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Ukraine will inform NATO, OSCE, PACE and other partners about the participation of Serbs in illegal armed formations in the Donbass

“As representatives of the Serbian authorities demonstrated an obvious misunderstanding of the nature and grounds for the statements of the Ukrainian Ambassador in the Republic of Serbia Alexander Alexandrovich over the claims of the Ukrainian side to the active participation of citizens of this country in combat operations on the side of the Russian-occupation forces, we will inform NATO, PACE and OSCE and other our partners about the numerous facts of participation of Serbian citizens in illegal armed formations in the territory of the East of Ukraine with their detailed identification”, – wrote in Facebook Irina Friz, the public deputy of Ukraine, member of the parliamentary Committee for National Security and Defense.

The diplomatic scandal erupted after Aleksandrovich doubted that Serbia occupies a neutral position in the conflict in the Donbass. The ambassador noted that, despite the previously adopted law prohibiting citizens of the country from taking part in hostilities outside of state borders, 300 Serbian mercenaries are fighting in the Donbass region.

“None of the Serbian citizens were imprisoned for their mercenary’s activities against Ukraine. If I am mistaken, I suggest to the Serbian government to refute my words”, – the Ukrainian ambassador said in an interview.

“As the Serbian legislation provides for criminal prosecution for acts classified as mercenarism, it is important to obtain Belgrade’s official position. Is it possible to consider the lack of criminal prosecution of Serbian citizens who have committed crimes, both under Serbian and Ukrainian laws, the political position of the Serbian authorities? The disposal of such materials to our partners in the Euro-Atlantic area will also enable them to receive a political assessment of such actions of official Belgrade”,-Irina Friz added.

Earlier, the IR group reported that Serbian radicals as a “hybrid instrument” in the hands of the Kremlin.



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