elections” will be appointed at the direction of “Russian curators”, immediately after the presidential elections in the Russian Federation in this year.

On the instructions of the head of the Russian occupation administration of Gorlovka, I. Prikhodko, the head of PJSC Concern Stirol (owner – Ostchem Holding AG, the plant was “nationalized” by the occupation authorities of DNR in March 2017) M. Chepak handed over two hotels, a dispensary and a sports complex to the military formations of the “DNR” for the deployment of the personnel, which are on the balance sheet of the enterprise. In addition, M. Chepak regularly transfers part of the factory’s circulating cash assets to militants of the “DNR”.



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