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IR summary: the command of the occupiers disperses armored vehicles in the second echelon in the area of Gorlovka

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Over the past few days, the attacks of the Russian occupation forces have acquired a more “purposeful” character. Much less unnecessary, provocative firing is recorded, and the invaders use the weapons for achievement clearly defined tactical tasks on certain parts of frontline.

At the same time, the command of the occupation forces continues to regroup its forces and assets in certain areas, in particular:

– In the area of Gorlovka, the command of the “3rd separate mechanized brigade” disperses armored vehicles in the second echelon. North of the village Rumyantsevo, 10 units of combat armored vehicles (mainly BMP-2) are recorded. The equipment of 6 caponiers is marked south-west of Bayrak on the edge of the forest plant. Southeast towards Gurt, the artillery positions are fixed (without artillery). Behind Nikitovka (north), 2 BTR-80 and 1 BRDM-2 were observed;

– A battery of 122-mm MLRS BM-21 Grad type (6 units + 2 trucks Ural and 1 MT-LB) passed from Ternovoe through Blagodatnoe towards Amvrosievka (apparently from the training area). Further, the redeployment of this battery was conducted through Starobeshevo to the south near the Boikovskoe (formerly Telmanovo);

– The occupiers were redeployed the armored vehicles from the direction of Torez along the highway N-21 to the permanent bases in the vicinity of Donetsk and Makeyevka during the last three days. In one day, 4 tanks and up to 10 units of combat armored vehicles (at least 3 – BMP-2) on trailers were fixed;

– 8 units of the engineering reconnaissance vehicles IRM “Zhuk” and 4 units of the combat engineering vehicles  IMR-2M  arrived to the “2nd Army Corps LNR” (to the units of “2nd separate mechanized brigade” and a number of separate battalions) from Russia. The delivery was carried out by 3 parties. The invaders trained crews for this equipment as the end of 2017.

In the course of the work of the verification commission in the “7th separate mechanized brigade” of the occupation forces, the unsatisfactory state of clothing supplies was revealed. In particular, there are problems in providing militants with winter footwear and uniforms. “According to the documents”, the brigade received new winter clothing in full. The command of the invaders is trying to find out at what level the fraud took place with the uniform – at the warehouses of the Southern Military District of the RF Armed Forces, from where goods were supplied, or at the level of the brigade / battalion command.

The Russian curators of the “LNR” are considering the issue to provide the authorization for the “advisors” (Russian industry specialists who are directly in the occupied territory of the region) to withdraw certain documents with the presence of undesirable aspects for Russia from consideration by the “Council of Ministers of the LNR”. This situation is connected with the adoption the decision of the “Council of Ministers of the LNR” on a 5% increase in salaries to managers and specialists in the budgetary sphere, which was prepared by the Ministry of Social Policy and the Ministry of Finance of the LNR without agreement with Russian “advisers” and curators in the end of 2017 year.

“The Ministry of Coal and Energy of the DNR” is actively trying to find out the sales markets for coal from the occupied territory of the Donetsk region. In particular, representatives of the “DNR” are trying to establish its supply to the countries of the African continent. These schemes are planned to be realized by the lobby and protection of the deputy of the regional parliament of the administrative region of Piedmont (Italy) from the party Fratelli d ‘Italia and the head of the “center of the DNR in Italy” Maurizio Marrone.

The debt for payment of wages is growing at some enterprises of the “DNR”, which leads to their liquidation. In particular, such wage arrears are 241.9 million rubles at the enterprise “Artemugol” (Gorlovka), and 341.9 million rubles at the Orjonikidzeugol (Yenakievo) as of today.




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