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IR summary: "explanatory talks" are conducted with the militia "LDNR" about Putin's proposal to return Ukraine's armament from the Crimea

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

Over the past weekend (13-14.01.2018), the Russian occupation forces in the Donbas continued to violate the regime of silence with the use of heavy weapons. During the weekend the invaders used – 122 mm howitzer type D-30 / 30A artillery for the first time in their new year, also actively use 120-mm mortars in a number of sectors. In addition, the enemy continues to conduct active reconnaissance of the combat formations of the AFU, including using UAVs.

Using the regime of silence, the command of the occupiers continues to regroup their forces and assets in a number of sectors.

In the Oboznoe area north of the route Lugansk- Schastye, the occupants transferred a new “motorized rifle unit” – 5 BMP-1, 2 MT-LB, 1 ATGM, 3 SPG-9, 2 ZU-23-2 AD systems (on the trucks Kamaz) and 4 82-mm mortars. At the moment the unit is digging, armored vehicles are disguised on the section north of the route.

The regrouping of enemy units in the area of ​​Novolaspa, Petrovskiy, near the Reservoir to the south-west of Styla is noted. Armored vehicles were fixed (6 BMP and MT-LB units in Novolaspa), further digging in the Petrovskiy area (with mining of certain sections of the terrain), and equipping new positions for ATGM or SPG-9 south of Belaya Kamenka, improving the stronghold point at the height 206.9. There were 2 trucks Ural and BTR of invaders (they carried out something like a topography for artillery) in the beam west of Novomarevka. Apparently, the command of the invaders really believes in the rapid “offensive of the AFU” in this sector.

The Stakhanov group of invaders also continues active preparations for “defeat the forthcoming offensive of the AFU”. In the area of Pervomaisk, namely at the height 270.4 and west of the railway station Teplohorsk, the occupants actively dig trenches; equip machine-gun positions and shelters for vehicles and weapons, preparing Pervomaisk for defense from different directions.

The occupants transfer the 122mm rockets for the MLRS BM-21 Grad along the N-21 highway towards Makeyevka and Donetsk by the trucks Ural. During four hours, 14 trucks with rockets were recorded, passing along the route. Ammunition arrives from the direction of Snezhnoye, where they are transferred from the transport that has arrived from the Russian Federation.

The division with 152-mm howitzers “Msta-B” of the artillery brigade “Kalmius” (“1st Army Corps DNR”) went to the field training. It is supposed to conduct trainings with the command staff on fire control with practical combat firing, training of interaction with “motorized rifle” units.

The parties of Russian mercenaries arrived to complete the staffing of the “6th and 11th separate mechanized regiments” of the occupation troops. In total, there are two parties for 120 people (some of them are directed to other parts of “1st Army Corps DNR”). They look like civilians, without military training (obviously not even passed the basic training course in the “Rostov camps”). Arrived mercenaries are forced to sign a “contract for military service” in the occupation troops.

After Putin’s statement about the readiness to return to Ukraine the weapons and equipment of the AFU captured by the Russians in the Crimea, commanders of the units of “1st Army Corps DNR” and “2nd Army Corps LNR” were instructed to organize “explanatory work with personnel”. The main aim is to bring to the militants the thesis that Putin’s proposal is not aimed at strengthening the AFU and “Russia will not leave the Donbass.” Recommended theses: the weapons are completely defective and will require a large expenditure of money by Ukraine for restoration; Ukraine will not be able to use against the militants Naval equipment (Navy ships), as it will not be able to transfer it to the Azov Sea; Armored vehicles are not practically recoverable.

In order to create motivation for the militants to continue their active operations in the Svetlodarsk arc area, the command of the occupants brings “intelligence information” to the personnel according to which “group of British, Polish and American sniper instructors” allegedly arrived at the location of the AFU units in the first line on this section. These groups are allegedly under command of officers from the Marine Corps of the United States.

The information is disseminated In “DNR” that since the issuance of “passports of citizens of the DNR”, these “documents” have been received by 957 foreigners from more than 30 countries. Among them are immigrants from the United States, Russia, Germany, Italy, Serbia, and Finland. At the same time, representatives of the occupation authorities of the DNR do not indicate that all foreigners who have received the “passports of citizen of the DNR” are fighters and mercenaries and, accordingly, are international criminals.

Militants from the “law enforcement structures of the DNR” organized a scheme to extort money from car owners with European registration numbers. So, all cars that are registered in the respective countries are forcibly sent to the penalty sites, where a “penalty” is charged without the necessary documents from their owners. At the same time, the employees of the “Ministry of Internal Affairs of the DNR” refer to an alleged separate order on the need to register these cars within 10 days. At the same time, such an order was not published on the “official” information resources of the “DNR”.

The leadership of the “DNR” ordered to prepare an order according to which the whole “harvest” from “unauthorized occupied areas” by local citizens should pass to the “state ownership of the DNR”. Under these conditions, the militants, acting under the “roof” of the “Minister of incomes and fees of the DNR” A. Timofeev (“Tashkent”), demand 300 thousand rubles each from local representatives of the agricultural sector, which for the last few years have processed the seized fields. These amounts are unofficial payments for the failure of militants to take “response measures”.



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