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IR summary: the occupiers strengthen the left flank of their Stakhanov grouping

Operational data of the group “Information Resistance”

The following redeployments of the forces and assets of the invaders in the Donbas were noted over the past weekend (04-05/11/2017):

– The mobile control post of the operational-tactical link of the invaders (information requiring special attention) was transferred from Kadievka (formerly Stakhanov) to the settlement Sentyanovka (formerly Frunze). At least one command and control vehicle type R-149BRM “Kushetka-B” of Russian troops, two vans on the basis of the truck Ural, three trucks and a pair of BTR-70/80 were fixed. The convoy moved at dusk towards Frunze – Donetsk with parking lights. The headlights were turned on only on the leading truck;

– At the same time, the strengthening of the left flank of the Stakhanovite grouping of the occupation forces in the triangle Pervomaisk-Irmino-Kalinovo is confirmed. During 3 days, there was a transfer of manpower by trucks from Irmino to the front and several units of armored vehicles to Kalinovo. At the same time, the occupants completed the reinforcement of fortified positions at the site height of 270.4 – Molodezhnoe (north-west of Pervomaisk). The IR group network recorded the equipment of the caponiers north of the T0504 route and the deployment of 4 armored vehicles (BMP-1) in a landing on the outskirts of Molodezhnoe;

– The enemy was transferring manpower by trucks towards the north Krynichanskoye (area of Golubovka (former Kirovsk), Lugansk region).  Up to 10 trucks (mainly the Urals and the pair of Kamaz), 2 BMP-1 and 1 MT-LB, 2 trucks GAZ-66 with 120-mm mortars on trailers were fixed;

– The invaders completed the hidden mining of the area in the vicinity of the settlement Petrovskoe (Starobeshevo district of the Donetsk region). They conduct to reinforce of the battle formations by unit of the company size near Styla. The enemy equipped two new stronghold points to the east and south of the established demarcation line. The equipment of additional caponiers for armored vehicles was noted.

The problem of duck-out by militants continues to escalate in the units and subunits of the “1st Army Corps DNR”. At the moment, there are 12 defectors only in “3rd separate mechanized brigade of 1st Army Corps”. The leaflets with information about the search for defectors are noted at public transport stops, shops, and etc. Previously, the command of the invaders hid the facts of duck-out in every possible way.

At least 6 militants from the “9th separate mechanized regiment of marine infantry of 1st Army Corps DNR” got wounds of varying severity during the last 4 days in the Mariupol direction as a result of mine explosions. The command of the invaders declares about “Ukrainian special operation teams, which covertly lay mines on the approach routes to positions …”. In the order regarding the organization of effective monitoring of the neutral zone and the clarification of the zones of mining, the command of the occupiers “specifies” that the “Ukrainian special operation teams have a high level of training, having received training from foreign instructors”. But previously, the DNR militants actively laid minefields without documenting their location in this area.

The command of the “1st Army Corps DNR” organized the collection of information about “the use of munitions of foreign origin by AFU units”. At the request of the MGB of the DNR, commanders of the units in the first line are ordered to collect fragments of AFU ammunition having foreign marking.

The command of the “2nd AK LNR” states the aggravation of the “army hazing” problem between local militants and “volunteers from Russia”, as well as the growth of recorded conflicts between the latter and local residents. As an example, there are cases of conflicts in the “4th separate mechanized brigade” and a number of “separate battalions”. The commanders of the units are ordered to “take measures” to prevent conflicts between Russian mercenaries and local militants and civilians.

In connection with the reduction in funding and the reduction of financial “subsidies” from the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of DNR decided to start reducing the number of social workers from January 1, 2018. In total it is planned to reduce 20% of workers.

There is an actual lay-off at OJSC “Donetsk Metallurgical Plant” since the beginning of November this year. The reason is the stop of the allocation of funds by the management company “Vneshtorgservis”. Fuel and lubricants, raw materials, equipment and other necessary means for production were purchased from these funds.

Dismissed from the leadership of the Civic Movement “Donetsk republic”, “Speaker of the People’s Council of the DNR” D.Pushilin reported about the activities during three years. Thus, the deputies of the “People’s Council of the DNR” made initiated 477 bills, 208 laws and 906 resolutions were passed. Mostly so-called “normative acts of the DNR” concern the lobbying of the interests of the leaders of pseudo-republic, creating conditions for the “seizure” of property of Ukrainian citizens who left the DNR, as well as large enterprises, strengthening administrative (permits, licenses, etc.) and tax pressure on the local business, “nationalization” of companies and enterprises, and so on.

Moscow continues the process of integration of LDNR into its controlled structure “Commonwealth of Unrecognized States” (“CIS-2” unites Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Transnistria). According to the instructions of the AP of the Russian Federation, the head of the unrecognized “republic of South Ossetia” A.I. Bibilov ratified the “cooperation treaty with the DNR”, which should occur in virtually all spheres: political, economic and cultural.



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